Why Do Men Wear Panties? (9 Reasons Why)

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Panties are a popular women’s garment. They are thin and feel like you have nothing on. In recent years, many men have tried on this article of clothing in their typical dress.

Why do men wear women’s panties? Is there a good reason why many men are curious about how it feels to wear them? Why would they choose panties over traditional boxers?

Why Do Men Wear Panties?

1. Soft Feel

Women’s underwear tends to be softer material than men’s underwear. Many companies choose to make male garments out of sweat-proof or cotton material.

If you purchase women’s underwear, you can find tons of soft fabrics. They have materials such as silk, soft cotton, and other items that work well on the body. Men can rest with these.

Some guys need sweat-proof fabric to make their bodies more comfortable due to their activity level. However, others may desire comfort over something practical, like athletic fabric.

2. Less Fabric

Some men hate the additional fabric on men’s underwear. They like to wear panties because it requires less fabric, which can make it more comfortable to walk around.

Less fabric also means the panties cost less to make. You can find them for affordable prices in stores.

Women’s panties also take up less room in the undergarment drawer. Men can easily store them without worrying about taking up too much space in the bedroom.

3. Thin Material

Men’s underwear tends to be thicker, almost like a light short layer. It’s this thick to take in sweat on the body and press down parts that the world doesn’t need to see through clothes.

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Thin material also makes storage easy for men. They can have traditional underwear, but they can also add many pairs of panties. It’s easy to carry them from one place to another.

Of course, thin materials can be a problem for men. The thinner the panties, the less support they provide for the body. Men need something that can keep their bodies in place.

4. Feel Like Nothing

Women’s panties have less fabric and are a thinner material. Thanks to this combination, they feel like nothing on the body. That’s appealing to the average man.

There’s nothing more wonderful than being fully dressed and feeling like you have nothing on your body. Panties allow men to feel free in a way they can’t in men’s underwear.

Men’s underwear typically comes in thick materials. It can make them feel like they have two pairs of pants rather than undergarments and a single pair of bottoms on their legs.

5. Fights Stereotypes

Fights Stereotypes

It is outlined in our minds that men wear briefs and women have panties. It’s rare for a woman to shop for boxers and a man to purchase panties in a local store.

Men may wear panties because they want to fight gender stereotypes. They want to break free from the box they have been placed inside and think panties are a way to do that.

Fighting stereotypes is a critical part of progressing as a society. There is nothing wrong with men wearing panties as underwear – our culture has deemed it as a women’s thing.

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Stereotypes are frustrating. Panties are a quiet way to address the problem without doing anything outlandish. It’s an incredible way to fight silently.

6. Confidence

Panties allow men to adopt confidence. If they wear panties, they can have a secret no one knows about outside. They can feel confident without worrying what everyone else thinks.

Everyone has a secret that helps them feel more confident in public. Some people dye their hair brown. Others change style. Some choose to wear panties.

Confidence is critical as you move through the world. If a pair of underwear can help a man feel better in their body, it’s beneficial. Panties help them do that with minimal effort.

7. Affordable

Women’s undergarments aren’t just helpful with confidence. They are also more affordable than men’s underwear. They are made of less material and cost less to create for a store.

You can buy a pack of women’s panties for a much lower price than you can mens’ undergarments. For guys on a budget, the price point is a better fit for their wallet.

The fancier the undergarment, the more expensive it is. Sleek silk panties will be more than traditional men’s cotton boxers you can find in the supermarket.

8. Undetectable

Men’s underwear can be bulky and uncomfortable. When guys wear skinny jeans, people can see the lines of the undergarments under their clothes. It can be a pain to handle daily.

Undetectable underwear makes an outfit appear sleeker, especially at party events. If you are a man and don’t want anything shown underneath, panties are an excellent choice.

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If a man’s underwear is hidden, it can help with confidence and security on the move. Many men wear them to avoid showing uncomfortable lines underneath their clothes.

Of course, there are still tighter forms of men’s underwear that presses enough to remain hidden beneath clothes. However, panties take up less room on the body for guys.

9. Supportive

Although women don’t have much to support in their lower region, women’s underwear can be very supportive. Many men enjoy panties because they help better support the body.

The tighter the panties, the better the support provided. Many men look for panties that give just enough coverage to keep everything in place, but not so much that it becomes bulky.

Although men’s underwear works for support, there are many cases where panties are more comfortable for the lower region. Support is vital when you are moving throughout your day.


Although many men wear traditional men’s undergarments, many put on panties in the morning. They love to wear them for their softness, affordability, and supportive nature.

It might seem odd that men choose to wear panties, but there are rational explanations for their choices. Men want to be comfortable, and underwear is an excellent place to start.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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