Why Are G-Shocks So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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When it comes to rugged and reliable watches, G-Shocks are unbeatable. In fact, G-Shocks are rising in the ranks so quickly that experts predict G-Shocks will become the new Rolex.

If you are interested in investing in a G-Shock, brace yourself for its price. G-Shocks can be incredibly expensive, but do you know why? I looked into it and here is what I found!

Why Are G-Shocks So Expensive?

G-Shocks are so expensive because G-shocks are considered the most durable watches in the world. Made with titanium and designed to survive water, shock, and a several-meter fall, G-Shocks remain the brand of choice by servicemen, athletes, and more. Additionally, G-Shocks come with a 10-year battery life, smart technology, and survival technology.

In case you are interested to learn more about the impressive features, luxury designs, and solid branding that make G-Shocks expensive, keep on reading!

1. G-Shocks Are Designed To ‘Never Break’

When G-Shock was conceived, Casio’s goal was to create a watch that would never break. It is fair to say that G-Shock brought that vision to life with excellence.

In fact, G-Shocks are considered the toughest watch in the world by Guinness World Records after the DW5600E-1 model was run over by a 24.97-ton truck and still functioned.

With a world record under its belt and numerous other reliability tests to prove its sturdiness, G-Shock can command higher selling prices.

2. G-Shocks Come With Advanced Smart Functions

G-Shocks have models that can be connected to smartphones and used to access certain smartphone applications and features.

Some of the most notable G-Shock smart functions you can enjoy are email notifications, social media alerts, music, volume adjustments, and phone tracking.

As G-Shock continues to roll out more advanced models, these smart features are likely to become more varied and complex, therefore keeping G-Shock prices expensive.

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3. G-Shocks Come In Stunning Limited Edition Designs

G-Shocks are not limited to the rugged streetwear fashion that most people have come to associate it with.

While G-Shock’s original designs are also sleek and stunning, G-Shock also has models like the G-D5000-9JR that are constructed with 18-carat gold.

Apart from the G-D5000-9JR, there are also models like the G-Shock MRG-G2000HA and the MRG-G2000GA-1A that are specially crafted and released in limited editions.

G-Shock’s various offerings and limited edition models naturally make G-Shock watches more expensive.

4. G-Shocks Are Made Of Titanium & Sapphire Glass

G-Shocks used to be cheap when models were made from plastic. Since switching to titanium, however, G-Shock production became more costly.

Mainly, this is because titanium is a metal. While titanium is light, molding and crafting titanium is still more laborious and time-consuming than handling plastic.

Additionally, titanium is one of the most durable metals in the world.

G-Shocks are further reinforced with the addition of reflective sapphire glass which makes G-Shocks scratch-resistant.

5. G-Shocks Have An Impressive Battery Life

5. G-Shocks Have An Impressive Battery Life

Depending on the model, G-Shocks have battery lives that can extend from two to fifteen years. On average, G-Shock’s batteries can last from five to six years.

Technically, how long your G-Shock’s battery is also heavily influenced by the functions the model comes in and how much you use these functions.

If you want a G-Shock that can give you a battery life of fifteen years, get a solar G-Shock model. With these impressive numbers, it is understandable why G-Shocks are expensive.

6. G-Shocks Are Sustainable

G-Shocks can be considered sustainable for a lot of reasons. Apart from the green efforts by G-Shock manufacturer Casio, G-Shocks by themselves are designed to be eco-friendly.

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Geneally, this is because G-Shocks are so durable and high-quality that consumers are unlikely to replace them for a long time, therefore reducing waste.

Additionally, G-Shock has models that utilize solar energy either through solar panels or solar atomic batteries.

However, these green solutions come at a cost for Casio, which in turn makes G-Shocks expensive for consumers.

7. G-Shocks Have Built-In Survival Technologies

There is a good reason servicemen, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts prefer G-Shock over other brands. Apart from being incredibly tough, G-Shocks can aid in survival.

Some of the survival technology you can find in certain G-Shock models are altimeters, barometers, compasses, and atomic radio time syncing.

Others also provide world time, thermometers, dive depth, and tide predictions. All these features are costly to build in a watch, and that is why G-Shock is expensive.

8. G-Shocks Invest A Lot In Marketing

Even with celebrities using G-Shock and practically marketing G-Shocks for free, Casio still has to invest in marketing campaigns to keep consumers interested.

Apart from the typical advertisements, Casio likes to create collaboration watches that generate greater variety and more efficient consumer appeal.

Some of the most recent and popular collaborations made by Casio were with John Mayer and NASA.

Producing these limited edition collaboration watches is costly, and the demands are naturally higher. Consequently, G-Shock becomes even more expensive.

9. G-Shock Is A Reliable Brand

G-Shock has been around since April 1983. Since then, Casio has invested a lot of time and money in improving G-Shock to its current standards.

Generally, G-Shock was conceived to fill in the growing consumer demand for durable watches. Ever since, G-Shock has reigned supreme in this market.

With G-Shock’s tenure and impressive brand equity to prove its reliability, Casio is confident about selling G-Shock at higher prices.

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10. G-Shocks Have Great Resale Value

Since G-Shocks are tough, long-lasting, and stunning, G-Shocks tend to hold their value well. If ever you decide to sell your G-Shock, know that it can still fetch a sizeable sum.

Watches that have a great resale value are considered positive investments. This is especially true for the more expensive G-Shock models.

Since you can get an impressive return on investment for your G-Shock, it is only justified that G-Shock sells for a high price.

11. G-Shocks Are In High Demand

Global lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic have allowed people to see and appreciate nature better.

With more people vacationing outdoors and endeavoring in hiking, mountain climbing, surfing, and other such activities, the demand for reliable watches increases.

When demands for G-Shocks rise, you can expect that G-Shock prices also go up.

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G-Shocks have a reputation for being tough and reliable, especially in risky situations and difficult environments. As such, G-Shocks are patronized by servicemen and athletes.

Additionally, G-Shocks are made of titanium, sapphire glass, and other high-quality materials that enable G-Shocks to function as it should.

Outfitted with smart and survival technologies, G-Shock offers more connectivity and features than other types of watches do. As a result, G-Shock is more expensive.


  • Yasmin Fisher

    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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  1. Some G-Shocks look cool & they’re the right choice in a damage-prone environment. But, I can buy several watches from other brands for the same price. If one breaks, I can buy another one & still spend less than I might for a G-Shock.
    And, think twice before using the word “investment” in a watch context or comparing G-Shock to Rolex. The best dealers are careful not to do that.


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