Why Is Roblox So Bad? (11 Reasons Why)

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Roblox is one of the most popular online gaming platforms of all time. With its popularity, it might come as a surprise to some people that Roblox has its fair share of problems. Many people do not like Roblox.

Roblox is an old game, and although it receives regular updates, there are some things that it is still lacking. It is certainly not the safest or most enjoyable game out there. Why is Roblox so bad?

Why Is Roblox So Bad?

1. Lack Of User Moderation

Roblox does not contain user moderation between players. This means that players can talk to anyone and everyone who is playing the game. Young children exposed to this happenstance can be harmful.

Because you are playing with other people online, you may never truly know who is actually on the other end of the computer. As you will learn more about shortly, children facing an unmoderated system is dangerous.

Roblox does have a bit of moderation over its chats, but not every ounce of inappropriate content may be blocked before being sent to another player. Roblox is especially not great for children.

2. Lack Of In-Game Moderation

As well as the lack of moderation between players, Roblox lacks in-game moderation. Different games and places in the Roblox system can contain explicit materials and aspects unsuitable for children.

With no filter to block inappropriate aspects for more sensitive online players, Roblox fails to promote a comfortable environment for individuals. Players may find themselves in jarring situations.

Parents who would prefer to shelter their young children from inappropriate content cannot control how their kids play Roblox. One’s ability to roam the Roblox world freely without protective settings enacted makes it bad.

3. Online Bullying

Because of the aforementioned lack of moderation, Roblox is widely known as an online hub for cyberbullying. Since players can theoretically say whatever they want to people online, there is no telling what can occur.

Cyberbullying is an immensely detrimental problem in today’s society, and when a game that is meant for lighthearted fun contains online bullies, it makes playing the game much less enjoyable for others.

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There are also no set age restrictions in the Roblox interface, so it can be difficult for someone to avoid another player who bullies them while they play. Roblox is so bad because online bullying is a constant threat.

4. Addictive Qualities

Just as any other video game, Roblox is addicting. Roblox combines so many game styles into one. You can participate in a battle royale one moment and then find yourself in a table tennis game the next.

Of course, addictive vices are not great for children with developing minds, but an addictive video game can affect people of all ages. It can lessen productivity relating to real-world responsibilities.

Many people who play Roblox are constantly seeking new ways to enjoy the game. While it may not seem harmful to the individual playing online, others will recognize this as an addiction.

5. Access To Roblox Catalog

In game-purchasing can be great for the enjoyment of a game. However, unsupervised purchases can get someone into trouble. Roblox’s Roblox Catalog offers countless customizable accessories for your character.

Roblox is so bad since there are so many customizable, purchasable options. It can be tempting to spend large amounts of real money on your accessories. Players, particularly children, may have poor spending habits.

If your child is tempted to buy more accessories in the Roblox Catalog, they might be tempted to do so without your permission. When they are using your money to make these purchases, it can cause problems quickly.

6. Age Of Game

Age Of Game

Not everything that is bad about Roblox revolves around young children playing the game – although, it is of much concern. Some people see Roblox as so bad simply because it is such an old game.

As mentioned, Roblox does receive regular updates, but many of the updates are simply for bug fixes and improvements rather than changes to what the game offers. Some people get bored of Roblox.

Things such as the graphics and repetitive gameplay style of Roblox make it less and less enjoyable for people who have experienced newer games. Roblox was created in 2004 and released in 2006.

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7. Better Games Out There

As mentioned, one of the main reasons people have begun straying from Roblox is that there are much better games out there. Newer games with better graphics and better gameplay content are more enjoyable.

Many other online multiplayer games contain much more comprehensive moderation techniques to make gameplay more comfortable and satisfying for players. Of course, this is not always the case, but it is common.

People who played Roblox at a young age tend to find other games more suitable to them as they grow older. There is a reason why players buy newer releases, even if they own the same game from the previous year.

8. Scamming And Hacking Risks

Again, due to a lack of moderation, Roblox is notorious for scammers and hackers. If someone well-versed in computer skills gets ahold of your information, they can hack accounts other than your Roblox account.

Scamming and hacking risks have potential in any online gameplay style, but the fact that Roblox is played by many children makes scamming players much more common. A child may not know how to respond.

Because any player can contact you, you might fall into their trap and face the consequences of monitoring that Roblox fails to provide. Being scammed is more likely than being hacked, but you should watch out for both.

9. History Of Child Predators

There are several accounts of children who play Roblox coming into contact with child predators. For Roblox, this is a horrible look. A game that doe snot shield a child from real-life danger is bad.

In addition, because of the free-world style of Roblox, users can create and have created rooms containing sexual and explicit content. A player can find themselves in that room against their better judgment.

If you know that your child plays Roblox, you must monitor how often they play and what kinds of activities they are participating in while playing the game. Child predators have been proven to have baited kids in the game.

10. Not Available For PlayStation

In less serious terms, Roblox is so bad because it is not available for PlayStation users. An age-old debate between Xbox users and PlayStation users comes down to games that are or are not offered by each system.

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Roblox is not available through PlayStation, so people with PlayStations are not able to download it onto their devices. While they can download and play it online, they may not have a laptop or PC system to do so.

PlayStation users that cannot play Roblox on their devices are quick to suggest that Roblox is bad. They attain satisfaction by finding games other than Roblox and playing those games for their enjoyment.

11. Subscribed Members Vs. General Players

Roblox is so bad because it separates privileges between subscribed members and general players. General players get the basic experience of Roblox, but subscribed members receive many more benefits.

There are plenty of games that offer in-game purchases as their money-grab, but with Roblox, many general players report that the benefits received by subscribed members make gameplay extremely unfair.

A player is not going to want to play a game if they notice other players have so many other attributes because they paid for them. If a player does not have the funds for a subscription, they miss out on a lot of the fun.

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Roblox is so bad for several reasons. Most importantly, Roblox lacks moderation and exposes child players to real-life dangers through the game. Roblox is not always the lighthearted online game it is advertised to be.

If your child plays Roblox, make sure to monitor their gameplay. If you have begun playing, beware of the many disadvantages of playing a game that contains so much information. Roblox is not always perfect.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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