Why Is Golf Wang So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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Golf Wang by Tyler, the Creator puts a crazy spin on every apparel it sells, from duffel bags that resemble watermelons and crewnecks for men decorated with cute, pink flowers.

Such a fresh artistic take on hip-hop imagery has made Golf Wang a huge hit. Nevertheless, you might be wondering why Golf Wang is so expensive. Here is what I found!

Why Is Golf Wang So Expensive?

Golf Wang is expensive because it’s a high-class streetwear brand founded by Grammy-winning artist Tyler, the Creator. This celebrity association means Golf Wang has an immediate and consistent fanbase from Tyler’s following. Other Hollywood celebrities support Golf Wang, generating demand, and Golf Wang collaborates with other huge brands like Lacoste and Converse.

If you are interested in learning more about Golf Wang’s massive fanbase and the other factors that make this celebrity-owned brand so expensive, keep on reading!

1. Golf Wang Was Founded By Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator is a Grammy-winning American rapper with a huge following. Like all celebrity-owned brands, Tyler’s Golf Wang attracted huge attention at the onset.

That said, this is not surprising given Tyler, the Creator’s popularity, and the massive support celebrity-owned brands receive from their loyal fans.

Additionally, Golf Wang is true to Tyler, the Creator’s branding, and is appealing even to non-fans. Consequently, this celebrity association makes Golf Wang expensive.

2. Golf Wang Excels In Brand Collaboration

Golf Wang has collaborated with dozens of brands since its launch. One of the first and most significant collaborations Golf Wang had was with Vans in 2013 and 2016.

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This was soon followed by collaborations with Converse, Suicoke, Lacoste, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, and Levi Strauss & Co.

Further, brand collaborations often result in limited edition apparel and aesthetics that appeal to Tyler, the Creator fans, and other brands they patronize.

As such, Golf Wang products resulting from brand collaborations are often priced more expensively.

3. Golf Wang Is A Hybrid Brand

Over the years, Golf Wang evolved from being a streetwear brand to something akin to designer, but not quite.

For example, Golf Wang was a luxury brand when it released the Golf Le Fleur collection and eventually launched Golf Le Fleur as a separate brand altogether that is 100% designer.

Nevertheless, fans of hypebeast and designer brands can enjoy the best of both worlds with Golf Wang in terms of aesthetics and price, making Golf Wang expensive.

4. Celebrities Buy Golf Wang

4. Celebrities Buy Golf Wang

Nothing drives up demands quite like celebrity endorsements.

So, even without a proper TV ad or social media post, just seeing Kanye West and Pete Davidson sporting Golf Wang is enough.

Also, these celebrities tend to have a massive following. Consider Billie Eilish and Timothee Chalamet, who had been spotted wearing Golf Wang more than once.

Naturally, fans of these celebrities will want to dress like them, making Golf Wang even more popular and increasing sales.

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5. Golf Wang Is Available Online & Offline

Golf Wang products are accessible to consumers in a brick-and-mortar store and through an online shop. Moreover, Golf Wang has a reliable smartphone app.

As you can imagine, giving consumers this level of accessibility costs a lot. So, Golf Wang doesn’t only have to pay for the overhead costs of maintaining a physical store.

On top of that, Golf Wang has to cover the expenses of acquiring and maintaining the IT infrastructure and personnel that keep its website and apps running smoothly.

Therefore, these expenses are inevitably passed onto consumers by increasing the price of each item.

6. Golf Wang Offers High-Quality Products

Golf Wang would not be so well-loved by both celebrities and the general masses if Golf Wang offered subpar apparel, shoes, and accessories.

However, producing high-quality products means procuring the finest materials for the wide range of products the company sells.

Additionally, Golf Wang has to maintain equipment and pay laborers to ensure the consistency of Golf Wang products.

These costs greatly influence the final price of Golf Wang products, and these prices often end up being hefty.

7. Golf Wang Uses The Premium Pricing Strategy

Being a celebrity-owned company, Golf Wang has to sell itself as a high-class brand with more to offer than regular fashion retailers.

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Apart from using Tyler, the Creator’s celebrity power, and providing fine-quality apparel, Golf Wang uses the premium pricing strategy.

Basically, placing a higher price tag on Golf Wang’s products instantly makes people believe that Golf Wang is a better brand.

Also, expensive products give shoppers a higher sense of satisfaction. As a result, Golf Wang keeps its prices high.

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Golf Wang is a famous celebrity-owned brand that has been setting fresh trends in the fashion industry since its launch.

Owned by Tyler, the Creator, and supported by acclaimed celebrities like Billie Eilish, Kanye West, Pete Davidson, and Timothee Chalamet, Golf Wang naturally has a huge following.

Additionally, Golf Wang offers high-quality apparel, accessories, and shoes, most of which collaborate with other famous brands like Levi’s and Lacoste.

For these reasons, Golf Wang continues to be an expensive fashion brand.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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