Why Is Tom Ford So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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When looking at luxury brands, you have likely come across Tom Ford. Tom Ford is one of the most popular designer brands in the world, making it a beloved brand by many.

If you have wanted to buy something from Tom Ford, you might have wondered why it is so expensive. I looked up the facts, and here is what I learned!

Why Is Tom Ford So Expensive?

Tom Ford is expensive since it is a luxury brand that promotes exclusivity to affluent people. Also, Tom Ford utilizes skilled artisans and high-quality materials to create its goods, and Tom Ford products are all made in Italy. Plus, Tom Ford hires marketers and influencers to further promote its products and new collections.

Do you want to find out more about what determines the price of Tom Ford items? I made a list of factors below, so read on!

1. Luxury Branding

Generally, the main reason why Tom Ford is expensive is that it is a luxury brand, and luxury brands are always costly.

Normally, a product from a luxury brand could have the same quality as a regular brand, but a luxury brand like Tom Ford can charge thousands for the same product.

Further, this is because when you buy a product from brands like Tom Ford, you mostly pay for the branding that comes with the product.

Usually, this is because luxury brands target more affluent people who are capable of buying expensive things, which is why Tom Ford can price its goods accordingly.

2. Exclusivity

Another major reason why Tom Ford is expensive is that the brand creates an air of exclusivity with its products.

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Typically, perceived exclusivity is the desired appearance for many people since it makes them seem more affluent.

Therefore, Tom Ford can charge more for its products to make the brand accessible to affluent people, making Tom Ford more exclusive.

Moreover, Tom Ford does not mass produce products, which is why certain pieces are harder to get.

3. Status Symbol

As mentioned earlier, Tom Ford is seen as an exclusive luxury brand that affluent people purchase.

As such, owning and wearing pieces from Tom Ford can serve as status symbols amongst many social groups.

For instance, wearing a Tom Ford suit would make you fit in more at certain parties, especially if the suit is recognizable.

4. Better Materials

While Tom Ford produces various products such as perfume and clothing, it often uses high-quality materials for its products, which is why Tom Ford is expensive.

For example, Tom Ford often uses heavyweight yet body-hugging materials to create Tom Ford suits.

Another example is Tom Ford fragrances, which often cost $950 per bottle and use high-quality ingredients to produce long-lasting and powerful scents.

Also, the bottles used to hold Tom Ford perfumes are carefully crafted from thick glass, making the perfume pricier.

5. The Experience

Given that you are buying a Tom Ford product in a physical store, you are often guaranteed an excellent experience, which adds to the final cost of Tom Ford pieces.

Typically, each Tom Ford store has trained employees who are knowledgeable and hospitable, making sure you enjoy each moment you are shopping.

Occasionally, Tom Ford will have private parties for its best customers in Tom Ford stores to get exclusive items, which is often when a new collection is released.

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Additionally, Tom Ford offers its online shoppers an excellent experience by giving some people exclusive offers.

6. Manufacturing Costs

As mentioned earlier, Tom Ford does not mass produce products because skilled artisans create Tom Ford products.

Generally, handcrafting an item takes more patience and care, which means the final product is often excellent with no flaws.

However, having an item handcrafted will cost more money since you will be paying a worker, not a machine.

7. Place Of Manufacturing

Another reason why Tom Ford products are costly is because of where the company manufactures its goods.

Normally, the artisans that create Tom Ford products are in Italy, where the average salary is higher than in other common countries used for manufacturing, such as China or Bangladesh.

Typically, Tom Ford has its goods created in Italy by these artisans since these Italian artisans can ensure high-quality products.

Plus, the goods have to be shipped to various countries to reach physical Tom Ford branches worldwide, meaning Tom Ford has to pay for transportation fees.

8. Packaging

While Tom Ford often focuses on designs for the actual products, the company also takes special care to offer excellent packaging to its customers.

Excellent packaging offers customers more “value” by enhancing each detail that comes with their purchase, allowing Tom Ford to charge more.

Not only do Tom Ford employees package each product lovingly into a box and shopping bag, but the actual packaging of products like makeup and perfume is stellar.

9. Marketing Campaigns

Generally, brands like Tom Ford invest in extensive marketing campaigns to promote new collections or products.

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Normally, these marketing campaigns are expensive since marketers often have to hire models, media teams, pay for ad spaces, etc.

Ford must make up for the expenses made on the marketing campaign by making its products expensive.

10. Labor Costs

Other than paying for the manufacturers and marketers, Tom Ford still has many other employees that it has to pay.

For instance, each employee in a Tom Ford store needs to be paid properly for their services, which Tom Ford has to factor into the price of its goods.

11. Public Figures

Like the marketing campaigns mentioned earlier, Tom Ford can be expensive since many public figures wear the brand.

For instance, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt often wear Tom Ford suits, making their fans want to buy Tom Ford clothing.

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Typically, Tom Ford is expensive because it is a luxury brand, meaning Tom Ford will always be costly since people are willing to pay more for luxury products.

Also, the craftsmanship and materials Tom Ford uses to make its products and its marketing campaigns make Tom Ford expensive.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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