Why Do Women Wear Bras? (11 Reasons Why)

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There comes a point in a woman’s life where she begins to wear a bra. It’s just something she does. But have we ever taken the time to wonder why a woman really wears a bra?

Most people know the “basic” reason why women wear bras, but there are many reasons that you might not think about. Today, we’re discussing 11 reasons why women wear bras.

Why Do Women Wear Bras?

1. Prevents Sagging

The breast is made up of fats and ligaments but no muscles. So, there is no accurate way to “strengthen” the area.

Over time, the fats and ligaments wear down, causing sagginess. This is especially true for larger breasts, where the gravitational pull is more prevalent, causing sagging breasts.

While wearing a bra won’t entirely stop the natural progression of sagging breasts, it can lend a helping hand at postponing it or making it less prevalent.

2. Offers Support

Women – especially those with larger breasts – can succumb to aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, and back simply from lugging around breasts with high amounts of heavy fat.

Wearing a bra encourages better posture while simultaneously taking some stress off the neck, shoulders, and back.

This equates to fewer aches and pains while also enjoying breasts that are fully supported and comfortable.

3. Improves Appearance

Many women are less than confident about their breasts. They may think they’re too small, too large, are uneven sizes, or have an odd shape.

Well, a bra can instantly mask these problems, allowing women to enjoy the appearance of their breasts.

That’s why there are so many bra choices on the market. For instance, more petite women may opt for a push-up or padded bra to improve the fullness of their chest.

4. Increases Confidence

The phrase, “When you look good, you feel good,” couldn’t be more accurate. And a good-fitting bra can provide a woman with all the confidence she needs to rock any outfit.

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Think of it this way. When a woman gets dressed up for a fancy occasion, she will likely choose a body-hugging dress or shirt and pants.

Without a bra, the look can appear sub-par, and she might not feel too confident.

But with a bra, her look gets the extra “oomph” it needs to be a genuinely bedazzling style. The bra provides the perfect shape and figure, leaving a woman feeling oh-so-confident.

5. Constricts During Activity

Right off the bat, “constriction” doesn’t sound like a good thing.

But let me sell it to you this way – constriction during sports or activity.

When a woman plays sports or is active – such as running, playing basketball or softball, or even dancing – her breasts need to be constricted, so they don’t “flop” all over the place.

Without constricting (and protecting) her breasts during activity, she can end the day with severe pain in her breasts and surrounding areas.

A good bra is essential to ward off pain and feel confident, secure, and comfortable while playing sports or engaging in other strenuous activities.

Not only that, but the typical “sports bra” designed for activity will be made with breathable fabric that wards off excess sweat, which can also be uncomfortable and hassling for women.

6. Acts As A Fashion Statement

Acts As A Fashion Statement

Bras used to be solely for wearing underneath other garments. But whether you chalk it up to Madonna or Sue Ellen Mischke (from Seinfeld), bras can now be worn as a fashion statement.

Yup, it’s true – just check out any influencer’s Instagram feed, and you’ll likely find an outfit or two that showcases a bra as a top.

Now, this isn’t your typical “bra.” Most of the time, it’s a cute corset-style or a lacy bandeau that can work as a top.

Regardless, bras can undoubtedly be a fashion statement in this day and age, opening up a new level of fashionable possibilities for ladies.

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7. Creates A Smooth Look

Without a bra, a woman’s breasts are highly noticeable through a shirt, especially around the nipple region. So, stepping out without a bra on is sure to gather plenty of attention.

That said, a woman wears a bra to create a smooth, seamless appearance with no protuberances or noticeable textures showing through her clothing.

This not only ensures that they won’t get attention for all the wrong reasons, but it also creates a better appearance altogether.

8. Allows Easy Access For Breastfeeding

Not all bras are created equally. Some are specifically designed for certain purposes, such as breastfeeding.

A bra for breastfeeding mothers is crafted with flaps or panels that make it easy for moms to release their breasts for nursing purposes.

These types of bras offer some level of support, which nursing mothers find essential, primarily due to the new heaviness of their milk-filled breasts.

However, there isn’t so much support or constriction (like those in “normal” bras) that could cause a decrease in milk supply or other issues like clogged milk ducts.

9. Replaces Part Or All Of The Breast

In some circumstances – such as women who have undergone mastectomies – a bra may be necessary to replace some or all of the breasts.

Also referred to as “Mastectomy Pocket Bras,” these unique bras contain a specialty form that replaces the natural breast.

In turn, women can feel more confident and secure in their everyday looks, as they will no longer have a “missing” area that would otherwise be noticeable in everyday clothing.

10. It’s An Unspoken Rule Of Society

If you were to ask 100 people if women are “supposed” to wear bras or not, the answer would be a resounding “yes.”

In this day and age – and especially in Western culture – it is the unspoken rule of society for a woman to wear a bra.

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It is deemed somehow inappropriate or tacky to go out and about in public without wearing a bra, regardless of how big or small the woman’s breasts are.

With that in mind, most women wear a bra without thinking twice. In fact, they wouldn’t dare step out of the home braless.

So, why do some women wear bras? For the simple fact that they think they “have to.” This is especially true for the working woman, where dress codes would explicitly state that bras are required.

11. Makes Women Feel Sexy

Bras aren’t just undergarments anymore. They’ve ventured into the world of lingerie.

Now, some women wear bras because they want to feel sexy.

This can be done in two ways.

For one, a woman might wear a bra to push her breasts up, so they play peek-a-boo out a low-cut top, which gets her plenty of attention and makes her feel hot.

Secondly, a woman might consider wearing a lacy or leather piece for the bedroom. The added design and aesthetics of the bra can rev up her appearance and sex drive (and her partners!).

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A bra is a quintessential piece in every woman’s wardrobe, whether it’s a specialty nursing bra or a sexy, lacy piece reserved for the bedroom.

However, most of the time, a woman wears a bra to prevent sagging, reduce aches and pain, constrict flopping during strenuous activities, and overall improve confidence and appearance.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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