Why Is Torrid So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Torrid is among the most popular clothing retailers that specialize in plus-sized garments. You might have read about Torrid on the Internet when browsing for ready-to-wear clothes.

And maybe wonder why Torrid is so expensive compared to other clothing companies? I researched the matter, so keep reading to find out more!

Why Is Torrid So Expensive?

Torrid is expensive because its clothing is of excellent quality. Torrid specializes in plus-size clothing, so larger sizes use more material and production costs. Torrid’s clothing materials are long-lasting, so they won’t easily tear after several washes. Because the company has to match the quality of materials and expertise to market prices, Torrid is expensive.

Are you ready to explore how Torrid has become one of the most expensive clothing retailers today? Then, read on!

1. Torrid Offers High-Quality Clothing

Torrid is an expensive clothing company compared to others mainly because of its high-quality clothing.

That said, people are paying for the quality and durability they can benefit from Torrid clothing. Additionally, Torrid clothes are often more stylish than competitors.

Of course, since the company does not sell clothes that can quickly wear and tear, it made sure to charge a higher price.

2. Torrid Exclusively Sells Plus-Sized Clothing

Compared to other clothing companies that sell all clothing sizes, Torrid focuses on plus-sized, giving the company a smaller customer base.

As a result, the company must price its products much higher to gain and make a profit. Also, manufacturing plus-sized clothing is far more expensive than standard-size apparel.

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That said, the company needs to spend more money since plus-size requires more materials and tailoring skills to produce trendy plus-size clothing.

3. Torrid’s Additional Production Costs

Plus-sized clothing requires skilled sewers and additional staffing because creating fashionable plus-size clothes is time-consuming.

Of course, the production department will require work for everyone, especially the design team, and it’ll add to the company’s production cost.

So, to cover the company’s expenses, the consumers will shoulder it when buying the product.

4. Torrid’s Costs Of Materials

Since Torrid specializes in larger sizes, the company needs more fabric and materials to create trendy plus-size clothing.

Therefore, it’s expected for larger sizes to cost more than the standard-sizes clothing.

As a result, when buying at Torrid, expect to pay more than other retailers, as Torrid is not just selling plus-size clothing, but the company specializes in this type of clothing.

Additionally, the company’s expertise in choosing suitable materials for plus-size is one factor that influences Torrid’s high prices.

5. Torrid’s Clothing Is Durable And Long-Lasting

5. Torrid's Clothing Is Durable And Long-Lasting

The creation of Torrid’s clothing is very durable and of high quality; the company made sure that the production only uses premium materials and has stronger stitched quality.

Of course, using high-quality materials, the clothes will last longer than the cheaper alternatives. As a result, the quality of items from Torrid reflects on its market prices.

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6. Torrid’s Expertise In Plus-Sized Clothing

Torrid’s expertise in creating plus-sized apparel reflects the company’s finished garments

Of course, everyone who buys from Torrid can testify that the clothes are well-made and carefully designed with expertise.

That said, it’s not a surprise that Torrid has become one of the most expensive clothing retailers in the market today.

7. Torrid Offers Unique Plus-Sized Clothing Designs

The company commonly creates exclusive and unique designs only available at Torrid. As a result, prices are significantly higher than other retailers.

Also, Torrid has collaborated with celebrities in creating wardrobe collections, making the clothes even more expensive.

Of course, wardrobe collections are limited items but come at a higher market price.

8. Torrid Offers Various Plus-Sizes

Torrid offers various plus-sizes that competitors do not provide. As a result, the eyes of every plus-size community member are on Torrid’s clothing.

Additionally, Torrid guaranteed the company could give large sizes the right size and style for their bodies.

Of course, this is another factor for the company to charge its products higher than usual.

9. Torrid’s Operational Costs

The costs of doing the business are mirrored in Torrid’s clothing products. So, naturally, doing business comes with a price, from the people to the equipment used.

Of course, the company must pay all its operational costs, such as utility, equipment, wages, and other operating expenses, which all add to the clothes market price.

So, to make a profit, the company must pass on the expenses to its target market.

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10. Torrid Is In High Demand

With the growing community of plus-size individuals, Torrid has become more popular and in demand.

That said, since Torrid is popular and in great demand, people are willing to pay for its collection of clothes, whether it is expensive or not.

Naturally, the more demand Torrid gets from people, the more authority it has to charge higher for its clothing.

11. Torrid Offers Limited-Stock Clothing

Even though Torrid has various plus sizes, the company produces limited stocks, making people desire more.

Additionally, the more trendy the design is, the more younger generations want to buy clothes and experience Torrid.

So, even without cutting down its prices, Torrid continuously gains customers and makes a profit from its fashionable creations.

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Overall, Torrid is expensive because of its high-quality clothing creations in demand and well-known in the market.

In addition, the operating expenses, unique design, and limited stocks make the plus-sized community want more from the famous brand.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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