Why Is Crossfit So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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When people mention Crossfit, a few things come to mind. Some of them are intense workouts in small groups, heavy weights, diverse training, and expensive membership fees.

Among them, nothing keeps people away like the expensive fees do. Before you say no to Crossfit, however, it is worth understanding why Crossfit is costly. Here is what I found!

Why Is Crossfit So Expensive?

Crossfit is so expensive because it is conducted by certified coaches that undergo rigorous training. Additionally, Crossfit gyms dedicate enough space for each member and provide better amenities than regular gyms. As a member, you will enjoy pre-planned workouts and regular supervision from coaches to promote the right form and prevent injuries.

If you want to learn more about Crossfit gyms, coaches, workouts, and communities and how they make Crossfit expensive, keep on reading!

1. Crossfit Gyms Need To Be More Spacious

Unlike regular gyms, Crossfit gyms dedicate a certain number of square feet per member.

That said, this ensures that each member gets enough freedom to move and train as they wish.

Also, besides giving each member a dedicated space, Crossfit gyms have to make way for storage, offices, and other necessary amenities like showers, toilets, and locker rooms.

Overall, these amount to gym spaces with larger square footage than other gyms, and the more spacious a Crossfit gym, the higher the rent and maintenance costs.

Consequently, Crossfit members shoulder this cost by paying a higher premium for their membership.

2. Crossfit Gyms Often Have Plenty Of Amenities

Crossfit gyms cater to far fewer members than standard gyms, and this allows Crossfit to provide more perks to their members and cultivate a sense of community.

For example, one way Crossfit succeeds in doing so is by offering amenities that go beyond locker rooms, showers, and charging stations.

Further, most Crossfit gyms will offer WiFi, coffee, retail towel service, kids room, and communal areas for hanging out with coaches and other members before and after training.

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So, since this elevates Crossfit gyms from traditional gyms and gives members more opportunities to enjoy their membership, Crossfit maintains expensive fees.

3. Crossfit Coaches Need Crossfit Certification

Crossfit coaches are more regulated by the industry in the sense that they need specific certifications to work in a Crossfit gym.

Additionally, Crossfit certifications come in three levels aside from the more age-specific CrossFit Kids Certificate Course.

For example, Crossfit coaches can acquire certificates ranging from level one to four, with four being the most advanced.

Moreover, while normal gyms hire certified personal trainers, some gyms do not require their trainers to have any formal training.

Naturally, there is a better guarantee that Crossfit coaches know what they are doing and can give you the results you want, which warrants higher Crossfit membership prices.

4. Crossfit Offers More Than Just Exercise

Crossfit focuses on training its members, not just exercising them.

So, when you are coached in Crossfit, you learn proper form and receive personalized feedback on your current abilities.

Outside of Crossfit, this level of feedback can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Moreover, Crossfit gives you more room for improvement throughout your training.

This way, Crossfit is giving you better value for your time and effort, which is why Crossfit can fetch such high prices.

5. Crossfit Gives You Access To Pre-Planned Workouts

5. Crossfit Gives You Access To Pre-Planned Workouts

Crossfit is known for providing members with pre-planned workouts that help them achieve their fitness goals in a healthier, safer, and more sustainable manner.

Also, these programs are tailored to each member’s fitness level and capabilities, giving your membership plan more structure.

As a result, Crossfit has the right to demand higher rates from members.

6. Crossfit Is A Niche Sport

Crossfit is not for the masses. Unlike cycling, yoga, and pilates, Crossfit cannot simply be offered in health clubs and regular gyms for safety reasons.

After all, Crossfit can get pretty intense, which is one of the reasons Crossfit has trouble going mainstream. Additionally, Crossfit thrives more as a niche sport.

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Consequently, the Crossfit market is much smaller than other types of fitness classes, and to remain operational, Crossfit has to secure larger profits from each member.

7. Crossfit Is A Community

Crossfit is made up of tightly knit groups that have bonded over sweat and tears numerous times. Since Crossfit is a niche sport, Crossfit sessions are conducted in smaller numbers.

That said, this sense of community is one of the reasons Crossfit is so effective.

For example, when you feel you are a part of a group, you are more likely to commit to your workouts.

Additionally, Crossfit excels in maintaining this community and providing new opportunities to bond. In exchange for this experience, Crossfit has to charge expensive rates.

8. Crossfit Tends To Provide More Guaranteed Results

Crossfit’s entire design gives members a better chance of achieving weight loss, gaining muscle mass, improving their strength, and enjoying better flexibility in the long run.

Further, this is possible because of Crossfit’s intense and supervised workouts; their efficiency is influenced by competition, community, and rates.

Also, since you workout with a small group, you are more motivated to complete each rep. Additionally, a coach’s supervision creates accountability in your workouts.

Finally, Crossfit’s rates are too high for you to waste, and you are less likely to skip sessions. Consequently, Crossfit gyms can get away with their expensive membership fees.

9. Crossfit Is A Big Brand

Crossfit is a brand that started in 2000. Since then, Crossfit blew up all over the world and amassed a huge following from fitness enthusiasts to actual athletes.

Today, Crossfit enjoys a tenure and a reputation that makes it one of the biggest names in the health and fitness industry.

Therefore, to live up to the established branding, CrossFit gyms must charge their member higher fees.

10. Crossfit Uses Premium Pricing To Attract Clients

People believe that expensive products are higher quality, which is as true for Crossfit as it is with luxury brands across different industries.

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Further, this mindset gave birth to a strategy called premium pricing.

For example, when Crossfit gyms decided to offer higher premiums to their members, they conveyed that Crossfit is better than other workouts.

Moreover, given Crossfit’s huge following and positive reviews, it is safe to assume that it is using this strategy correctly and will continue to do so in the future.

11. Crossfit Has Far Fewer Members Than Regular Gyms

Crossfit gyms have only a few members, which is one reason Crossfit is as efficient as it is.

For example, fewer members mean more space for members to move in and better supervision from Crossfit coaches.

Additionally, this limited membership promotes better relationships because you can get to know all the coaches and members.

That said, this sense of exclusivity is rare in gyms but vital for people who value their workouts.

Therefore, to maintain this ambiance and sense of community, Crossfit gyms have to keep their rates high.

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Crossfit is a niche sport that promotes a wide variety of high-intensity workouts supervised by certified Crossfit coaches.

Also, besides getting better supervision and pre-planned workouts from coaches, Crossfit offers more spacious and high-end amenities than regular gyms.

As a member, you will become part of a tight-knit community that will propel you to better and more consistent workouts.

When you consider all of these factors, it makes perfect sense why Crossfit is so expensive.


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    Lucas Reynolds loves playing tennis, golf, and football the most. But really, he'll play any sport as long as it's competitive.

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