Why Are There So Many Indian Doctors? (11 Reasons Why)

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There are many Indian doctors in the United States and many reasons for their dominance. They might be drawn to Western medicine or even pulled by relationships.

No matter why, there are so many Indian doctors in the United States, it’s critical to note that every doctor truly cares about what they do. It’s a higher calling in the world.

Why Are There So Many Indian Doctors?

1. Education-Focused Culture

The culture in India is more focused on education. There is an expectation that the average child will achieve a career in something like engineering or medicine as an adult.

Along with this education-focused culture comes a desire from parents to see their child succeed in a technological field. Many push their children towards immigration.

This focus is different from what is often seen in the United States. There is less wiggle room, which means more doctors emerge into adult life.

2. More USA Opportunities

India has many graduating doctors each year. Often, the positions are taken up before others can get a spot. In the United States of America, there are more job opportunities.

The United States of America is a larger country than India, and education is more expensive. An Indian doctor can afford a less expensive school in India and then move to the US.

There are also fewer people pursuing doctorate degrees in the United States than in India. Indians may find it easier to land a career in the United States of America.

3. Past Doctor Shortage

In the 60s and 70s, there was a shortage of doctors in the United States of America. Because of this shortage, many Indians took the opportunity to immigrate and provide their services.

Although there isn’t as much of a shortage now, many Indian families have been here for almost fifty years. Children and grandchildren have followed in their elders’ footsteps.

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There are plenty of doctors now, but who knows if there will be another shortage again? If it happens, Indian doctors will step up to the challenge.

4. Higher Pay

Medical practitioners in India can make more money compared to the average citizen. However, in the United States, they can make a lot more. It’s a significant sum.

The United States has privatized medicine. Because of this factor, doctors in the United States can make thousands a month at a starting salary in a hospital.

In India, doctors make more than the average Indian. However, the pay there doesn’t come close to the high numbers offered in the United States of America.

Pay isn’t a factor for everyone. However, many Indians shift to the United States of America because they want to see an increase in their savings account. It’s an intelligent choice.

5. Enjoyment Of The Country

Maybe there are many Indian doctors because they simply love the United States of America. They may have visited one time and decided they wanted to spend their career here.

There are many perks to living in the country. It’s much larger and more diverse than India. There’s access to exciting cities and restaurants that offer a variety of unique cuisine.

You can live in the city, on the beach, or in the mountains as a doctor. There is a need for health professionals in every portion of the land, providing ample room for Indians.

The enjoyment of a country is why many people move out of the locations where they were born. The same applies to many Indians who want to pursue medicine as a career choice.

6. Better Opportunities

Better Opportunities

Many times, there are better opportunities in the United States than in other countries. It’s a unique system that differs from every other country in the world.

A move to the United States provides a chance at the American dream and the white picket fence of tomorrow. Many Indians assume there is a better opportunity for them in the US.

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Although not all find success in the country, many Indians find a new life in the United States as doctors. There are many opportunities available that make a career appealing here.

7. Draw To Western Medicine

Western medicine is very different from Eastern medicine. Many Indians come to the United States to work with the technology and information offered by Western medicine.

Eastern medicine is more focused on unconventional treatments that make focusing on the patient a priority, rather than the symptoms. It differs a lot from what Western offers.

Western medicine focuses more on the symptoms, which means technology is a forefront aspect of a Western doctor’s career. Many Indians are interested in this aspect of science.

8. Relationships

Many Indians serve as doctors in the United States because they found themselves married to an American. After marriage, they decided to move to the country for good.

Many Indian doctors have found themselves committed to tech engineering and other intellectual pursuits. They want to follow their spouses in Western medicine.

Relationships are critical to many people, and it’s often easier to travel to the United States than it is to India. Marriage plays a large role in the number of Indian doctors in the country.

9. Caring Culture

Although every culture is caring, there are many aspects of Indian culture that are more thoughtful than others. This tendency drives many Indians toward becoming doctors.

Those that tend to put other people first in their minds will pursue jobs that allow them to help people at all costs. Many Indians come to the United States as doctors for this very reason.

Doctors have the unique ability to provide life-changing care and even save lives. Once you have that drive, you will go to any cost to ensure people are well-taken care of in life.

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10. Desire For Growth

Many Indians travel to the United States with a desire to start a new life for their families. They become doctors to provide for a relationship they already have or one they will have.

There might be an appeal to the United States that other countries don’t have. Maybe it’s the education system, the views, or even the food offerings. There’s a lot here.

Whatever the reason, many Indians travel to become doctors with the hope of starting something new for the people they love. It’s a valiant effort, pushing towards growth.

11. Immigration Success Stories

Something is tantalizing about hearing successful immigration stories. This is no different in Indian culture. Many are tantalized by thoughts of a magical experience.

Many Indians have come to the country, settled into homes, and achieved successful careers. They have pushed forward into a future, more certain than ever before.

Although this story doesn’t belong to everyone, it’s an aspect of why people continue to make the journey here. They want to see success in this unique light.

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There are many Indian doctors in the United States and many reasons for their dominance. They might be drawn to Western medicine or even pulled by relationships.

No matter why there are so many Indian doctors in the United States, it’s critical to note that every doctor truly cares about what they do. It’s a higher calling in the world.


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