Why Do Presidents Not Wear Wedding Rings? (5 Reasons Why)

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Presidents are always in the public eye. You see them giving speeches, signing documents, and giving declarations. There’s another item – many don’t wear wedding rings.

Why don’t presidents wear wedding rings? What is it about this symbolic piece that makes it impossible for many presidents to wear this symbol? Why isn’t the ring ever on?

Why Do Presidents Not Wear Wedding Rings?

1. To Keep The Ring Safe

Many presidents don’t wear wedding rings because they fear they’ll fall off. They don’t want to lose the ring and take it off to keep it as safe as possible while at work. Loss is expensive.

There are many places for a ring to fall off. It could slide off in a walk, get caught on something, or even get stolen. The possibilities are endless.

A president might leave the ring at home or keep it safely in a drawer at work. It might not be on his finger for precautionary reasons. Many men are terrified of losing the ring on accident.

Of course, this statement could be an excuse to hide further infidelity. Some presidents may want safety for the ring, while others really want to keep the item hidden from the public.

2. They Don’t Like Jewelry

It’s no secret that many men don’t appreciate rings. Although the president may be committed to their wife, they may not like the idea of presenting that through a jewel everyone can see.

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If a man doesn’t like the piece, he may only wear his wedding ring on special occasions. The president might never wear a wedding ring for his comfort in public. They don’t like rings.

There’s nothing wrong with ignoring a wedding ring out of personal taste, so long as the relationship is evident. It becomes an issue when the loyalty to the spouse is absent.

3. It Is Inconvenient

There are times when a ring can get in the way. Presidents often sign things, travel, and talk. A wedding ring might become an inconvenience as they move throughout their day.

A ring could even become too tight and injure the president. They will then need to take time out of their day to get the ring unstuck and repair it for future wear, an issue for the president.

It’s easy to see how a ring could become inconvenient for someone as critical as the president. They might not put the ring on for convenience on the job and for potential safety reasons.

Of course, there are times when this action is an indication of infidelity. There is a difference between inconvenience and a blatant display of disloyalty in the public eye.

4. It’s Not Common To Wear

Although it’s more common now than ever, men wearing their wedding rings aren’t necessarily the norm. Presidents might not wear them because it isn’t expected of them.

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Many men feel silly when putting on a ring, despite the progress in the world. That’s okay, as long as their wives are fine with the missing piece in the public eye. Many are not.

If you notice a married president with no wedding ring, it might be because he doesn’t want to wear it. This choice is the answer, more often in the case of loyal couples.

5. They Forget

Presidents are human beings, too. They also have stressful jobs. Amidst the hustle and bustle of what they do, it’s not hard to guess that they might forget their wedding ring in the rush.

If a president takes his ring off at night, he might put it in a drawer or box to keep safe during the evening hours. In the morning, it’s easy to forget where the piece lies in the room.

This trouble might plague a president if you see them with the ring some days, and not on others. They could have forgetful tendencies that occur regularly enough.

Again, there is a difference between actually forgetting to put on the ring and refraining for more sinister reasons. It may be obvious if a president is committing infidelity without the ring.

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If you keep an eye on presidents, you might notice that they often do not wear wedding rings. This action might be an inconvenience, uncommon, or even because they don’t like rings.

Although there are malicious reasons a president might not wear a wedding ring, most explanations are harmless. Most often, it’s just an inconvenience for them to put on.


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