Why Are Mechanics So Shady? (9 Reasons Why)

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There’s something about the smell of gasoline and the sound of a car engine that makes mechanics get all shady.

They always seem to be trying to get you to fix more on your car than the original problem. In the article, we give 9 reasons mechanics are so shady.

Why Are Mechanics So Shady?

1. Take Advantage Of Ignorance

Most people have never had to deal with a lousy mechanic, let alone a shady one. Mechanics are deceptive because they take advantage of ignorant people.

The average car owner isn’t an expert at fixing their car. So instead, they rely on a trustworthy mechanic to tell them what’s wrong.

Some mechanics take advantage of their customers not understanding their car’s engine. They will say things are wrong that aren’t.

They may replace a part that does not need to be replaced, and the customer does not know the difference.

Because of their ignorance, many car owners would never know if the mechanic replaced the part. Unfortunately, shady mechanics take advantage of this.

2. They Are Greedy

Shady mechanics are greedy. They are shady because all they want is money. Therefore, they’re not fixing the car properly.

They can make a lot of money off of minor repairs. Shady mechanics will tell you something takes longer to fix so they can charge more for labor.

Sometimes they will over-charge you for parts because they are so greedy. They may even give you a used part and tell you it’s new. Shady mechanics are very greedy.

3. They Like Scaring You

Mechanics are shady because they enjoy scaring you. They like to make you feel like your car could break down at any minute.

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This makes you think the repairs are urgent and you will pay more to fix them. Mechanics are shady when they convince you to fix something that is not urgent out of fear.

Shady mechanics like to scare you into replacing things that are normal wear and tear. For example, they will scare you about your brake wear or oil change.

4. They Don’t Know Everything

Many honest mechanics admit that they don’t know everything and sometimes need a second opinion.

Some mechanics are shady because they will never admit when they’re wrong. Likewise, they won’t admit that they don’t know everything.

Sometimes a mechanic is stumped and can’t figure out a problem. They’ve exhausted all troubleshooting steps, and the problem persists.

A good mechanic will admit when he doesn’t know and recommend you go to another mechanic. They might even suggest a specialist.

Think of a mechanic like a doctor for your car. When your doctor gets stumped, they refer you to a specialist—the same with a car.

5. They Are Not Certified

They Are Not Certified

Some mechanics will claim to be certified when they’re not. Those are shady mechanics. Mechanics with expired or no credentials should not be working on your car.

A mechanic is shady when they don’t stay up to date on their training. Like any other profession, being an automotive mechanic requires specific training.

It also requires hours of working under other mechanics. Again, this should be recorded by a mechanic, and they should have credentials to show for their training.

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Many states only require a certain amount of experience before someone can become a certified mechanic.

Shady mechanics do not keep up with their training and may not have the proper credentials to work on your car.

6. They Don’t Answer Questions

If a mechanic does not answer your questions, they are probably shady. Shady mechanics are dishonest and won’t answer your questions.

Women often experience this with shady mechanics. They ask for clarification and an explanation of a problem, but the mechanic won’t answer their questions.

This shady behavior is pervasive for many people who take their car to dishonest mechanics, especially those who ask many questions.

7. They Use Cheap Parts

There is a reason mechanics are often considered shady. They use cheap parts that can cause severe problems in your car.

Mechanics may not tell you the truth about what needs to be fixed and may even install parts that don’t work properly.

If you’ve had trouble with your car’s engine, chances are good that a cheap part caused it.

If you’re unsure whether your part is expensive or cheap, take it to a trustworthy mechanic and ask them. But, again, it’s essential to check reviews.

8. They Don’t Fix Anything

Mechanics are known for being shady. For example, they may promise to fix your car, but the reality is that they usually do a quick fix that doesn’t fix anything.

Sometimes they will charge you an arm and a leg for something that should be relatively cheap, and other times they won’t even bother to look at your car.

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If you need repair, it’s best to go to a shop you trust rather than trying to get work done on your car by a mechanic you don’t know.

9. Double-Charges For Parts

When you take your car in for repairs, mechanics might be shady and charge you for parts twice. The first time, they might charge you for the part itself.

Then, if the repair requires further work (like replacing a belt), the mechanic might also charge you for that extra work.

Charging two times for the same service means the mechanic is making twice as much money as they would if they charged just once.

Mechanics can be shady because they double-charge for parts and labor, so be on the lookout for this common practice.

So if you’re considering taking your car in for repairs, be sure to ask the mechanic what the total cost will be before agreeing to any work.

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In conclusion, this article discusses 9 reasons why mechanics are so shady and why it is essential to be careful when going to them for repairs.

We recommend you research the mechanics you are considering using before you take your car in for service.


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