Why Is T-Mobile So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Usually, people need to get phone plans, which can lead to browsing various popular phone network plans. One such popular phone network plan is T-Mobile.

If you have been thinking about getting T-Mobile, you may be wondering why T-Mobile is so expensive. I asked the same thing, so I researched the matter more in-depth!

Why Is T-Mobile So Expensive?

T-Mobile is expensive because the cell phone carrier offers 5G networks, which are very expensive and time-consuming to set up and keep functioning. Moreover, T-Mobile has to charge more for the phone plans to pay all of the T-Mobile employees. Plus, T-Mobile phone plans become more expensive when you include features.

Are you curious to learn more facts about what makes T-Mobile so expensive? I made a list of factors below, so read on!

1. 5G Network

One of the most notable things about T-Mobile is that it is the largest 5G network in the United States, which is one of the reasons why T-Mobile is expensive.

Further, 5G networks utilize frequencies that are dedicated to 5G, which offers the subscribers faster and stronger connections.

However, it has cost billions to build wireless networks and devices compatible with 5G networks, which is why phone plans with T-Mobile are expensive.

2. Store Employees

According to several sources, T-Mobile has over 5,000 store branches and will likely continue to make more branches.

So, with each branch that T-Mobile creates, the company has to hire more employees to man the stores and attend to the customers.

Therefore, T-Mobile needs to keep its prices high to pay for each of these employees since the employees help T-Mobile make more sales.

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3. Technical Employees

Other than store employees, T-Mobile has to hire many other employees for various needs.

For instance, customer service assistants are essential for T-Mobile to address the customer’s concerns remotely.

Moreover, another example is that T-Mobile needs to hire employees with technical knowledge to manage the networks, especially when the network services become slow or go down.

Therefore, T-Mobile will price the phone plans accordingly to be able to pay all of the employees while still making a profit.

4. Unlimited Plans

Another feature that can make T-Mobile very expensive is when you avail of T-Mobile’s unlimited plans.

Normally, even the most basic T-Mobile plan features unlimited features, but the unlimited features are constrained to 2G and 3G speeds with limited high-speed data.

On the other hand, T-Mobile’s more expensive plans like, Magenta MAX, come with unlimited premium data.

Generally, the more unlimited features your T-Mobile plan has, the more expensive your phone plan will become.

5. Multiple Phone Plans

5. Multiple Phone Plans

Another reason T-Mobile is expensive is that you can choose a phone plan that can work on multiple phones.

For example, if you are a family of four, you can select a T-Mobile phone plan to give network services to four phones.

However, the T-Mobile fees will rise according to how many phones you need and depending on the plan you selected.

For instance, the basic T-Mobile plan is only $45 for one phone line, but the basic plan will become $120 if you need four phone lines.

6. Taxes

In some cases, your T-Mobile plan may look more expensive because the total cost for your T-Mobile plan includes taxes.

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However, you may find that your T-Mobile plan will be expensive once you get the actual bill since some of the displayed costs for T-Mobile plans do not include taxes.

7. Popularity

Another major reason T-Mobile is expensive is that T-Mobile is popular since it is the largest 5G network provider in the United States.

Therefore, T-Mobile has the leeway and leverage to charge more for phone plans since people will likely choose T-Mobile regardless of the price.

That said, this is because people are willing to pay for a product or service because it is popular, even if the price is high.

Typically, this will be because the branding of the product or service gives people the security that what they are paying for is worth it.

Moreover, the fact that T-Mobile is popular makes customers more inclined to believe they are getting the best phone plan possible.

8. Access To Netflix

In some of T-Mobile’s phone plans, one of the added features you will see is “Netflix on Us,” which can be found in some of T-Mobile’s more expensive phone plans.

Usually, T-Mobile calls the added Netflix feature “On Us” by stating that you get Netflix free of charge.

However, most of these T-Mobile phone plans are more expensive, meaning the cost of Netflix will be partially added to your T-Mobile plan.

Typically, T-Mobile and other network providers will make deals with companies like Netflix, allowing T-Mobile to give customers access to Netflix at a lower price.

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9. Unlimited Texting And Calling

Currently, T-Mobile only offers unlimited call and text services for all its customers, which adds to why T-Mobile is costly.

Therefore, you cannot choose a limited plan that allows you to make a specific amount of calls and texts per month.

10. Scam Blocking

One significant benefit that T-Mobile users get is scam blocking features that help them avoid unnecessary scam calls.

Usually, you will have to download the Scam Shield app to activate it, but T-Mobile offers Scam Block and Scam ID with all plans.

11. High Data Caps

Generally, T-Mobile does not have data caps or overages for the customers, but T-Mobile does give certain subscribers 50GB of super-fast data.

Then, once you use up the 50GB of data for that month, T-Mobile will still give you unlimited data within a 3G or 4G network.

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Typically, T-Mobile is expensive depending on the type of phone plan you get since some phone plans have more features, and the cost will increase based on how many phone lines you get.

Moreover, T-Mobile is a huge company with thousands of employees it needs to pay, so the employees’ salaries are factored into the price of T-Mobile phone plans.


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