Why Are Mercedes So Expensive? ( 11 Reasons Why)

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Bruce Coleman is a diesel mechanic and car tester with 20 years of experience. He's a member of various vintage car clubs, and he loves restoring old motorbikes.

Mercedes Benz. The name exudes luxury, power, status, and prestige for a good reason. Since their inception in 1926, Mercedes Benz has been the benchmark for luxury vehicles worldwide as they bring unrivaled quality in every aspect.

If you have been shopping for one or looking at their prices online, you will have noticed that they bring a premium in terms of price, but why are these cars so expensive?

Why Are Mercedes So Expensive?

Mercedes are expensive due to their high-quality parts, spares and servicing, vehicle manufacturing investments, maintenance costs, and innovation in safety, luxury interiors, sound systems, connective technology, global brand value, and commitment to superior quality.

They are undoubtedly some of the finest cars ever made, so let’s take a more detailed look at this brand and under the hood of these cars to find out why Mercedes are so expensive.

1. Mercedes Are So Expensive Because They Manufacture Their Production Parts

Many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) outsource the production of manufacturing parts to reduce their costs and make them more competitive in the market, but Mercedes does not.

They manufacture all their premium parts for production, which adds to the cost, but it also means that their cars last for decades, and it is not uncommon to see 30,40, and 50-year-old Mercedes on the roads today.

2. Mercedes Benz Has Invested Heavily In Production Technology

Since their inception, Mercedes have continued to invest heavily in upgrading its production line technology to ensure that every car produced is of the same uncompromising standard.

This means using AI and other modern methods in their design and quality control systems and their sales and after-sales systems.

3. Mercedes Are So Expensive As They Use Top Quality Tyres

With run-of-the-mill mass-production cars, you won’t find the type of tires as you will with a brand new Mercedes. Not only that, but Mercedes only recommend MOE (Mercedes Original Equipment) signature tires that are specifically designed for Mercedes vehicles.

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Premium brands like Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, and Bridgestone all produce MOE tires, and these performance tires come with a performance price tag.

4. Mercedes Are So Expensive Because They Use Premium Materials

Brands like Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, and Aston Martin pride themselves on using only the highest quality materials in their cars.

For example, the interior coverings are often made from Nappa leather, which is more expensive than leather you would find in lesser premium brands, hence the higher price.

The steel quality is better, as it increases the build quality and tensile strength, allowing for higher speeds, braking capability, and control of the car.

Every piece of the car utilizes a far superior quality of build material, significantly increasing the car’s costs.

5. Mercedes Are So Expensive As They Use Superior Braking Systems

Mercedes are very strict regarding the safety of their vehicles, and as such, they use a complex and highly advanced braking system that incorporates their Adaptive Braking Technology.

This system utilizes a  network of sensors that adapt to braking conditions and are primed to react automatically in emergencies.

They increase pressure in the brake lines and move the brake linings into contact with the brake discs to ensure maximum force on engagement once the brake pedal is depressed.

6. Mercedes Spares Are Expensive

6. Mercedes Spares Are Expensive

Another reason Mercedes is so expensive is that they provide their original spare parts as well, and when it comes to servicing a Mercedes, the costs will be higher compared with other cars.

Major luxury vehicle makers like BMW outsource their spares manufacture.

At the same time, Mercedes keeps that in-house to ensure consistency in quality and keep their cars running correctly without the risk of failure or breakdown due to lower-quality spares.

7. Mercedes Services And Repairs Require Qualified Personnel

Taking a Mercedes to an authorized dealer for repairs and diagnostics when required will be more expensive as Mercedes are pedantic about the people working on their customers’ cars.

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Using qualified personnel is an investment in the after-sales division, but there is great peace of mind knowing that you have people who know these cars working on them, and the extra cost is well worth it.

8. Mercedes Are So Expensive Because They Are Safe

In 1951, Mercedes created the first front and rear crumple zones for their cars, and later on, in 1978, they designed and built the first Anti-Lock Brake System or ABS.

These safety features are found in every vehicle today, from the cheapest to the most expensive and on of those safety innovations is the self-tensioning seat belts.

As you put your safety belt on in a Mercedes, it tightens automatically around you, adding additional protection in the event of an impact.

Plus, Mercedes have more airbags than most vehicles, and their headrests provide extensive whiplash protection for occupants.

9. Mercedes’ Luxury Interiors Cost More

If you have been in a Mercedes, you will know first-hand the quality and luxury of the interior.

Every possible detail has been meticulously designed and planned.

From the contrasting leather trims to the wooden finishes, fully adjustable seats with hand-stitching, custom panels, and finishes exude luxury and style in abundance.

Spacious passenger compartments with air-conditioning, touch-activated doors for passengers, and the trunk exemplify Mercedes’ commitment to motoring excellence.

10. Mercedes Uses Cutting Edge Digital Technology

With the current availability of streaming services, Mercedes’ in-house entertainment systems use premium audio brands like Harman-Kardon to deliver theater-quality sound.

GPS systems and Bluetooth connectivity make an integrating smartphone with the car seamless, and on-board computers that govern and relay constant information to the driver.

Fuel consumption, trip mileage, tire pressure, engine status, and automatic use of windscreen wipers and headlights are just a few of the incredible features these cars offer.

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All of this increases the costs of these cars, but the experience is out of this world and is something that Mercedes customers have come to expect and thoroughly enjoy.

11. Mercedes Are So Expensive Because It Is A  Premium Brand

There is a status that comes with owning and driving a Mercedes Benz. It is the brand of success, eminence, wealth, and prestige and represents the aspiration that many strive to achieve. This is true for all global premium brands.

Being able to buy, own and drive a Mercedes is a symbol of achievement in this world and sets you apart from the rest of the world.

Mercedes Benz competes with the top names in exclusive luxury cars, and their super-premium models rank as highly as any other in price and status.

Involved with Formula 1 and sponsoring other major sporting events in golf, football, and mountain biking enhance the brand’s value and loyalty with its customers globally.

The exact status applies to brands like Rolex, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Moet, and others.

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Because Mercedes is so expensive, they are in demand. Subsequently, they produce some of the finest cars the world has ever seen and contribute to improving vehicle systems through their ongoing research and innovation.

The investment in their cars is more than justified as the quality of the build, technology, and safety systems rival the best the world has to offer, and if you are going to buy a car, you may as well buy the best or nothing.


  • Bruce Coleman

    Bruce Coleman is a diesel mechanic and car tester with 20 years of experience. He's a member of various vintage car clubs, and he loves restoring old motorbikes.

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