Why Is Google So Smart? (11 Reasons Why)

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Google is now an empire that has access to more data than many other companies, and this allows Google to expand its quest for knowledge and power constantly.

But what exactly makes Google so smart? To find out the answer to this mystery, we compiled 11 reasons for you to consider.

Why Is Google So Smart?

1. Smarter Than Most Humans

Google is so smart that it has to offer a “help” button on many of its pages. If you scroll down to the bottom of any article on Google, you will see a question mark icon with the word help next to it.

This icon is a link that will take you to Google’s help center, where they give answers to many common questions.

It’s not just articles on Google that have this helpful feature — Gmail also has one at the bottom of the page, along with maps and other Google apps that are used by billions of people every day.

The company is continually refining its search engine ranking process. For example, page loading speed is now a factor in search result rankings.

In practice, this expands the role of SEO; it’s not enough to simply weave in popular keywords and deliver high-quality content.

Brands also need to consider the entire user experience. As a result, it’s often worth outsourcing SEO services to ensure that your digital presence is generating maximum impact and capturing the highest volume of prospective customers.

2. Access To Data

Google has access to a ton of data. And with that data, Google can create personalized search results through its algorithm for users that are never before seen.

They do this by knowing about your search history and previous interactions with the company. It may sound creepy or intrusive, but it’s quite helpful.

For example, if someone asks Google what time a movie is playing in Times Square, they will get an answer back in their time zone. That’s because Google knows where the person is located when they search for the information.

3. Honest

Another reason why Google is so smart is that it is transparent and honest about its intentions.

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Here’s an example: When asked if Google wants to use AI to replace human workers, the company has said that its goal isn’t to get rid of human jobs but to build tools that will make people more productive.

Google also said it would never design a chip or product that could cause harm to users.

4. Learning From Mistakes

Google has been a pioneer in the field of AI for many years now. One of the most exciting things about Google is that it’s not afraid to try new things and learn from its mistakes.

This company openly shares what it learns from its failures with the rest of the world. For example, when Google launched Google Now, which was supposed to be their competitor to Siri, they released it with a terrible interface.

But instead of just giving up on the project and moving on to something else, they viewed this as an opportunity to improve and created Assistant.

5. Core Values

Google’s success comes from its adherence to core values. The company’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

As a result, Google has a reputation for being searchable and reliable, which attracts a lot of people to the company.

Another thing that makes Google successful is its excellent learning culture. Employees are encouraged to take time off for self-development, as well as attend conferences, workshops, and classes to grow their skills and knowledge base.

6. Employee Culture

Employee Culture

Google’s employee culture promotes constant reinvention, which is why we consider Google one of the smartest companies on Earth.

This company has a culture that encourages employees to question the status quo and always be innovative.

For example, when new employees are recruited at Google, they are encouraged to spend 20 percent time on a project that they think would make work better for them. This helps employees find creative ways to solve existing problems.

7. Transparency

Google is a company that likes to be transparent about its operations and decisions. For example, Google Maps allows you to see what’s nearby, from restaurants and gas stations to pharmacies and hospitals.

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When exploring your neighborhood on Google Earth, you can see every building down to the smallest detail.

You can also find information about how many calories are in your favorite snacks, and you’ll never have to guess again!

8. Refinement

Google is a company that is constantly developing and refining its product. It’s not enough for the search engine giant to add an update or new feature to its existing products.

Moreover, Google habitually collects user feedback and uses it to refine product development. It uses A/B testing when it comes to developing new features for its products.

This means that there are two versions of the same thing — with one being the original version and the other variation designed as an alternative version with different features.

As an internet giant, Google analyzes users’ behavior and preferences to determine which version of the product is more popular.

Testing like this helps you better understand what certain changes will do for your business before implementing them.

For example, if you were considering adding a chatbot to your website, you would probably want some assurance that adding this extra functionality would improve your site’s performance overall before implementing it (especially if your site isn’t struggling).

With this testing, you can see how various iterations of your site compare against each other without risking any change. In other words, A/B testing allows websites to test their own changes without actually committing those changes.

9. Simplicity

One of the key things that makes Google so successful is its commitment to simplicity. Google strives for simplicity in all aspects of its business, and this dedication to simplicity has led to the release of many innovative products and technologies over the years.

Consider Google’s self-driving cars. This futuristic mode of transport relies on machine learning — a branch of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Google also uses machine learning in its digital assistant and its search engine, which uses machine learning to better understand what you’re searching for and return more relevant results.

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10. Experimentation

Google has ushered in a new type of business, one that is based on data and experimentation. The company constantly mines user data to see how people interact with its products.

It then uses this information to tweak those products and make them more useful for consumers.

With so much data nowadays, Google can create incredibly accurate predictions about what users want before they know it themselves.

Google’s ability to gather detailed information on its customers is so advanced that the company can predict who you’ll be three seconds from now with 94% accuracy!

This level of sophistication has allowed Google to develop highly-effective machine learning-based technology, including self-driving cars, automated homes, and AI chatbots.

With so many innovations in the pipeline, there seems to be no end in sight for the tech giant’s ability to outsmart competitors and stay ahead of emerging technological trends.

11. Supports Failure

Google has created an environment that is supportive of failure. When employees take risks and fail, they are not shamed but encouraged to keep trying until they succeed and learn from their experience.

Google also has a “Don’t “s for its employees that includes no surprises, no excuses, and no blaming. This helps create an atmosphere where it’s safe to experiment without fear of failure or reprisal.

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Many people believe that Google is the smartest company on Earth. What makes them so smart? It’s their leading role in developing AI, machine learning technology, and more.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that for every new technology you want to incorporate into your business, Google is likely a step ahead of you!


  • Yasmin Fisher

    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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