Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great? (7 Reasons Why)

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Nobody wants to go to the hospital- everybody wants to stay happy and healthy! Unfortunately, hospital trips can be a fact of life for some people.

The worry and anxiety of a hospital trip can be made worse by know-it-all nurses. Even outside of the hospital, they can be haughty; so you may ask, ‘why do nurses think they are so great?’

Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great?

1. Nurses Are Educated

While not as extensive or intense as the schooling a doctor goes through, nurses are still frequently highly-educated. They do know more about medicine than most people.

However, as with anybody who has gone through special training, it can go to their head. They can start to believe they’re better or more intelligent than other people.

There are certainly very intelligent nurses in the field, but oftentimes, they’re simply more specialized. Your lawyer friend isn’t more intelligent than your accountant friend; they’re just more specialized!

2. Nurses Think They’re Experts

Nurses cannot diagnose you with anything like a doctor can, though that doesn’t stop some from trying. This can get very annoying, especially if they’re flat-out wrong.

When this leaks into their personal life, it can get even worse. Nurses might hear about a friend’s stomach issues and chime in recommending an herbal tea, like a doctor prescribing medicine.

While nurses are more specialized and could be classified as ‘experts’, they are not trained in diagnostics- merely in welfare, assisting doctors, and administering treatment.

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A nurse giving you a diagnosis is something like a paralegal representing you in court. Sure, they might know a bit about the subject, but is that who you want there?

3. Nurses Are Gossips

Many people like to engage in gossip here and there. If you’ve talked about a rumor you’ve heard about your friend, you’ve gossiped, too.

Hospitals tend to be large buildings filled with people, and as such, there are a lot of rumors going around. Nurses like to gossip to pass the time during busy shifts, and you can’t blame them!

However, when you hear that many rumors swirling around your head, it can somewhat inflate your ego. When you’re constantly hearing dirt about others, it makes you seem cleaner.

In these cases, nurses can develop a bit of an ego, making them feel better than the people around them. This would be especially noticeable to patients, who have never met the nurse before.

These poor patients can think that the nurse is always like this!

4. Nurses Work Hard

Nurses Work Hard

One fact that you cannot deny, no matter how upset at nurses you may be, is that they work hard. Nurses often work 12 to 14-hour shifts and are dead on their feet by the time they leave.

Nurses who spend over half a day administering to patients can be fully aware of how hard they work, and it may make other people seem lazy.

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No matter how hard you work, it’s easy to see ‘lazy people’ with contempt. Why do they get to be slackers when you have to work so hard?

Patients can see when a nurse acts with a sense of superiority, and the nurse may seem egotistical.

5. Nurses Think They’re Important

Nurses like to think they’re important- and frequently, they are! Nurses help run hospitals since there are only so many doctors on staff.

Without nurses, hospitals would be even more understaffed than they already are! It’s a good thing nurses are around- and they know this.

Nurses know a hospital cannot run without them, and it can get to their heads. On the other hand, imagine a hospital without doctors, and only nurses. Who’s going to diagnose patients?

6. Nursing Attracts Egos

Along with developing an ego on the job, nursing can attract egotistical people in the first place. Think about it; it’s a crucial position in an important field, holding some power over people.

It’s not very pleasant to think about, but it’s an unfortunate reality. It’s such a common occurrence that it’s made its way into many works of fiction.

The ‘egotistical nurse’ trope is so ingrained in American culture that it’s created some of the most iconic villains of all time, such as Nurse Ratched in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

7. People Praise Nurses

Even outside of the medical profession, nurses often get praise. Every day people will treat nurses like soldiers, telling the nurse how brave they are and how vital their work is.

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Once again, you should note that their work is crucial, but it is simply a job. Nurses don’t need to have their coffee paid for at Starbucks solely for their profession.

The common populace will put nurses on a pedestal, worshiping them for their perceived ‘sacrifice’ of working 12-14 hours per day in a building full of sick and dying people.

Sure, it’s no easy work- but is it something to be worshiped? Where is all the praise for firefighters or emergency surgeons? They may work less, but is their work any less important?

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In Conclusion

While not every nurse is a know-it-all who thinks they’re above you, it’s an unfortunate reality that many are. These nurses are fully aware that they’re hard-working and in a position of power.

Nurses ultimately think they’re great because of their work environment and a culture that puts nurses on a pedestal for their ‘sacrifice.’ It’s entirely a matter of manufactured ego.


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