Why Do I Love My Dog So Much? (11 Reasons Why)

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Ava Medina

Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

When you need a friend or a comforter, a dog is the best place to turn. There are defined reasons that these sweet animals have been labeled as man’s best friend.

When you look at your dog do you ever wonder how you one could possibly love an animal so much? It’s not unusual to feel this way. Here is a quick look at some reasons why.

Why Do I Love My Dog So Much?

1. Friends For Life

When you get a dog, that dog relies on you for everything that they need. A good pet owner will provide them with love, companionship, nutrition, and so much more.

You look into your dog’s eyes and what you see there is a friend for life. They will never betray you or leave you for the next best friend or opportunity.

It’s nice to know that your friend is reliable and always has your back. Unfortunately, we can’t always count on humans in that capacity, but our dog friend never fails us as a friend.

Once you make that connection with a dog, they remain your loyal friends. Sure, you might get on each other’s nerves but they never stop being your friend.

2. Natural Comforters

When you have a bad day or you’re feeling blue, who do you turn to? My guess is that you turn to your faithful doggy friend to comfort you. And they do a great job of it!

There is just something about a dog that will bring you comfort and joy when you need it most. This is perhaps one reason that dogs are the most common service animal of choice.

The reason is that a dog knows just how to soothe you. They don’t even really have to do anything except simply being there for you. They never fail at that.

3. Cute And Cuddly

Every dog out there is cute and cuddly in some way or another. Some dugs are fluffy and furry while other dogs are soft and pretty. And yet, they are all cute and cuddly if you let them be.

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Whether you’re hanging out at home watching a movie, ready to curl up with a good book, or headed out for some exercise, your cuddly companion never fails. Just look at that cute face.

They are always up for a good cuddle session. Even the most energetic of dogs will generally be thrilled when you want to just curl up and cuddle. These animals never cease to amaze us.

4. Support Your Health

A dog can be a great support for your health at any time. Some studies have shown that a dog can help relieve stress and prevent a variety of health issues.

All you have to do is pet your dog and your cortisol levels start to come down, reducing the stress levels you’re feeling. This helps with blood pressure, heart health, and anxiety as well.

Outside of the hormonal advantages, you can experience from hanging with your dog, they can also be great for your health journey. They will exercise with you and likely never complain.

5. Loyal Forever

Your dog will always be loyal to you. Even dogs that have been treated terribly have remained loyal to their masters. You are their entire world even when we might not deserve it.

Once you win that dog over, which does take much, they will never break loyalty to you. The cool thing is that loyalty can be directed at an entire family or an individual as well.

They will look up to you for the rest of their doggy lives. And they will be heartbroken if you happen to leave this life before they do. All you have to do is feed and shelter them.

6. Fearless Protectors

Fearless Protectors

Every dog has some innate natural protective characteristics. Some breeds are known to be more protective than others but all dogs will be protective towards their people.

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Your dog may show their protective nature by barking and growling at strangers. Other dogs might stand guard quite literally in front of you when they feel threatened.

No matter how your dog protects you, it is simply part of their nature to make sure no harm comes to you. Even the smallest of dogs will stop at nothing to protect those they are loyal to.

7. No Grudges Here

A dog will never hold a grudge even when you did something terrible. You see, thanks to that dog’s adoration of you, they will remain loyal despite your faults. And we all have faults.

Your dog will forgive your actions without any question about it. One moment they might be in trouble but the next moment they love you just the same.

Your dog forgives easily and they will act as though nothing ever happened. Their forgiveness even spans to other animals, as long as there is no indicator of threat.

8. Happy Go Lucky

Have you ever noticed that your dog will do just about anything you want them to? You don’t get arguments like your ideas are terrible. Instead, you have a friend that will go with the flow.

These pets are happy-go-lucky all the time. They will be silly and goofy with you or serious when they need to be. You can get your dog to take part in your antics without a second thought.

The dog won’t say “that doesn’t sound” fun, they will just go for it with you. You’ve probably even thought that you saw your dog smile from time to time. And they probably did.

9. They Always Listen

When you need someone to talk to, it can be hard to find the person that will truly listen to you. But your dog will always be a faithful listener and help you overcome your problems.

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When you need to talk, your dog will be there to listen to everything you say. Just try it sometime and see how closely they pay attention to your words.

Dogs have even been shown to be attentive and responsive to your emotions. They are the most unique and understanding creatures out there. No wonder you love them so much.

10. Dogs Are Selfless

Human beings can be incredibly selfish. It’s not necessarily that we mean to be but it seems to be ingrained in our very natures. We tend to take care of ourselves before anything else.

But a dog is not like that. Dogs are completely selfless and their entire life focuses almost revolves around you and caring for your needs before theirs.

Sure, a dog has needs and they will let you know when they need something. But they are more worried about caring for you.

11. Laughter Comes Free

Dogs have incredibly unique personalities. Most dogs are free-spirited and will do the goofiest or strangest things. They even go along with your crazy antics and rarely defy you.

Your dog will make you laugh and won’t think a thing of it. They have no qualms about just being their unique selves.

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You love your dog because they would give anything for you and you know that. They are loyal and reliable when nothing else feels right.

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend and it’s very clear to see why.


  • Ava Medina

    Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

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