Why Is Zolucky So Cheap? (9 Reasons Why)

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Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

Shopping is as easy as clicking a few buttons nowadays. You can shop from different websites simultaneously to compare prices, all from the comfort of your home.

What attracts a customer, though? Cheap prices, of course! Zolucky is a top contender when it comes to this criterion, but why is Zolucky so cheap? Let’s find out.

Why Is Zolucky So Cheap?

1. Low-Quality Products

Ever heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”? If you get a cheaply priced product, expect a low-quality product. That’s just how it is.

Since Zolucky products are so cheap, they most likely have low or substandard quality. A piece of clothing from Zolucky would probably be itchy on the skin, has thin fabric, and many defective stitches.

Also, expect inconsistent sizing and getting a product not even relatively close to what you have ordered. These odds are testament to their lack of commitment to quality products.

Zolucky is also one of the many companies that rely on China’s manufacturing capacities. So, if you order from Zolucky, you’re most likely getting imitation products.

If you didn’t know, China ranks first in producing imitation products. You almost can’t tell a counterfeit from an original, especially if sellers are advertising them online.

2. No Trusted Brands

Zolucky primarily sells unbranded products, so there’s a high possibility that their product displays are stolen images from other websites.

Including trusted brands in a company’s repertoire increases the public’s trust. When this happens, demand usually increases, and eventually, prices follow.

Trusted brands also contribute to a company’s fame, which leads to more popularity and website traffic.

In Zolucky’s case, you won’t find a legitimate brand on their website. So, the public’s trust is still relatively low, resulting in cheap prices.

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3. Huge Discounts

If you visit Zolucky frequently, you’ll notice that they always offer huge discounts. This offer significantly contributes to why Zolucky is so cheap.

From seasonal promotions, email subscription discounts, and special offers, these discounts can slash their prices more than they already are.

This discount could be as little as 10% up to a whopping 80%! You’re basically getting a product for almost free at this point.

Another discount tactic Zolucky does is flash deals. These deals typically put a clothing article on a massive sale for a limited time.

This seemingly great deal attracts a lot of buyers because they can only get that product at a 70% discount for five minutes. Who would pass up that opportunity?

4. Excluding Shipping Cost

When you browse for products on Zolucky, the numbers you see are often just the base price. This cost doesn’t include shipping or hidden fees, if there are any.

Of course, shipping fees highly depend on the distance between Zolucky’s warehouse and your location. More often than not, this distance is thousands of miles.

So, Zolucky seems cheap at first glance because you haven’t seen the total price after shipping costs.

5. Long Shipping Time

Long Shipping Time

According to Zolucky, shipping usually takes 8 to 14 business days. However, their Q&A section also says that you’ll receive your package within 13 to 20 business days.

Either way, this inconsistent information only reveals that the company takes the slowest standard shipping or doesn’t ship products immediately.

Regardless, the long shipping time means that Zolucky cuts operational costs by choosing the cheapest type of shipping.

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Since products come from China, you can expect that the standard shipping carries your orders by a cargo ship instead of a plane.

Shipping by cargo is exponentially less expensive than air freight because of the law of supply and demand. Cargo can carry more weight (supply), but demand isn’t that high.

6. Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is rampant in today’s fashion industry, and Zolucky contributes to that.

In the US alone, almost 90% of consumers choose fast fashion because they’re affordable. This demand for fast fashion leads to an extensive supply of cheap garments.

Zolucky is one of the companies that rely on mass production. Mass production isn’t typically in line with standard regulations, making operational costs more expensive.

Most clothes on Zolucky are also easily disposable because of their substandard design and production. As a result, cheap labor, fuel sources, and production costs lead to cheap product prices.

7. Returns Are Inevitable

Have you ever bought a “too good to be true” product only for it to be defective when you receive it? That’s how it’s like buying from Zolucky.

Zolucky’s products are cheap because they don’t give an assurance that your product will arrive without damage or if it arrives at all.

Sometimes, it even seems like Zolucky doesn’t care about delivering the correct products. There’s actually an online theory that Zolucky makes more money with returns than sales.

8. No US Customer Service

When you look at Zolucky’s website, you can only contact them through a live chat. They don’t even have other contact information listed.

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This missing information suggests that Zolucky doesn’t have legitimate customer service, especially one that caters to US consumers.

What they save on operational costs for customer service reflects in their prices. Sure, you can get cheap clothes, but don’t expect them to be responsive when you encounter a problem.

9. Possible Scam

One of the most apparent reasons why a product is cheap is because it’s most likely a scam. Since Zolucky is an online platform, they thrive on attracting as many customers as possible.

They lure you in by letting you scroll through their website with attractive prices while you imagine how much you can buy with a hundred dollars.

Online platforms also only accept online payments, meaning you’re paying first before you get the product. This set-up increases fraudulent schemes.

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Zolucky is cheap mainly because they outsource their products from China, leading to low quality and long shipping time. To top this off, they also offer tons of huge discounts.

If it seems too good to be true, there’s also that possibility that it’s only cheap because it’s a scam. At the end of the day, buy cheap products at your own risk.


  • Yasmin Fisher

    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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  1. I saw the exact same beautiful dress on both the Zolucky and the RightShe online ads. The one I bought from RightShe looked nothing like the photo, and as you warned, was made from cheap fabric, was the wrong size, and was poorly stitched. These fronts just rip us off while shipping –as cheaply and slowly as possible – substandard junk from China.


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