Why Does H&R Block Charge So Much? (7 Reasons Why)

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H&R Block is a tax preparation company. They work out of Canada, but they have plenty of US locations and remote opportunities for clients. They are a pricey service to use for taxes.

Why does H&R Block charge so much for its services? What is it about them that makes their services worth that price? What impacts the cost of H&R Block on the market?

Why Does H&R Block Charge So Much?

1. They Charge A Fee

H&R Block charges a fee for its services. This price goes into the general cost of the tax preparation service, which can increase the price to a much higher point for a customer.

Many don’t like an additional fee, but it’s worth it for the services. Some fees won’t charge when you file taxes, but the money will be taken out of your return when it comes in.

The fee is rarely more than $50, and it’s worth it for the ease with H&R Block. A simplification is a valuable tool many individuals and businesses can utilize for tax preparation.

2. Various Tier Options

If you want to use H&R Block, you will notice they have tier options. The more services added to a tier, the more you will pay for that help. These can raise and lower prices.

Four tiers come with H&R Block – free, deluxe, premium, and business. The tiers cost $0.00, $55.00, $75.00, and $115.00, respectively. Plus, there are some fees added at the end.

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H&R Block can be expensive, but you can pick how much you pay. Do you want the free features or the more expensive option? The choice is yours to decide.

3. Excellent Features

There are many beneficial tax features packed inside H&R Block. The tier you pick determines the access you have to certain features offered by the company. Some are greater than others.

The more features you get, the more expensive the service will be. The higher tiers of H&R Block provide more features but require more money out of your wallet.

Of course, there are benefits. If you run a business, it will help to invest more money into your services so you can access all that the company has to offer for corporations.

4. Simplified Process

Simplified Process

H&R Block boasts a simplified process that takes complicated tax concepts and melts them down into something anyone can understand. Easier taxes mean a higher price point.

The fewer steps something has, the better. What more could you want? A simplified process will make your brain hurt less as you try to sort through all of the tax requirements.

If you want a simplified process, it will require more payment. This money goes to fund the people who make the tax preparation process easier for you and your life.

Some might enjoy taking the harder route, but what’s the point? It makes sense to spend a little more to make the tax season much easier on your body.

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5. High-Quality User Experience

Every time you use H&R Block, you are guaranteed to have a high-quality user experience. Their website is tailored to work well with anyone who accesses the company online.

If you go to the H&R Block website, you will note that the site is easy to navigate. It doesn’t take many clicks to get where you need to go within the company, no matter where you are online.

A high-quality user experience typically means a little more expensive, and that’s the case here, too. Tax preparation should always happen in a classy environment like this one.

Even in person, you will find that the H&R Block reps know exactly what they are doing. There’s no one better prepared than this company for tax preparation. You can count on that.

6. Customer Service

Another excellent item that comes with H&R Block is customer service. No matter what your issue might be, you can rest assured knowing that there’s someone you can contact.

There are many ways you can contact the H&R Block customer service team, but the best is by phone. They have a staff that is ready and willing to provide the assistance you need.

Customer service can be a make-or-break aspect when it comes to a company. The quality of H&R Block’s service ensures it is one of the best and adds to the expensive price point.

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7. Step-By-Step Guidance

One thing that allows H&R Block to stand out is the step-by-step guidance it allows for those needing help. You will never feel lost if you go with this company for your taxes.

It’s no secret that taxes are impossible to file by yourself. Although it’s possible to figure it out, it can feel overwhelming to work on the fees yourself. Step-by-step work is everything.

If you are new to taxes or opening a business that requires some extensive tax work, H&R Block can be your best friend. The step-by-step guidance is an incredible perk of the group.

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H&R Block is not a cheap service. They are pricey because they charge a fee, provide a simplified process, and have customer service that works to help people around the clock.

If you need assistance with your taxes, H&R Block is an excellent choice. They cost a lot, but the features they offer are worth the additional fees paid for the service. They are legitimate.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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