Why Are Land Cruisers So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Bruce Coleman is a diesel mechanic and car tester with 20 years of experience. He's a member of various vintage car clubs, and he loves restoring old motorbikes.

Toyota Land Cruisers are luxury vehicles that can stand their ground in rough off-roading endeavors. While not a Jeep, Land Cruisers are undoubtedly reliable.

If you have your eyes set on a Land Cruiser, you know how much one costs and might wonder why Land Cruisers are so expensive. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

Why Are Land Cruisers So Expensive?

Land Cruisers are expensive because they are extremely durable and great for off-road excursions. Nevertheless, Land Cruisers are also considered a luxury vehicles with seamless on-road navigation and many other features. When appropriately maintained, Land Cruisers can last a long time and still fetch a high resale value.

If you are interested in learning more about the popularity of Land Cruisers and the many great features that make them so expensive, keep on reading!

1. Land Cruisers Are Seemingly Indestructible

There is a good reason why Land Cruisers are “built like a tank,” as most marketing ads and car companies like to say.

Initially, Land Cruisers were Toyota’s answer to the US military’s request for a military car. As you can expect, vehicles used in the military are more durable than ordinary cars.

So, when the Land Cruiser became available to the general public, Toyota made sure that Land Cruisers retained a sturdiness that gave it a seemingly indestructible appeal.

Naturally, this degree of durability makes Land Cruisers more expensive.

2. Land Cruisers Can Last For Over Two Decades

Apart from being durable, Land Cruisers are designed to last a lifetime. With proper upkeep, you can rely on Land Cruisers to serve you well for around 25 years.

During this time, you can enjoy a minimum mileage of 300,000 miles. Also, this number is so impressive that the Long-Term Quality Index gave Land Cruisers a reliability score of 100.

With this kind of mileage, longevity, and reliability score, Land Cruisers can rightly demand a higher price.

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3. Land Cruisers Have Impressive Resale Value

Land Cruiser owners will testify that Land Cruisers deteriorate very slowly compared to other cars. Even as the miles rack up, Land Cruisers remain durable and reliable.

That said, this is especially true with Land Cruisers that have been maintained well over the years. Once owners sell their Land Cruisers, they can justify the high resale value.

Moreover, since Land Cruisers can hold their value for many years, they can be viewed as a great investment. Toyota knows this, which is why Land Cruisers are so expensive.

4. Land Cruisers Are Great On And Off The Road

One Land Cruiser feature that Toyota never stopped improving over the years is the Land Cruiser’s off-roading capabilities.

For example, Land Cruisers have low-end torque that makes them efficient in handling steep inclines. Moreover, Land Cruisers come with 3D-Multi Terrain Monitors for safer navigation.

Also, you will be impressed by the Land Cruiser’s tough suspension and undercarriage, which makes Land Cruisers able to take on rocky terrain.

Today, cars with a capacity for off-roading are valued more, which is why Land Cruisers fetch a high price.

5. Land Cruisers Are Luxury Vehicles

Land Cruisers stand out from Jeeps because of their classification as luxury vehicles. Nevertheless, Land Cruisers are not as luxurious as a Mercedes or a Range Rover.

Technically, Land Cruiser’s luxury status results from fewer middle-class people being able to afford it, and Toyota banked on that by installing Land Cruisers with luxurious features.

As a result, Land Cruisers became the perfect combination of utility and class, a more practical option for buyers who cannot afford the top brands.

Therefore, this unique position in the car industry makes Land Cruisers an expensive car.

6. Land Cruisers Have Proven Their Worth

Land Cruisers started as a mobility vehicle for Japan’s National Police Reserve in 1951.

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For the next 70 years, Toyota produced 14 model lines and made countless improvements. To this day, the Land Cruiser remains Toyoyta’s longest-produced vehicle.

That said, this alone speaks volumes about Land Cruisers as a vehicle, and when you have a car with this level of tenure and brand equity, it will naturally be expensive.

7. Land Cruisers Have Been Discontinued

Land Cruisers have proven themselves to the world, and with the onslaught of new car models, Land Cruisers suffered a steep decline in sales.

Consequently, Toyota decided that the 2021 Land Cruiser model would be the last, and the Land Cruiser series would be officially discontinued.

Moreover, a shortage of Land Cruisers is guaranteed to cause Land Cruiser prices to go up, especially if a renewed interest in Land Cruisers transpires in the coming years.

Even now, the discontinued status of Land Cruisers is not doing anything to bring down its prices.

8. Land Cruisers Give Your Reputation A Boost

Land Cruisers have evolved over the years not only in terms of function but also in aesthetics; a quick look at the latest Land Cruiser will have you nodding in agreement.

So, when a great vehicle like a Land Cruiser comes with foolproof aesthetic appeal, you are guaranteed to enjoy a boost in your confidence and reputation.

Therefore, this undeniable impact that the Land Cruiser can have on your personal and professional life is one of the reasons Land Cruisers are so expensive.

9. Land Cruisers Offer Comfort

Not all luxury vehicles are comfortable. Fortunately, Land Cruisers are. With Land Cruisers, you can have a spacious interior with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable ride.

Also, this is true regardless if you are taking a long road trip with your friends or crossing a rocky terrain with your family.

However, comfort always comes at a price, and Toyota makes sure that it is adequately compensated for making Land Cruisers as comfortable as possible.

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10. Land Cruisers Are Packed With Security Features

Since Land Cruisers can be used for off-roading, it is only natural that Land Cruisers are packed with a host of safety features.

For example, apart from the standard airbags and brake assist, you have child security locks, rear wiper, central locking, headlamp beam adjusters, and engine immobilizer.

Moreover, these security features are costly for Toyota and desirable to consumers. So, to cover manufacturing costs and meet safety preferences, Land Cruisers have to be pricey.

11. Land Cruisers Remain Popular

Land Cruisers may have been around for a long time, but Land Cruisers continue to be a popular model among families and off-roaders.

Even with sales declining in America, there are still people worldwide who are willing to invest in Land Cruisers for a host of transportation needs.

Further, now that the supply of Land Cruisers is dwindling, Land Cruiser prices continue to be high and may even go higher should the demand eclipse the supply.

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Toyota produces a lot of great car models, but nothing quite matches the tenure and brand equity of Land Cruisers.

Even in its discontinued state, Land Cruisers continue to impress car makers and consumers with their durability, features, and sleek design.

Moreover, Land Cruisers have an outstanding mileage, longevity, and reliability score from the Long-Term Quality Index; all these reasons and more justify Land Cruiser’s priciness.


  • Bruce Coleman

    Bruce Coleman is a diesel mechanic and car tester with 20 years of experience. He's a member of various vintage car clubs, and he loves restoring old motorbikes.

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