Why Do People Hate Brie Larson? (11 Reasons Why)

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Most known for her role in the Marvel film franchise, Brie Larson has grown in fame through the years. She is comedic but also talented in many ways.

In more recent years, the world has turned against Brie Larson. She angered the masses like many celebrities before her. Here are the reasons people hate Brie Larson.

Why Do People Hate Brie Larson?

1. Rumors Galore

The rumors will always get you. When you live your life in the celebrity spotlight, you’re bound to fall victim to rumors that can’t be squashed.

Whether there is truth to the rumors or not, they leave a mark behind in your character. Brie Larson has faced many rumors of her own through the years.

It’s quite clear that rumors perhaps have contributed to the position people are taking. Rumors can be nasty.

Even when a rumor is not completely true, it is often founded on a situation that perhaps has some semblance of truth behind it.

That is not always the case but one small shred of truth can cause a rumor to grow in enormity.

2. Arrogance

Some fans of the Marvel series hold to the thought that Brie Larson is simply too arrogant for her role.

It’s not necessarily that she plays her part with arrogance but rather that her role as Captain Marvel caused her to become arrogant.

Suddenly, she has become part of a huge franchise and it’s turned her into an arrogant actress that is perhaps taking the need for talent for granted.

When the arrogance of having landed the role affects her quality of acting skills, this reflects poorly. It leads to fans turning up their noses. They are no longer impressed.

3. Captain Marvel Fit

Brie Larson was always known for her roles in comedic films. Before becoming Captain Marvel, she was a humorous actor.

But along the way, something seems to have flipped. As she delved into the role of Captain Marvel, it seems some of her humor has vanished.

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In the end, many fans feel as though she is not the right fit for the character. It could be that her arrogance led her to take her natural skills for granted.

She was chosen for the role because of her ability to be both snarky and funny at the same time. But something in the role just doesn’t seem to fit in the same way they intended.

4. Controversial Displays

One thing that has triggered disdain for Brie Larson is her blatant push for change in award categorizations.

She won an academy award for a specific film but she also has called out the award shows for how they make decisions.

Brie has made it very clear that she does not approve of how things are critiqued and voted on. She has taken a stand making statements to this effect.

Her displays have been very public in this manner. She has called for diversity in the staff that interviews as well as the film critics making the ultimate decisions.

5. White Influence From White Actress

One thing that has led to a lot of controversy is Brie Larson’s stance about white influence. She stands to create awareness but has experienced much backlash.

While her intentions are good, she cannot fully understand the depth of not being a white actress in the field.

Brie is a white actress herself and while she speaks out, it says little considering her success and the roles that she continues to play.

While that’s not any fault of her own, it still portrays a certain misunderstanding behind the details. She is speaking for what she feels is right but representing all wrong.

6. Willing To User Her Voice

Willing To User Her Voice

Brie Larson has been labeled as someone who is not afraid to use her voice. She has a lot of political opinions and she vocalizes them strongly.

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The problem is that people aren’t sure if she is acting or if she means the things she stands out for.

In addition, her words and actions tend to be interpreted as insulting when it appears she is taking a stand for “the greater good”.

It could be that she simply isn’t believed. It could also be that she lacks eloquence and this makes her intentions unclear to those who see and hear them.

7. Misunderstood

Brie Larson appears to be heavily misunderstood. She believes she is standing up for what is right. Interestingly enough, it’s often in line with other popular agendas.

However, her words are often twisted. They can also be made into a spectacle. The downfall of being in the public eye is that you can’t say or do anything right to appease everyone.

Just about every little thing that Brie says or does is not translated into negativity. She makes a statement and instantly people are insulted.

Sadly, she irritated a few people and that has only spread. It’s hard to recover once you fall into the bad graces of people.

8. Feminism Or Discrimination?

Brie has been known to make some very staggering statements. Many things she says or calls out are a direct truth to guilty parties.

We see this in her statements. She isn’t afraid to be bold. She isn’t afraid to stand behind her strong ideals. This tends to intimidate.

However, some of her comments have heavily weighted towards the side of discrimination. Not necessarily racial discrimination but rather feministic discrimination.

Some of her statements have led her to be labeled as an actress that hates white males, which may be a little overboard. Or it might be her true beliefs. It’s hard to know.

9. YouTube Didn’t Help

Brie was already on a ledge when she decided to make her YouTube channel. People were already questioning her talent and her actions.

She created the YouTube channel and it’s created additional controversy in doing so. Her content is getting a ton of views but a ton of backlash as well.

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Her first video has almost as many dislikes as it has likes, which is uncommon. Of course, the commentors also have a lot to say but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

10. Limited Talent Capacity

It’s impossible to determine whether Brie does have limited talent or if her reputation causes people to turn away from her talent.

Most of the questions about her talent developed from her role for Captain Marvel. This is a huge industry and the fans were unhappy with her portrayal of the character.

But rather than try to change anything, she simply blew them off. There is no anger like a group of fans who get ignored.

There is no denying that she has talent but the question is whether she has the right talent.

11. A Tinge Of Jealousy

Perhaps the real reason that people hate Brie Larson is that they feel some jealousy.

She speaks out, she plays huge roles, and she continues to build her success. Sure, she has most likely ruffled some feathers.

But is the disdain based on truth or on people who are jealous of her accomplishment and voice?

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Brie Larson has played many roles. She is outspoken and certainly opinionated. She isn’t afraid to be heard.

But is she misusing her voice and platform or has she lost her touch as an actress? That’s for each individual to decide.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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