Why Are Bras So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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If you’ve been bra shopping, you know that bras aren’t cheap and are fairly expensive, considering the number of materials used to make a bra.

Have you been wondering why bras are so expensive? Well, I’ve been researching this topic and have discovered several reasons for the cost so keep reading to learn the top 11 reasons!

Why Are Bras So Expensive?

Bras are so expensive because it takes 20 or more components to make one, which takes a lot of time to put together each bra. Additionally, bigger sizes cost more money since it takes more material. Bras might be expensive if you’re paying for a better fit with more put into research and development.

Do you want to see the complete list of why bras are so expensive and whether the price will ever decrease? If so, continue reading below to learn more factors that play into the cost!

1. You’re Paying For A Bigger Size

If you’re a bigger-busted woman, you’ll need a bigger bra size, and bigger bra sizes will cost you more money than a smaller bra size.

Additionally, more material goes into a bigger size and less of a demand, which drives the cost up of bigger bra sizes compared to an A or B cup.

2. The Fit Of The Bra Is Better

Specialty retailers that deal with just bras have more money and time to invest in research and development, which means you will get a better fitting bra than a Walmart bra.

Therefore, if you purchase your bras from a specialty bra retailer or from a brand that just makes bras, you’re paying for the expertise that goes into making the better-fitting bra.

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3. Labor Costs In The Country You Live In

France and the United States have higher labor costs than other countries, so if you’re wondering why bras are so expensive, you should think about labor costs in your country.

However, even if a bra is cheaper, it doesn’t mean that it was made using labor from a sweatshop since it has more to do with general labor costs.

4. There Are Multiple Pieces Needed To Make A Bra

While we don’t think about it very much, did you know that it can take up to 25 different pieces or components to make one bra?

For example, you have adjusters, clasps, straps, and other parts that must be made for each bra and then sewn together, so it’s a lot more complex to make a bra than a t-shirt.

Therefore, you’re paying for the components involved in making a bra, which is a lot of time and effort, and depending on the store, can cost quite a bit of money.

5. You’re Buying From A Smaller Retailer

Similar to the reason above, since there are multiple components involved in making a bra, a smaller retailer will not get the price advantage of a bigger store, such as Walmart.

To illustrate, if you’re buying from a small retailer with less than ten bras in each size, they are paying higher prices for those bras, which get passed on to the consumer.

Also, the company is buying the bras or the materials at higher costs than big box stores since they are buying smaller quantities and not in bulk.

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6. You’re Paying For The Material

6. You’re Paying For The Material

If you’ve been wondering why bras are so expensive, you might want to consider switching to a different material because certain fabrics cost more money than others.

For example, mesh, lace, satin, and other higher-quality fabrics will be more costly to produce than others, which means you’re paying a higher price than if it was cotton.

7. You Have To Pay For The Advertising

There are many bra companies out there, and these companies have to stay competitive to continue making revenue, so they have to advertise, and you pay for this advertising.

8. You’re Paying For The Store Space & Location

If you shop at a brick-and-mortar store, you’re paying for the space and location of the shop, including the monthly rent of the store, which could result in your bra being more expensive.

In contrast, if you’ve shopped at an online-only retailer, you might be getting lower prices because they operate through an e-Commerce website and not a physical location.

9. Fittings Add Costs To The Bra

When a company prices a bra, they might charge you additional money if they offer you bra fittings, which means you could pay higher prices in stores that offer this service.

Furthermore, most stores that offer fittings have special staff trained and skilled in helping you find the right bra, which all increases the cost of the bra.

10. You Pay For The Testing Of Materials

Certain materials, such as moisture-wicking materials, have been tested in labs for a long time to ensure the material keeps its antibacterial qualities when put under stress, such as sweating.

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Therefore, if you purchase a bra labeled as antibacterial, moisture-wicking, or something similar, you’re paying for testing that material to be proven in a laboratory setting.

11. You Are Paying For Craftsmanship

Regardless of which bra you go with, you’re paying for the craftsmanship of the bra when you purchase it, which includes if the bra is hand-stitched or made for a particular purpose.

For example, there is different craftsmanship in making a push-up bra than a regular bra, or the bra is designed for curvier women.

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When it comes to why bras are so expensive, you have to factor in the materials being used since fabrics such as lace or mesh will cost significantly more than cotton to produce.

Additionally, you’re paying for the labor involved in making the bra and the craftsmanship involved, and you’re also paying for the testing of materials, such as moisture-wicking materials.

Furthermore, you have to factor in the size of the bra because if you have a bigger chest, you’re paying a higher cost than an A-cup woman since it takes more materials and time.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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