Why Do Men Wear Speedos? (9 Reasons Why)

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Most men in the United States of America wear swim trunks of various lengths. However, you will sometimes see a guy on the beach or at a pool with a Speedo.

Why do men wear Speedos? They are much more scandalous than trunks or jammers. Is there an appeal for Speedos, or do guys put them on at the beach for the looks?

Why Do Men Wear Speedos?

1. Allow For Speed

Trunks drag against the swimmer as they move forward. Speedos cut down on the drag in a race or practice.

In swimming, a fraction of a second can mean the difference between losing a race and coming in first place. Wearing a Speedo instead of trunks shaves off that time.

Swimmers have to make sure they purchase the right Speedo for their races. It needs to be tight enough to keep everything in position but not so compressed that items fall out.

2. Show Off More

Some guys go to the beach and pool to show off what they have all over their bodies. Speedos allow everything to go on full display for interested and uninterested spectators.

A man who is timid about his body won’t wear a Speedo. He will opt for a pair of trunks or jammers to cover as much as possible.

A man fully confident in who he is and what he looks like wants to show himself off. He isn’t ashamed of his body, for better or worse.

3. Permit Better Tans

When you spend enough time on the beach, you get a tan. Women get to wear bikinis and ensure the sun hits every part of their body. Men are screwed with their swim trunks tan.

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Many men put on Speedos to ensure the sun covers more of their bodies. They want every part of their flesh to turn golden, rather than just the part below their knees.

Almost everyone prefers golden skin over pale, pasty skin. Men who want to make an impression must ensure they are as gorgeous as possible for interested parties.

4. More Fashionable

Speedos are more fashionable than trunks. You would never catch a male supermodel on the beach in a pair of swim trunks. They aren’t as flattering, and they can make you look chunky.

If you want to look sleek, a Speedo is an answer. It accentuates the body and makes a fit guy look good. The Speedo is a complement to a man, rather than the main attraction like trunks.

Of course, there is a difference between a fit man wearing a Speedo and an overweight guy wearing a Speedo. It’s a trick garment that only flatters certain body types.

5. Less Constricting

Less Constricting 

Trunks might be looser, but they are more constricting. Your legs sit under the fabric. Once the material gets wet, it clings to your legs. Men have a trickier time moving in this item.

Speedos, on the other hand, expose your legs. Rather than being pressed down by fabric, men can run and swim without any material on their skin. It’s a freeing feeling for them.

This benefit is especially popular with men who spend their time running on the beach or swimming in the water. They can move in any way they want without sticking material.

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6. They’re European

Speedos are more fashionable in European countries than they are in the United States. If you see a man in a Speedo, they may be from a country across the seas.

Many Europeans are confident in what they look like. Most of these men are from countries with lots of sun, such as Spain or Greece. They don’t want to cover up if they can help it.

The culture in Europe is different from those in America. European men put them on because they are comfortable, flattering, and ideal for tanning on the sunniest beaches in the world.

7. They Want To

Some men have a desire to wear Speedos. It’s their favorite type of swimsuit and it always has been. They wear them to the beach because they feel comfortable in the suit.

Men who enjoy Speedos and are not professional swimmers are a rarity. Most guys prefer to cover as much as they can, rather than exposing it all to the world.

Still, some guys are unashamed. You can usually tell who these men are by the way they move through life. They know exactly who they are, and Speedo proves it.

8. Work Under Clothing

Sometimes, Speedos can be convenient. Let’s say you go to lunch and then to the beach afterward but don’t want to go to the beach bathrooms. Wear your Speedo underneath.

Speedos are the same shape and fit as a pair of underwear. Many men combine things and wear a suit under their pants to simplify the day.

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Guys are all about simplicity. They want incredible desktops. Shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. A Speedo under clothing works well for the standard man in need of something simple.

9. Flattering

On the proper man, Speedos can be flattering. A guy who has worked all summer perfecting his abs is more likely to wear a Speedo than someone who’s been sitting in an armchair.

Speedos are also flattering to the legs and the lower region. People on the beach can’t help but look at a man prancing past in a Speedo. It’s an immediate magnet for viewers.

Of course, some guys don’t look great in Speedos. The suit might make them feel incredible, and that’s all that matters at the beach.

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Speedos might seem like too much, but there are many reasons why people wear them. They allow speed for swimmers, are more fashionable than trunks and work under clothing.

It might seem like a bother to see a man in a Speedo, but they’re wearing what they want. As long as nothing is exposed, there’s no reason why a man can’t wear a Speedo outside.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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  1. Well written. Speedos get a bad rap for no reason. I wear speedos because they sleek and fitted which is perfect for tanning or water related recreation. The patterns and styles of speedos are really cool as well. If you want to wear one, I say go for it. In the end, does anyone really care. Nope. Be yourself.


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