Why Are Security Guards So Rude? (9 Reasons Why)

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Have you ever visited a building and encountered an unpleasant security guard? Given that the guards’ primary responsibility should be security, it may be an upsetting experience.

So, why are security guards so rude? Here is what I discovered!

Why Are Security Guards So Rude?

1. Authority

Security guards’ sense of authority is one of the key causes for their potential rudeness. Some security guards believe they have power over others because of their profession.

It’s worth noting that human psychology holds that circumstances and social roles have a significant impact on people’s actions.

If they believe they have dominance, they may become more aggressive, and if they feel inferior, they may become more subservient. Some security guards could be rude as a result of that.

2. Job Stress

At their place of employment, a security guard keeps a vigilant eye out for any unusual behavior and reports it to their superior. Because they must maintain constant concentration, their work can be quite demanding.

You see, getting frustrated might result from feeling stressed. The higher the level of stress, the higher the feeling of anxiety and frustration. As a result, the guards could act rudely out of irritation.

Particularly if the guards work in a high-security environment, alone, or in extremely hot or cold temperatures, this feeling may worsen.

3. No Motivation

Considering the number of hours and effort that security guards put into their duties, their pay is not very high.

In the USA, a security officer makes an average pay of $21,150 to $50,310 annually. Although their salary rises with seniority, it’s still much less compared to other occupations.

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As a result, security guards might not be sufficiently motivated to feel content with their work. Reduced production, the creation of a negative environment, and poor communication are all outcomes of low motivation.

On that account, lack of motivation might be one of the things that makes a security guard rude.

4. Inexperience

To get qualified for the job, security guards must complete training in many different disciplines. They must also participate in ongoing training to keep their skills sharp.

It’s essential to provide the guards with training courses in monitoring, surveillance, and prevention to guarantee that they’re knowledgeable about the latest security measures.

However,  if a security guard isn’t trained, they won’t have any of these skills. They might also have weak communication abilities. As a result, they may not be able to communicate well enough, and they might come off as rude.

5. Night Shifts

Night Shifts

As a security guard, you need to be on alert 24/7, so guards occasionally have to stay for night shifts. These shifts typically last from 11 PM until 7 AM. Due to these irregular timings, the night shift work affects the body’s circadian rhythms.

In general, humans have better emotional and behavioral control when they’re well-rested. However, because of the disruption and lack of sleep, the guards are exhausted, which negatively affects their moods.

As a result, you’re more likely to run into a rather irritable and unpleasant guard at night.

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6. Rude People

Although security guards play a vital part in our society, some may find the work boring and simple. As a result, some people might not consider this position to be as important as law enforcement or other professions.

Because of this bias, certain individuals may always be impolite to security personnel. This problem extends beyond everyday citizens. The staff team of the workplace can also occasionally act impolitely toward the guards.

In exchange, the guards may have formed a bad habit of being somewhat rude to tolerate their position in the company.

7. Risky Job

Security guards are needed in many companies and organizations. Some places may be considered low risks, such as a library or hospital. However, if you’re a security guard at a bank or a highly secured facility, there might be a lot of risks to the job.

Due to this factor, it can make the job exceedingly taxing on the body and mind. Therefore, the extreme tension will result in a great deal of frustration, which could result in a negative attitude.

8. Long Hours

Guards often put in 40 hours a week working at least 8-hour shifts. However, given the nature of the labor, these hours could appear too long because of the potential for monotony.

Unfortunately, the guards frequently receive calls in case of an emergency which forces them to work again. They may therefore stay for even longer shifts, which can be up to 12 to 17 hours.

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The guards will easily become worn and fatigued as a result of working such long hours, and they’ll get impatient to leave and rest. Thus, if you face a guard in this unpleasant circumstance, you can probably anticipate them to be unfriendly.

9. Weekends and Holidays Shifts

Being a security guard can be challenging since there may be instances when they have to work during the weekends and holidays.

It might be difficult to work at these times on both a physical and mental level. They’ll have to skip out on celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, and even public holidays.

Therefore, their personal needs aren’t met as they don’t have time for them to practice self-care.  In effect, this will lead to a disgruntled security guard who might be disrespectful.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve had a rude security guard upsetting you, you might start to wonder, why are security guards so rude?

Security guards typically experience a lot due to the nature of their job. Because of the stress they experience or the long hours, they may therefore have a negative attitude.

So if you encounter a rude security guard, these reasons may be why. In either case, it’s best to keep up professional communication with the security personnel to prevent any awkward situations.


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