Why Do I Love My Cat So Much? (11 Reasons Why)

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Ava Medina

Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

Cats are incredibly unique creatures and while they aren’t for everyone, the people that do love cats love them fiercely. Their personalities are like no other and certainly not like a dog usually.

What is it about cats that makes us love them so much? Could it be their fierce personalities, the soft fur, or something completely different? Check out these reasons why!

Why Do I Love My Cat So Much?

1. We’re Jealous of Them

It is so easy to be jealous of a cat. It’s not that they lead extremely luxurious lives but rather how they live that makes us so jealous.

Think about how a cat lives and you will quickly start to feel jealous. They eat, sleep, or play all day and they have no care in the world. They don’t have to do anything they don’t want to.

Cats are even allowed to lead fat and lazy lifestyles and no one judges them for doing so. In fact, in some ways, it often seems like we encourage this lifestyle and love their oversized life.

If none of these things make you jealous, you might already be a cat.

2. They Have No Shame

Cats have no shame of any kind. They will lay themselves bare in front of you, rolls and all. They will take a full bath in front of anyone watching. They aren’t scared to show themselves.

Cats don’t care what you think about them either. Their self-esteem is certainly not based on your opinions about them, which is something humans can rarely admit to.

Perhaps you love your cat so much because they are everything that you struggle to be in terms of confidence and self-esteem.

It seems like we could learn a little something from them on this point.

3. Love Hormone Connection

People who connect with cats love them so much because of a hormone release. This hormone is called oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone.

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When you pet a cat, your body releases this so-called love hormone, making your feelings stronger for your cat. You feel joy thanks to this powerful neurochemical telling you to.

This certainly makes a cat pretty special since they can help your body release oxytocin. This same hormone is released when you fall in love with a human as well.

Our cats are powerful beings and knowing this could explain why those “crazy cat ladies” have so many. It fills a void of loneliness and brings them love and happiness.

4. Cats Are Beautiful Creatures

Cats truly are beautiful creatures when you think about it. There are so many different types of cats and while many can look similar, they are all unique in some way.

Cats can have so many different color patterns and markings that make them beautiful. We all have our preferences for colors and patterns but every cat is beautiful in some way.

Whether the bright blue eyes of a Siamese cat attract you or perhaps a cat with a full and fluffy coat. Maybe you’re drawn to the intricate color patterns of calico cats.

There is just something about their soft fur and patterns that make them beautiful creatures no matter what.

5. Cats Bathe Regularly

Have you ever been around a human that just doesn’t bathe as frequently as they should? We get it, some people are less fortunate and that is more easily understandable.

But then there are the people with the appropriate resources who simply choose not to use them as they should. A cat will never be that person for you.

Cats are pretty much always clean. If a cat is not sleeping or eating, they are likely bathing. I’m not sure all that bathing is really necessary but these creatures must be very clean.

A cat that cleans itself frequently is a sign of a cat that is both happy and healthy.

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6. It’s The Conversation

It’s The Conversation

Cats are incredibly talkative creatures and they will talk to you in many ways. Your cat’s meow is their very own language. They are using that language to tell you things so listen closely.

A cat’s meow is a form of communication and when they use it, it means something. The meow could be a warning that you’re annoying them, it could be about their naps, or a symbol of love.

You might be able to easily interpret some of those meow tendencies over the years. Just know that the meow isn’t just because. They use it to communicate with you so decipher them!

7. Low Maintenance (Usually)

Cats are primarily low-maintenance pets. As long as you are feeding them, petting them, and cleaning their litter boxes, they are happy animals.

You don’t have to exercise them heavily or make sure they get 3 walks a day to be happy. Where a dog requires steady, focused attention, a cat does their own thing.

Your cat will want some attention and they might even be demanding when their food dish is empty. However, outside of those basic needs, you can let them do their own thing.

That low-maintenance life is nice sometimes. This is one of the most easy-going pets in terms of how much you have to do for them regularly.

8. Kitty Snuggles Are The Best

Kitty snuggles truly are the best when you think about it. They are soft and cuddly and will often allow you to cozy up to them. They might even just cozy up to you without an invite.

Casts like to do their own thing but many of them like to be close to their chosen human. They may curl up on your lap or near you and it’s a calming presence.

Enjoy their soft fur and those kitty purrs while you soak up some relaxed cuddle time.

9. Beneficial To Health

You might love your cat for the health benefits that they can provide you. While they might not encourage you to exercise, cats can help keep you healthy in many ways.

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Cats are known to help reduce stress and anxiety for people, which promotes heart health as well as reduced anxiety.

Our lives are so packed with stress and anxiety anymore that we should take advantage of any little thing that can help!

10. Unique Personality

You likely won’t find two cats that are 100% the same out there. They all have unique personality traits that will sometimes make you wonder about them.

Cats are unique and they will have interesting tendencies that make you smile or raise an eyebrow.

11. You Never Know What To Expect

Finally, a cat will always leave you wondering just what they are going to do next. Will they bite you when you rub their tummy? Will they jump in the shower unexpectedly when you’re there?

Maybe they will even surprise you by biting your toes like it’s their favorite toy of the day. You just never know what they are going to do next, which leads to an exciting life of guessing.

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Cats are unique creatures that can’t be compared to any other creature out there. But there is just something about them that draws us in and makes us love them.

Cats are fun, exciting, and completely lovable, which is perhaps the reason we love them so much.


  • Ava Medina

    Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

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