Why Do People Hate Disney? (9 Reasons Why)

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For a company as large and as impactful as Disney, it’s hard to escape being disliked or negative reviews and publicity, and Disney they have quite a lot.

Many people choose to actively stay away from Disney and choose to express negative opinions and issues. While the reasons are plentiful, they are highly objective.

Why Do People Hate Disney?

1. They Do Business With China

Disney has done direct business with China for a long time; however, after opening a new theme park in China, it has people wondering if they are too money hungry to care about human rights and political issues.

China has been attacked and condemned for controlling the population and its rights. However, Disney still felt compelled to build a theme park there and do business with them.

Most people are simply concerned that because Disney was an American started company and is so involved in the government and politics of this country, China may see this as acceptance.

While our government hasn’t said they accept the rule of China over its people, a company as large as impactful as Disney certainly brings some questions and ethical issues to light.

2. They Are Pushing An LGBTQ+ Agenda

For many decades, Disney has always been involved in helping to push agendas or bringing a new cultural norm to the screen to make it appear more accepted.

Their most recent help with the LGBTQ+ community and furthering their acceptance was a big issue for a large portion of families across the world.

Some executives in Disney leaked the plan to have more than half of the characters in their movies and shows part of the LGBTQ+ community by the end of 2023.

While this is perfectly legal and fine for Disney to do, many families believed it opened a door that shouldn’t be opened for younger children watching these movies.

3. They Are Expensive

Whether you go to the parks or any of the Disney stores, you will be paying extremely high prices for their products and services.

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Disney is a huge company that isn’t hurting for money, yet they still charge as much as they can for all of their licensed products.

While this isn’t the biggest issue, it’s frustrating for those parents already struggling to keep up with bills to afford presents for their kids from Disney.

Furthermore, if you ever wanted to go on a Disney vacation, even one with all the cheap tips and tricks, you are looking at around 2-5k before any extra amenities and snacks.

While this seems reasonable for a company as big as Disney, it’s simply not attainable for most families to spend a month’s worth of payments on one week of vacation.

4. They Don’t Pay Their Employees Enough

No matter where you work in the park, employees during and after working at Disney have come out to share how little they get paid.

Disney is extremely strict on things with appearance and how you can act in their parks, but they don’t pay most of their employees livable wages.

In the current economy, many people are choosing to boycott Disney until they pay their employees enough to live without choosing between food and health care.

Many employees are forced to room with up to 8 other people and get second jobs to pay their bills and ensure safe living spaces. Having to make this choice to live shouldn’t be happening.

While people don’t expect Disney to pay a large amount to certain people, a livable wage is not asking for too much, especially in places such as California that have higher living costs.

It seems like Disney often forgets without employees, they don’t exist. If they can’t pay their employees enough to live and work there, they won’t have any left.

5. They Vault Movies

They Vault Movies

Another reason people dislike Disney is that they vault movies. This means for anywhere from weeks-years, you may not be able to find or purchase certain movies at certain times.

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Disney does this to create a larger desire for older movies and generate more income once the movies become unvalued, but for most people, it seems unnecessary.

While the desire for revenue and excitement is understandable, it makes things difficult when you have birthdays and holidays around times when movies are vaulted.

6. Movie Ratings Aren’t Portraying Actual Content

While most movies in this era are more scandalous than they used to be, the ratings should reflect the content in the shows and movies, regardless of people’s lower standards and expectations.

However, it seems like the general consensus among those who regularly watch Disney moves is that the ratings don’t warn them of things in the content.

When watching movies with your children, you are expected to be able to sit down and watch a G or PG-rated movie without seeing half-naked people or too much violence.

That’s not exactly what’s happening now, though. There have been many reports of things in movies rated PG, such as:

  • Science with women in only bras
  • Long making-out or kissing scenes
  • Questionable jokes or innuendos
  • Questionable content that raises too many questions with kids

With Disney being marketed as a company that makes content for kids of all ages, there should be more division in the movies and ratings and what they are allowed to include.

7. Overseas Working Issues

For years Disney has dodged accusations that claim they pay overseas workers slave wages to make and produce their toys and products.

While there hasn’t been any legitimate proof for the public to see, it’s still assumed that this is what Disney does. It’s one way they make so much profit on their merchandise.

If Disney pays people like this legitimately, it’s criminal and extremely unethical. People work entire days only to receive a few dollars for their work.

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This means people aren’t able to pay for food, healthcare, and in some cases, even housing, and Disney may be allowing this to happen and, in some cases, may even be the main cause.

8. They Steal Ideas

Disney has been sued and lost many cases showing they have stolen ideas and scripts from people or other companies.

While Disney has mostly kept this quiet, it opens a line of questioning into their values, morals, and what they would do to make money.

When they often steal from someone, they don’t have the money to start a case against Disney and lose their idea and money.

9. Walt Disney’s Morals Were Not Great

Walt Disney was known for his bigoted ideals and views, which he expressed in many movies and cartoons.

While Disney does not and has not continued its ideas or views, many people still choose not to partake in the Disney franchise simply because of who built it.

Unfortunately, some of Walt Disney’s views have tarnished the company forever within some religious groups and families.

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Final Thoughts

Disney has made its fair share of bad choices and terrible movies, but these are reasons to write off the company forever for some.

While this may not be the general public choice, enough people dislike Disney to affect their stocks and revenue. This makes other companies question whether standing up for things is worth it.


  • Freya Crawford

    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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