Why Is Princess Polly So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Princess Polly is a name that most teenagers and Gen Z are familiar with. After all, no other brand delivers quite like Princess Polly when it comes to popular fashion.

If you recently visited the Princess Polly website to update your wardrobe, you might have been shocked to see the prices. Why is Princess Polly so expensive? Here is what I found!

Why Is Princess Polly So Expensive?

Princess Polly is expensive because it’s the leading brand in the teen fashion retail industry. Princess Polly caters to a demographic that supports fast fashion, increasing the likelihood of hauls and repeat orders. Princess Polly is a vegan brand committed to green practices. Straying from cheaper production options makes Princess Polly costly.

If you are interested in learning more about Princess Polly’s branding and the high demand for Princess Polly products that are driving up the prices, keep on reading!

1. Princess Polly Is Not A New Brand

Since Princess Polly has only been making waves in the fashion retail industry for two years, it is reasonable to assume that Princess Polly is a new brand.

However, that could not be farther from the truth; Princess Polly actually launched in 2010 in Queensland, Australia, as a brick-and-mortar store.

Then, after many years of toiling and competing with more popular brands, Princess Polly finally achieved a breakthrough after establishing a strong social media presence.

Also, when it comes to a brand’s trustworthiness, tenure is a big thing, and Princess Polly definitely has it. Naturally, Princess Polly can command higher prices than start-ups.

2. Princess Polly Is A Social Media Rockstar

Like many other breakthrough brands today, Princess Polly took over its target market through the clever use of social media, specifically TikTok and Instagram.

Currently, Princess Polly has over 300,000 TikTok followers and 2.2 million Instagram followers. For online retail stores, a huge following is essential to creating a solid brand.

Therefore, as Princess Polly’s following continues to grow, so does its branding, allowing Princess Polly to increase its profit margin per customer.

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In simpler terms, brand equity makes Princess Polly more expensive than its competitors.

3. Princess Polly Is On High Demand

As COVID-19 restrictions ease up and socializing becomes normal again, people find that two years of intermittent lockdowns has created a need to update their wardrobes.

So, since teens and Gen Z individuals like to keep up with the trend, it is no surprise that Princess Polly has become their go-to shop for new clothes.

Therefore, with higher demands come greater freedom to increase products’ prices, which is exactly what Princess Polly does.

4. Princess Polly Is Expanding

If you have been faithfully following Princess Polly, you must have an idea of how much Princess Polly has grown over the years.

When Princess Polly launched in 2010, it was in a beachside apartment on the Gold Coast. Today, Princess Polly employs over 200 people and has a headquarter in West Hollywood.

Further, with the way Princess Polly is leading the teen retail industry, it is reasonable to assume that Princess Polly will only continue to expand moving forward.

That said, covering the expenses of Princess Polly’s current and future expansions requires a lot of money, and that money can be acquired by increasing its prices.

5. Princess Polly Shopping Comes With Perks

5. Princess Polly Shopping Comes With Perks

It is not only trendy clothes that you will get out of Princess Polly. On top of that, shopping at Princess Polly lets you enjoy several perks, such as 24/7 customer support.

Recently, Princess Polly has launched a loyalty program, membership privileges, student discounts, birthday discounts, etc.

Moreover, Princess Polly continues to roll out promotions that make shopping with the company simpler and more enjoyable.

However, providing a streamlined and satisfactory shopping experience comes at a cost, and with Princess Polly, it is usually high.

6. Princess Polly Is A Better Fast-Fashion Brand

Princess Polly may be fast fashion, but the quality of Princess Polly’s products is far superior to other renowned fast-fashion brands like Shein and Forever 21.

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Moreover, Princess Polly is more conscious about its materials and is almost entirely vegan. Currently, only 1% of Princess Polly apparel uses animal products.

Additionally, Princess Polly is committed to creating more clothes that have low-impact materials. Naturally, better and more eco-friendly materials mean higher prices.

7. Princess Polly Is Committed To Sustainability

Princess Polly is by no means perfect, especially when it comes to its sustainability efforts. However, Princess Polly is doing more for the environment than other fast fashion brands.

Also, Princess Polly works with animal welfare organizations like Farm Animal Welfare Council and Four Paws, creating vegan clothes, and using low-impact materials.

Furthermore, Princess Polly has partnered with The Better Packaging Co., which makes Princess Polly’s packaging, stickers, and labels 100% compostable.

Moreover, sustainability is a significant movement in society today, and people are willing to pay more money to support brands that uphold their values.

That said, Princess Polly is aware of this fact and takes advantage of it by selling its products at a higher price.

8. Princess Polly Runs A Website & An App

Shopping on Princess Polly is possible through the company’s website and smartphone app, which are extremely important now that online shopping is at an all-time high.

However, running a fully functional website and app can be complicated and costly. Additionally, there are security risks involved since they come with payment channels.

Therefore, certain infrastructures and professionals have to be employed to make sure that the website and app do not go down or get exploited by hackers.

Lastly, all the effort that goes into maintaining a website and an app is expensive, which impacts the prices of Princess Polly’s products.

9. Princess Polly Markets Through Influencers

Princess Polly became successful through social media. Naturally, Princess Polly will continue to utilize social media in its marketing efforts, mainly through influencers.

With that, when influencers publish content about brands like Princess Polly, they receive compensation in different forms. Often, it is monetary.

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Therefore, sponsoring influencers is one of the most effective marketing techniques today, but it can be costly. This, among other marketing efforts, makes Princess Polly expensive.

10. Princess Polly A Wide Diversity Of Items

Princess Polly sells everything from dresses, pants, tops, accessories, bags, baseball caps, shoes, and bikinis. If that is not impressive enough, Princess Polly also has a makeup line.

Basically, Princess Polly is a one-stop-shop for putting together your ideal outfit, whether for school, for a formal event, or Coachella.

Therefore, in exchange for giving you this level of convenience, Princess Polly has to sell its items at a high price.

11. Princess Polly Ships Worldwide

Princess Polly used to be available in Australia and America only. Today, you can purchase Princess Polly wherever you are in the world.

However, shipping costs vary depending on where you are located. Essentially, anywhere outside of Australia and America usually has higher shipping fees.

Also, depending on your location and the type of shipping you choose, you might discover that the final purchase cost is significantly higher.

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Princess Polly is a popular fast-fashion brand targeted toward teens and Gen Z. Also, given Princess Polly’s trendy clothes, it is no wonder why Princess Polly is in high demand.

Moreover, Princess Polly has a considerable following, partly due to its sustainability efforts and vegan products.

So, with Princess Polly’s current and projected success, it is only natural that Princess Polly charges more for its products.


  • Yasmin Fisher

    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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