Why Would The Police Call My Cell Phone? (9 Reasons Why)

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Most of the time, interactions with the police make people nervous. Police usually interact in person, but if you have gotten a cell phone call from the police, you might be wondering why they are calling you.

There are several reasons, both legitimate and illegitimate, why the police might call you on your cell phone. Keep reading to learn more about this interesting scenario.

Why Would The Police Call My Cell Phone?

1. They Are Conducting An Investigation

Sometimes police will call you because they are conducting an investigation into an event and you are somehow implicated or associated.

If they are calling you for this reason, they will likely not ask you any important questions over the phone as this can be legally very complicated for them.

Remember that you have the right to have an attorney present for any type of police interaction and any investigation. If they ask you for information on the phone, they may be breaking protocol.

2. They Want To Set Up An Appointment

If they do think you have useful information about a crime or legal scenario, they will probably want to set up a time for you to come into the office and speak with them.

Most of the time, police will set up appointments to discuss the following:

  • Ongoing investigations
  • OUI charges
  • Hit and Runs

Keep in mind that they are not necessarily alleging that you have done one of the above things, but they do think you could be a source of good information about it.

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3. They Can’t Find You In Other Places

Most of the time, calling your personal number will not be a police officer’s first attempt at contacting you. They are much more likely to visit your home or place of employment.

However, if they really need to get a hold of you, they will contact your cell phone as a last resort. They will also tell you that they have tried to contact you in other ways.

4. There Are Charges Filed Against You

This is an extreme situation, but it is possible that they could be calling you to discuss charges that have been filed in your name.

Police will only file charges if there is proof that you have done something, so think carefully about your past actions. You can verify these charges by checking online in the criminal database.

Remember, you do not have to speak to the police officer as anything you say could be used against you as evidence. Once again, it is best to defer to an attorney in this case.

5. You Forgot Something Somewhere

You Forgot Something Somewhere

Maybe you were at an event where you left something extremely valuable, such as an ID or a passport. Perhaps it was even a person dependent on you, such as a child.

Either way, if you have left something behind, the police might call you so that you can come collect it.

In this case, it is more likely that the owner of the place would call you before the police, but it could still happen—especially if it is a child.

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6. There Has Been An Accident

This is something that nobody ever wants to hear, but sometimes police may call if a family member has been in an accident.

In this case, they will usually tell you the following things:

  • Who was in the accident
  • What type of accident it was
  • Where the person is now
  • How you can get further information

In this type of communication, the police most likely will not have in-depth information about the person, but they can help direct your next steps.

7. They Are Following Up About A Call You Made

Sometimes, if you call the non-emergency number you will receive a follow-up call asking for more information about a situation or addressing your concerns.

For example, if you witness a hit and run, the police may call you back to talk to you more about the situation or have you help identify the person who did it.

Most of the time, you will not get a call from the same number that you called in the first place, so it is natural to be surprised. However, they will be very clear with their intentions.

8. It Is A Scam Call

Unfortunately, scam calls are increasingly prevalent in the world. Scammers will use any angle to make their call seem legitimate, including pretending to be the police.

If you receive a call from someone who is claiming to be a police officer and they ask for money or private information, you can assume that it is a scammer.

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If you are not sure if it is a scammer or a real police officer, you can ask them to provide more information such as their credentials or tell them you prefer to speak in their office.

9. It Is The Wrong Number

This last reason happens to everyone, and could even possibly happen to the police. Sometimes public records can take time to update and you may end up getting a call meant for someone else.

Police will usually directly state the person they are hoping to speak with. When this happens, you can tell them that they are mistaken and they will leave you in peace.

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Getting a call from a police officer can be a scary prospect, as they usually only call about serious things. However, there are many reasons why police would call your cell phone.

If you get a call from a police officer, remember that you do not have to talk to them and it could also likely be a scam. Use your best judgment and ask for more information where it is needed.


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