Why Do Women Wear Bikinis? (9 Reasons Why)

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When summer comes around, so does the sun. Heat comes with the sun, and UV rays that can give you either a tan or a sunburn- and then comes people busting out their swimwear!

Bikinis have been extremely popular since the 1960s. Something about the bikini has helped it be so long-lasting, and if you don’t know what that is, then hopefully this information helps.

Why Do Women Wear Bikinis?

1. Bikinis Are More Comfortable

Because of their structure, bikinis are less clothing than other swimsuits.

This minimized design means less fabric is against the skin, lessening irritation from friction as the fabric and skin rub together.

With lessened irritation, bikinis are inherently more comfortable. The skin-tight nature of the bikini boosts this comfort.

While swimwear is typically tight, a bikini having less fabric means that fewer adjustments are required as you continue to wear it.

Fewer adjustments and lessened irritation are a recipe for comfort!

2. Bikinis Are More Flexible

Because bikinis are more minimalist than other swimwear, they have less fabric that could get in the way of movement.

This lack of fabric means that a woman wearing a bikini has a more expansive range of motion, allowing her to swim easier.

With the flexibility of a bikini, a woman could also do some relaxing yoga on the beach!

A secluded beach is known to be one of the best places to do yoga, with the sound of the waves being considered serene.

3. Bikinis Are Stylish

Ever since the 1960s, the bikini has been the queen of all swimsuits. Its popularity has shown no signs of slowing down, either.

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Bikinis only seem to grow more popular each year as more women become comfortable with their bodies!

Not only are bikinis stylish, with constant support from the fashion industry, but their staying power is immense.

While different styles of bikini may come in and out of fashion, the bikini itself remains an incredibly stylish swimsuit.

4. Bikinis Help With Tans

One of the most vital features of bikinis is that they show more skin than any other swimsuit, save for downright nudity.

With the bikinis showing this amount of skin, including an open back and belly, a woman can achieve the best and most even tan possible.

With the shape of a bikini, a woman can easily achieve an even tan while having fun in the sun. If you can easily get a good tan, your beach day may be complete!

Just be sure to wear some sunscreen- while a bikini may help with tans, it can also help with sunburns.

5. Bikinis Help Moderate Heat

Bikinis Help Moderate Heat

If a woman is wearing a bikini, the chances are high that she is going to the beach or a pool in the summertime. These locations in this season are known for having high temperatures.

With a bikini showing more skin, clothing is less likely to overheat under the fabric.

Cool breezes will be felt more readily and water will have more direct contact with the skin, helping a woman cool down.

By helping you cool down, a bikini can make a sweltering beach day far more bearable, allowing you to stay in your chosen location for far longer.

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6. Bikinis Help Decrease Sweating

While this could be considered similar to moderating heat, the amount of sweat that bikinis decrease is important to note!

By leaving the stomach and back uncovered, sweating becomes less likely, as the fabric does not cover and overheat the body.

Many women find this lack of sweating beneficial, as even if they choose not to go in the water, they are less likely to overheat!

By decreasing your sweating, you decrease your risk of dehydration. A lessened risk of dehydration means a woman can spend longer on the beach or at the pool!

7. Bikinis Help Feelings Of Confidence

While it may depend on their body type, a woman may feel a significant confidence boost from her swimwear- especially if it’s a bikini!

Like with any clothing, different fabrics, colors, and shapes will factor in, but the fact remains that regularly wearing a bikini is a great way to boost a woman’s confidence in her body.

8. Better For Beach Sports

As mentioned prior, bikinis are more flexible than other swimsuits. This makes them perfect for beach and water sports, such as volleyball and water polo.

If your clothing is restrictive, you won’t be able to perform as best as you can! Games like Volleyball require a wide range of motion in all joints.

When wearing a one-piece swimsuit or swim trunks, this mobility can be impeded.

While professional volleyball players may opt for specially-designed sportswear, the average woman may prefer a bikini.

9. To Show Off

On many occasions, this will not be the main reason a woman wears a bikini- and you shouldn’t assume it is! However, a woman may choose a bikini over other swimwear solely to show off.

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A bikini accentuates a woman’s figure, drawing attention to her chest and thighs while showing off plenty of skin.

If somebody is attracted to women at all, the odds are they’ll find themselves looking at a woman in a bikini.

If a woman is on a beach trip with somebody they’re interested in, they may choose to wear a bikini to show off to that person and attract their attention!

Attraction is not necessary here, however. Sometimes a woman might simply be proud of the way her body looks and want to show it off!

This ties into the prior section on bikinis helping feelings of confidence. If you’re already confident in your body, then with the confidence boost of a bikini, you may want to show it off!

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In Conclusion

Hopefully, you can see why so many women are attracted to this functional, attractive, comfortable, and stylish swimwear option. Many women prefer the bikini as swimwear!

Some women may choose to accessorize with a coverup, shawl, or a wide-brimmed hat. No matter what somebody goes for, bikinis are some of the most fashionable swimwear out there!


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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