Why Does Xfinity Suck? (9 Reasons Why)

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We all rely on the internet to connect to the world. It seems like you can’t do anything without great internet anymore. Xfinity is an internet, security, and phone provider people use.

You might also recognize the name Comcast. They are the same. A lot of people have complaints about Xfinity services. Why are they so bad? Check out these reasons.

Why Does Xfinity Suck?

1. Budget Prices

One of the things about Xfinity is that they are known for its budget pricing capabilities. A quick look at their website shows us that you can get internet for as little as $30.

That’s an incredibly cheap price for unlimited internet and streaming capability. If you compare them to other providers, you’re looking at twice that cost for reliable internet.

This is a budget internet company and while they make promises about your service, you have to remember you get what you pay for. When you use a budget company, you get budget service.

2. They Get Away With it

Despite the numerous complaints about Xfinity’s service, people continue to use them. I get it, there aren’t always a ton of options and the price is right.

However, as long as people keep paying for their lackluster service, they will continue to suck. If customers were to boycott and leave, they would have no choice but to change.

It’s true that as long as a company continues to get away with certain behavior, nothing will change. The truth is Xfinity probably isn’t awful everywhere or to everyone.

3. Customer Service Isn’t Important

It seems like much of the world has quickly forgotten what customer service should look like. This seems to be one of those companies that don’t make customers a priority.

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You see over and over complaints about how customers are treated and that certainly doesn’t speak highly of the company.

At some point, Xfinity may realize someday that its customer service needs to be improved. That day hasn’t happened yet but there is hope for the future.

Look for a company with quality customer service and make the change if you need to.

4. Connection Problems

Aside from poor customer service, one of the top-ranking complaints about Xfinity is the fact that their service is never reliable. When it works, it’s great but when it doesn’t, it’s awful.

The problem is that it is completely unreliable for people to depend on. There will be random outages and they always seem to happen when you need your internet the most.

The interesting thing is that the outages and shortage of available data always seem to happen during popular times to be online. Could this be a coincidence considering the company?

The connection problems leave a bad taste in your mouth and the technicians are rarely any help.

5. Cheap Prices Never Last

Cheap Prices Never Last

One of the reasons that Xfinity sucks is that they rope you into this outstanding bundle deal. Their service looks cheap because well, you can start at $30 a month, right?

But what happens when your introductory period has lapsed? It’s no longer your $30 deal but instead something that will likely send you into the hundreds.

Sure, they tell you this is a bundle or intro cost but you never realize how much it will change. Then, you’re locked into your contract and have no recourse but to deal with it.

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And while you’re dealing with the unwanted price hike, you also have a terrible connection and no reliable customer service.

6. Maybe It’s The Name

Now that I think about it, maybe the real reason that Xfinity sucks is that it chose an awful name. What does this name mean anyway? It’s a made-up word.

Maybe the company was trying to be creative but their creative name ultimately leads to disappointment with the service. The problem is they don’t even tell you their name concept.

So, we sit here wondering just what Xfinity means. Maybe it means you will have an infinite number of X-treme disappointments with its services? Just a thought.

7. Unreliable Technicians

When you look at the complaints online about this company, you see a lot of details about the technicians being unreliable. Stories such as the technician came and did nothing.

Other stories talk about technicians that just drive around all day or park somewhere. They never seem to show up to inspect or fix a problem.

Is this a conspiracy within the company or do they have a genuine problem that they need to address? You would think that knowing their technicians aren’t doing stuff would matter.

It’s impossible to know if this is a ploy of the business or if they just desperately need some techs that will truly earn their wages.

8. Encouragement To Upgrade

Every internet company out there will intermittently roll things out to try to get you to upgrade. Depending on what level of service you have, it might be that Xfinity wants you to upgrade.

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They could be choking down your service or purposely slowing you down because it’s time for an upgrade. This is an unethical practice but it happens with a lot of different companies.

Consider Apple admitting to slowing older phones to encourage you to upgrade. This is the same concept but with Xfinity at the forefront.

9. Xfinity Is In Denial

Despite all of these complaints against Xfinity, it doesn’t appear that they believe they are bad. Of course, they could just be trying to cover it up but they seem to care as a front.

Negative reviews on their website are quickly answered and responded to appropriately. We have no way to know whether they are truly fixing those problems though.

Maybe Xfinity thinks they are running things great, in which case the majority says they are wrong.

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Xfinity seems to be a hit-and-miss company that is great for some and terrible for others. They have more negative commentary than positive.

This company sucks because they throttle down your internet and lock you in on budget-friendly contracts.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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