Why Does FedEx Suck? (9 Reasons Why)

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There are many delivery companies, and they’ve all been around for a long time. FedEx is one of the most popular. If you’ve ever used it, you might have noticed FedEx is the worst.

Why does FedEx suck? What is it about FedEx that makes it so difficult for people to use them by choice? Is there a reason, or is the company just badly structured in the delivery world?

Why Does FedEx Suck?

1. Drivers Are Contact Workers

One thing that differs about FedEx is that its drivers are contract workers. Rather than hiring employees, FedEx hires outward to find people who will drive and deliver packages for them.

Contract workers don’t have as much incentive to work as FedEx employees. There are ways to keep checks and balances on them as they hit the road with your packages.

The result is a delivery system that lacks speed and care. FedEx sucks because they take shortcuts to be able to pay their employees less than average on the road.

2. Constant Weather Delays

There are a ton of weather delays, and FedEx has some bad ones. They’re known to halt shipping for something as simple as a summer shower, slowing down service often.

Weather delays can appear, and they can push deliveries back multiple days. This issue is irritating for those waiting for a package and those shipping deliveries to people.

The weather trouble can make delivery for FedEx unpredictable. You never know what they’ll stop for on the road and what they will ignore when it comes to their delivery system.

3. Odd Cut-Off Times

FedEx tends to pick up packages at the wrong moment or after the cut-off time. Even with a scheduled early pickup, the drivers can be so late that it delays the shipment a day.

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It’s frustrating to see a package with a pickup time of eight in the morning that gets ignored until after the cut-off time. It can extend delivery times for at least a few days.

This issue stems back to the hired delivery drivers that FedEx relies on for their movement. The odd times are unique to FedEx and can drive people insane.

4. Scanning At The Wrong Time

There are weird things that happen with scanning. Some drivers scan the package as delivered on time but proceed to deliver the item late at their earliest convenience.

If a driver runs late, they might scan the package as delivered without dropping it off. The delivery might not happen until the next day.

This strategy goes unchecked by FedEx, as they don’t control their drivers as much as in-office workers. You can complain, but there is no proof of late delivery available to you.

5. Late Shipping

Late Shipping

FedEx has a bad history of being late. They seem to take their time with delivery, driving at a pace that feels like nothing will ever get delivered. Late shipping is a FedEx trademark.

If you expect the delivery on a day, push it back one or two to get a better idea of the reality. Some deliveries are even a few weeks later than they should be.

Late shipping is irritating, especially if you pay for the shipping. It’s one of the biggest reasons why FedEx sucks. Late shipping is the bane of the average human being’s existence.

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6. They Never Believe Customers

Even though they hire contract drivers, FedEx tends to believe drivers over the customers. Your package might be gone, and they will take the driver’s word over yours.

Many customers have been screwed over by the company and lacked evidence. Without evidence, the FedEx employer will likely side with the driver.

This bias makes it difficult to get money back or guarantee the item will arrive on time. FedEx has a nasty habit of putting customers second in their business world.

7. They Are Unreliable

Every irritating factor ensures that FedEx is unreliable. You might have the best shipping experience of your life, or you could have a terrible package experience in your home.

It’s not fun to use an unreliable delivery system. You should have the guarantee that a company will move a package from one place to another without fail, and FedEx is not one of those.

Unfortunately, FedEx has not made much of an effort to improve its system. It will be interesting to see if they work to improve their system at all in the future.

8. Poor Customer Service

FedEx is infamous for poor customer service. If you call them, you will have access to someone who isn’t even in the country. They don’t know what they are doing with your package.

Most of the customer service employees work in locations such as India. They may be good at what they do, but they can’t be aware of what is happening with your US package.

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Poor customer service makes it irritating for people to work with FedEx. For those concerned about the item getting delivered, avoid FedEx to ensure it gets there on time without delay.

9. High Expectations

Of course, we all have high expectations for shipping. FedEx might suck because it’s human nature to anticipate a shipping job that is at the top of its game. We expect a lot from them.

Although you shouldn’t expect bad business, you may want to lower your expectations. Deliveries have a lot of people involved, many of whom don’t know what’s going on.

Of course, you should still act if you experience poor service. Lowered expectations don’t mean it’s okay for FedEx to provide the worst delivery system in the world. Keep them in check.

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FedEx is one of the worst delivery options on the market. They have weather delays, poor customer service, and never believe customers. They’re not ideal for shipping.

You might not be able to choose if you can use FedEx versus another shipping company. Although they’re not ideal, FedEx will still get the package to you at some point.


  • Yasmin Fisher

    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

4 thoughts on “Why Does FedEx Suck? (9 Reasons Why)”

  1. FedEx used to be known for great customer service. Now they just don’t care. The customer service people must be trained in how to piss off customers. And when one asks to speak to a supervisor we are told no and the customer service person hangs up. I am going to see if UPS is better, they can’t be worse.

  2. I was supposed to receive a replacement medical device from the manufacturer, who unfortunately used FedEx! It was supposed to be delivered 4 days ago and tracking indicates it has been one state over for the past 5 days! I blame Dexcom for using a substandard delivery service, unacceptable for compromising the health of their customers!!!

  3. Ordered (2) shipments originating in Florida recently: The first was ordered Tuesday 5/16 and is still in sitting in Florida (carrier = Fedex). The second was ordered Friday 5/19 and delivered TODAY 5/20 via UPS. Very typical. UPS, as always, exemplifies quality service (on time and follows delivery instructions). Fedex, on the other hand, has an historically pathetic delivery record, with equally questionable disregard for proper placement of items (found thrown in bushes, left outside in rain, left near highway leaning next to telephone pole etc), with non-existent customer service, and a very “who gives a crap” attitude. Given a choice, NEVER select Fedex over UPS!!!


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