Why Do People Hate Prince Philip? (11 Reasons Why)

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Prince Phillip is the husband of Queen Elizabeth and a member of the royal family. He’s well-known by almost everybody. However, some people hate Prince Phillip.

Why do people hate Prince Phillip? What is it about him that makes him so unliked by a chunk of the population? Has he done anything to cause this or is there no reason for the hate?

Why Do People Hate Prince Phillip?

1. He’s Old-School

People tend to hate Prince Phillip because he is old-school. After all, he was born almost one hundred years ago. It’s difficult to have a modern personality with that age gap.

Old-school people tend to have more conservative views. They talk in different ways and vary in their habits. It’s tricky for people to relate to that in our modern reality.

Many find Prince Phillip’s old-school personality as enough justification for their hatred. He’s an older man from an older time. His thoughts reflect that growing period.

2. He’s Racist

There are some remarks that Prince Phillip has made that have been a bit racist. Unfortunately, this is a result of the place he grew up and the time he was raised in.

Racism is something that should change, and it’s a justified reason that many hate him. It’s not something tolerated in this modern world, and royalty should not promote it.

Prince Phillip may have changed his ways a little bit over time. Still, some of the things he says should be left alone and kept out of the world. People hate hate, and dislike because of it.

3. He’s A Cheater

Although nothing is confirmed, there are many rumors that Prince Phillip cheated on Queen Elizabeth multiple times. Most people are not big fans of guys who cheat on their wives.

It’s critical to note that most of this assumption is speculation. He is a man in the public eye, and people will always judge him. We don’t know everything that went on in the relationship.

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Still, many will ignore the possibility of false speculation. They don’t appreciate a cheater, whether he’s one or not in reality. It’s a stain on his record, despite the good he has done.

4. He’s Famous

Some people will always hate famous people. Some despise the prince because he is in the public eye, and many admire what he does. Fame twists people in the eyes of the commoner.

The older Prince Phillip gets, the more he is in the public eye. The more people see someone, the more they will choose to hate them, often just for publicity.

Fame can cause hatred, and it often stems from jealousy. People want to be just as famous as the person they despise. This underlying jealousy stems into hate in no time at all.

5. He’s In the Royal Family

The royal family is a bit of a controversy in the country and the world. Because Prince Phillip is a leader in the family, many hate him because he is a member.

There are some odd things associated with the royal family. Murder conspiracies, racism, and cheating scandals run rampant. They aren’t a favorite in the eyes of too many.

Although Prince Phillip has often proven that he is a fresh face in the royal family, he is still part of them. Many hate him because of his involvement with this group.

6. He Is Pro-Imperialist

He Is Pro-Imperialist

Back in the day, Prince Phillip was a pro-imperialist. He approved of the efforts to take over and colonize countries with the intent to take them over at some point in time.

Although this strategy might be ideal for political control, it’s not ideal when treating people like people. It’s a bit of a racist move to support the idea of imperialism.

Prince Phillip may not be like that anymore, but people have good memories. They might hate him for the pro-imperialist remarks and support he has shown in the past.

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7. He’s A Man

Prince Phillip is a man. In our world, some people hate others because of their gender, and men are at the top of the list. Prince Phillip is hated because he’s a man.

Men tend to be a bit more straightforward. They are aggressive, and they are subject to scrutiny in this way. Many take that to heart and choose to hate the man for who he is.

Prince Phillip has done some aggressive things, but he has also had some shining moments. Others still hate him due to his gender. It’s an easy way to hate someone.

8. He’s Straightforward

Prince Phillip is older and from a different time. Thanks to this factor, he is very straightforward with the words he uses. He holds nothing back when he talks.

When you operate in a public position, being straightforward gets things done. Unfortunately, being straightforward can also offend close followers that surround your life.

It can benefit a leader to balance straightforwardness with something softer. Prince Phillip did not do this, which led to more hate on his behalf.

9. He Has Improper Humor

Much like the straightforwardness, the humor of Prince Phillip is a little out of touch. He says things that might not be funny to a more progressive audience in the world today.

Some things are funny, and other items are politically incorrect. Prince Phillip tends to lean on the politically incorrect scale of the jokes.

Maybe that humor worked back in the day, but it isn’t ideal for the modern world. Many hate Prince Phillip because of the jokes he has made in the past at the expense of others.

10. He Represents Harm

There is a history of violence that has come with the royal family, something not everyone approves of for a leader. People hate Prince Phillip for the damage he represents.

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Plenty of harm has come from the royal family. Many don’t enjoy the image they represent for the country, as the dark history of the royal family follows the rest of the country.

Many citizens do not appreciate that Prince Phillip has stuck with the royal family over time. They have done wrong, and he has ignored it, time and time again.

11. He Has A Royal Attitude

Prince Phillip is a royal man, and he is also old. This combination of factors means he has an attitude that might appear a little snippy to those unfamiliar with his royal environment.

If you live in royalty long enough, chances are that your attitude will change. There’s no excuse, but it might be more difficult to be kind as someone in the public eye.

A royal attitude can come off snippy even when it’s not. His personality is a reason why many people don’t like him very much. It’s an unfortunate side effect of his position.

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There are many reasons why people hate Prince Phillip. He’s a man, straightforward, and has a royal attitude, among other items. Prince Phillip is a widely hated man around the world.

Many people adore Prince Phillip, but many hate him as well. It’s critical to make your own choice when it comes to your adoration of the royal public figure.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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