Why Do Women Wear Anklets? (9 Reasons Why)

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Anklets are a common piece of jewelry for women to wear. Delicate beads and strings of metal wrap around the foot area, providing an excellent addition to any outfit.

Why do women wear anklets? Is there something that makes this item unique? Are anklets new to the world, or have they been around for a long time? What makes them ideal?

Why Do Women Wear Anklets?

1. Beauty

The primary purpose of anklets is for beauty. They accentuate the ankle and provide a decorative addition. They can match necklaces and earrings.

Anklets are also shiny, which draws the eyes to the body. They are often worn in the warmer months when the anklet shows itself to the world.

With anklets, you can adorn a part of the body that is usually left alone. It brings beauty everywhere.

2. Culture

Anklets have been around for a long time. They are associated with several cultures from around the world – Egyptian, Ugandan, and more.

Many cultures believe the anklet wards off evil spirits. The Egyptians would attach talismans to ward off the bad things that might attack them in their everyday lives.

There are still many cultures that use anklets, such as in Africa. Anklets are more than a mark of beauty – they are a way to explore culture like nothing else.

3. Style

Women wear anklets for style. They accent different parts of an outfit and serve as a trendy piece for those who want to make their clothes more exciting than they were.

There are many ways to use an anklet in an outfit. They work well as accents for bikinis. In the winter, you can wear them on top of boots to help your outfit shine.

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No matter how women wear it, there’s no denying that anklets are an excellent way to bring style to life. They appear around the world as a way to make clothes stand out.

4. Personal Meaning

Anklets can have personal meaning. Women wear them because they have a rich history within their family or hold symbols that matter to them as people.

A woman may have been gifted an anklet by a family member, a piece of jewelry passed down through generations. It may have been given to them by a close friend.

An anklet might have symbols that mean something, like a peace sign or something similar. There are many things an anklet can mean to a woman.

Of course, meaning isn’t a requirement for an anklet. Some women wear them because they are beautiful accent pieces, and that’s okay. It’s a personal choice many women enjoy.

5. Noise


Some anklets jingle around as the woman walks. They might wear them for this purpose. They want to make as much noise as possible when they move through the world.

Maybe invest in anklets made from metal. Some have bells on them. When they walk, they draw attention to themselves. These anklets also make a noise pleasing to the ear.

Of course, some anklets can’t make noise at all. These are beads, string, or other materials that lay flat against the skin. Not all are created equal.

6. Flirting

Jewelry can be flirty, and anklets are one of the flirtier pieces on the market. This feeling stems from times when revealing the ankles was a scandal to the rest of the world.

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The noisy anklets work well as flirting devices for women. The noise draws eyes to them, which they can then use to flirt with the person who looked in their direction.

It’s fascinating that some people are drawn to jewelry. Anklets are an excellent way to bring eyes to a part of the body that goes unseen in most circumstances.

7. Tan

If you wear jewelry in funny shapes, it can leave a tan mark on your skin. Women out in the sun often may wear anklets with the intent to get an exciting tan.

Surfers often wear anklets. They want to look cool as they hit the water but also want an elegant tan that shows the world who they are and what they do.

Anklets are most common on the east and west coast of the United States for a reason. They are popular attire for people who like to spend their time outdoors.

Of course, there are people in cold climates who wear anklets. You can’t see them as well on these women because they are covered by clothes and shoes.

8. Memory

Items can be worn to signify a memory, whether of a person, place, or time gone by. Women may wear an anklet to help them remember something they don’t want to forget.

An anklet could be a memento, passed down from someone who died. The anklet is worn to remember who they were when they were alive and with this person.

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This jewelry could also be a souvenir from an exciting memory. It helps the woman to hold on to the exciting memories she experienced, carrying them with her on her ankle.

9. Tradition

Anklets are a tradition for many locations. Women have worn them for many years and continue to do so, even in a modern era where standards seem to have fallen away.

Tradition might be cultural, such as in tribes that have worn jewelry traditionally for years. Tradition can also be a family thing. Maybe there’s an anklet every woman wears.

Whatever the reason, many women wear anklets because they are a core piece of tradition. It’s part of who they are and will be in the years to come. Tradition matters to people.

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Anklets are jewelry, and women wear them for many reasons. They are for beauty, personal meaning, and work for flirting purposes. They are multi-purpose items in the world.

Although it might seem like anklets are a simple piece of jewelry, there’s a lot packed into each piece of jewelry. If you want to spice up an outfit, try an anklet.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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