Why Do I Get Annoyed When Someone Talks Too Much? (9 Reasons Why)

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Getting annoyed when someone talks too much is a common thing. What is more important is what makes you annoyed? Breaking down why you are mad is an excellent place to start.

When someone doesn’t stop talking, there are only a few things to do. So why do I get annoyed when someone talks too much?

Why Do I Get Annoyed When Someone Talks Too Much?

1. You are Hungry

A big reason that people lose their patience when people talk too much is that they haven’t had anything to eat.

When your belly is empty, your body will increase the production of hormones. This increase could affect several systems within your body and cause you to be irritable or snappy.

2. You are Sleepy

Another reason you could be annoyed when someone talks too much is because you are sleepy. Being sleepy causes people to be snippy about almost anything.

Sleep deprivation causes the systems within your body to shut down, and your nervous system can be rough on those around you—especially those with a big mouth.

3. You Don’t Like Them

Often you could get just plain old, not like the person. Sometimes your gut will give you a bit of intuition. This intuition could highlight their talking and be a sign you do not like them.

There are too many reasons not to like people. One that can’t be quiet even in tense situations or classroom settings is incredibly obnoxious.

4. Quiet Person

Sometimes people just like the quiet. For example, they don’t like the television in the background or even music while reading.

When a person likes the quiet and someone will not stop talking, it goes against something they need for a calm life. This will annoy them and make them wish the talker was dead.

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5. Different Political Opinions

Different Political Opinions

Something else to consider is that the person could be blathering about a political opinion. Often people who are loud about politics can be overbearing and badly misguided.

People with different beliefs will often be upset when someone from another political party bashes their beliefs or a politician they like.

6. Rival Sports Fan

Right up there next to an obnoxious political person is the rival sports fan. If you are a big fan of a particular team and someone will not stop talking bad about them, you will get angry.

Sports are huge for some people, and knowing that a rival shares an office or has to interact with them will create anxiety. Anxiety makes people lash out.

7. Dating Your Ex

Another reason you could be annoyed when someone talks too much is when they are dating your ex. People could expound about the relationship or more private matters.

Being annoyed is normal when you have to interact with someone dating your ex. However, it adds layers to an already tense situation when they aren’t quiet.

8. Quiet Situation

It could be annoying when people won’t stop talking during a quiet situation. For example, you will be annoyed if you are at a funeral and someone takes a cellphone call.

Some people have no eye for the room. They could be loud and obnoxious while a family is trying to have a quiet dinner or spend time in prayer.

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9. They are Stupid

A big reason people could annoy you when they talk too much is that they are stupid. People have a great time spewing half-heard facts and rumors.

People with nothing of value to say are often not as bright and are trying to show they know lots of words. This only reinforces stupidity and proves their point.

Ways to Combat Being Annoyed By Someone Who Talks Too Much

Being annoyed is human. We are often placed in situations where we are pushed to our limits by others and deal with their lack of respect.

We can learn what makes us mad and how to combat it before it gets away from us and someone is hurt physically or mentally.

1. Take a Walk

Getting exercise is one of the most effective ways to decrease any negative feelings you could be having.

When we get annoyed, it is often something out of our control that gives us anxiety. By going for a walk, you have time to get your blood pumping and process the situation.

2. Read a Book

Sometimes all we need is to have an escape from the situation. By getting involved in a good book, you can make a quick escape from an untenable position.

Falling into a good book puts people in a state of flow. Flow has been shown to decrease stress and increase dopamine in the brain.

3. Take a Stand

If someone is talking and will not stop, you need to make a stand. There are ways to be firm in setting boundaries and not offend the other person.

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By taking a stand and setting boundaries, you can get back the peace and quiet in your life without having to get into a heated argument.

4. Get Earbuds

Today technology can be the friend of someone looking to get some quiet time. By getting a good set of earbuds, you can shut out the noise of the incessant talker.

Some earbuds can be noise-canceling. These are the ones you want because they can provide a great bubble of protection against someone who may annoy you.

5. Deal with It

If you are annoyed by someone who talks too much, you can deal with it. By taking an approach of acceptance, you could learn why the person speaks so much.

Knowing why somebody constantly needs to do anything is valuable once you understand why you can work on curing the problem.

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Don’t be upset if you get annoyed when someone doesn’t stop talking. It’s not you; it is them. There are always reasons for things, even gut feelings. Trust your instincts about people.

If someone annoys you because they can’t be quiet, you should learn a coping mechanism that allows you to deal with or confront them about the problem and fix it.


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