Why Are Dogs Gentle With Eggs? (5 Reasons Why)

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Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

If you’ve ever seen one of those viral videos with dogs and eggs, you may have wondered, why are dogs gentle with eggs?

There are many reasons why dogs can be gentle with eggs, from temperament and intelligence to training. Stick around to learn about these reasons.

Why Are Dogs Gentle With Eggs?

1. The Type Of Breed

Some dogs are likely to react to an egg differently than others, and that is because some breeds are known as “soft mouths,” referring to their gentle grip.

Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, and Labrador Retrievers are soft-mouth dogs. These dogs have been naturally bred throughout the previous centuries to help human companions.

Soft mouths were bred to go out in the field or into the water and bring back the fallen bird or a dead fish without crushing or eating it.

A soft-mouth canine has different behavioral tendencies than other dogs. Through years and years of breeding, those dogs have naturally passed on those tendencies to their offspring.

This is why you may find your fluffy golden retriever holding an egg gently in his mouth without breaking it.

2. Calm Temperament

Each dog breed has its own temperament and character. Temperament is basically a dog’s personality, nature, and manner of behavior.

There are over 300 breeds of dogs in the world, each possessing a unique set of physical and behavioral characteristics.

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Through observations of a dog’s natural reactions to stimuli like sounds and smells, you can determine its temperament.

Breeds with a cool temperament are usually expected to behave quietly and calmly in certain situations. They often don’t growl, maul, shake things too much, or show major signs of stress.

Dogs such as Bergamasco Sheepdog, Basset Hound, or Clumber Spaniel are naturally calm breeds. That’s why you might see videos of those dogs, or if you own one yourself, handling an egg so gently.

3. Excellent Training

Excellent Training 

If dogs that you’ve seen holding an egg without mauling it aren’t soft-mouthed or of a calm disposition, then they’ve had great training.

You can make a dog calmer and more well-behaved by stopping bad habits and controlling or removing stimuli altogether.

Let’s say you have a German Shepherd or a Pitbull Terrier, which are dogs that are known to be slightly more aggressive than others.

As these dogs don’t have it within their natural instinct to be soft, they often clamp down on items and shake them. So, they’ll easily bite down on an egg and break it.

However, with the right training and enough patience, you can train a pup to have a softer grip. So please, be patient with your dog if you’re training it to be gentle.

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4. Food To Them!

Have you ever seen those videos with the puppy bringing its owner money for treats? Or how a dog jumps on the counter to take some food?

The reason behind this is that dogs are very smart and a bit hungry!

The money-bringing dog notices how every time he steals a bill, his owners chase him around and try to lure him with a treat. So, he starts to hide a stash of cash and brings out one every time he wants a tasty snack.

When it comes to eggs, owners sometimes enjoy feeding their dogs a hearty meal of scrambled eggs. But first, the owner must go and get the egg to cook it.

So, as a result of this common conditioning, the dog realizes its food! If you leave an egg on the floor, the dog probably won’t break it.

Instead, it’ll pick it up gently and bring it to the owner for a delicious meal. Though the dog may break it once or twice by accident, it’ll get the hang of it once they realize what’s in it for them!

5. Health Problems

Sometimes, the funny little performances of dogs with eggs could have a hidden, sad message.

Lockjaw is a rare condition that can afflict dogs and affect their ability to either close or open their mouth properly.

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So, while they can hold the egg gently in their cute mouth, there’s a probability that they can’t close their mouth strongly enough for it to break. Lockjaw could also be a serious symptom of Tetanus.

They could also have a serious tooth problem or have something stuck in their gums, causing an annoying inflammation and hindering them from properly closing their jaws.

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Dogs are gentle with eggs because, in most cases, they know better than to break them. This could be a result of their training or because of how they were bred throughout the years.

Moreover, dogs can also be gentle with eggs simply because they’re naturally calm or smart. Anyways, we hope this article has helped you in finding the best answer to your question!


  • Ava Medina

    Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

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