Why Are Fences So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Brandon Porter is an architectural draftsman of 25 years and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating homes and making them his own, whether it's fixing up the plumbing or painting the walls.

Whether you want it or not, the time will come when you’ll need to build or replace your fence for added aesthetics or privacy for your family.

Regardless of why you want a fence, always consider how expensive fences are. Find out more reasons fences are so costly!

Why Are Fences So Expensive?

Fences are expensive because they are a solid form of investment; they serve as primary security for the home and add aesthetics and value to the house. Other factors that drive up the cost of fences are the quantity, labor, the location where the fence is created, and equipment costs and installation.

Of course, there are several contributing factors to why fences are so expensive. Here are 11 reasons why. Continue reading!

1. Fences Are A Long-Term Investment

Fences are an investment that pays off over time; if you are willing to spend more on quality fences, they should last between 25 and 50 years.

But, of course, good fencing requires careful planning; it is true if you’re fencing a new area or replacing old, damaged fences.

As a result, since fences can last almost a lifetime, the companies that provide fences are aware of this; they sell fences at a high cost, especially those of high quality.

2. Fences Provide Primary Security

Having fences on your property helps make it far more secure from any possible problems, and this is an excellent preventative measure for your home.

Of course, fences strengthen your home’s protection and enhance the sense of security within the property.

Naturally, this factor is a consideration of why fences become expensive because of the protection and security they can provide to your property.

3. Fences Improve The Look Of Your Home

Modern fences, believe it or not, can significantly improve the aesthetic appearance of your home for a long time.

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Additionally, because fences feature decorative aspects, they enhance the aesthetic impact of your property and boost your home’s value.

As a result, fences significantly increased market value, as manufacturers know that people are willing to pay for expensive fences in exchange for their property’s aesthetic value.

4. Fences Increase The Value Of Your Home

Adding a fence to your home will increase the total value of the property. Of course, it is critical, particularly if you plan to rent or sell your home.

So, because of this, as a homeowner, you wouldn’t mind spending money on a fence that you know will add value to your home, and you’ll soon have a return on investment.

Therefore, it is crucial not to go with an ordinary and low-quality fence but to invest in fences made of premium quality for more home value.

Thus, premium quality means more value for your home and the more you’ll pay.

5. Materials Used For Fence

Wood, vinyl boards, or metal are among the most expensive fence components.

So, if you have a metal or wood fence installed on your property, you should be aware that the different metals and wood fences will affect the pricing.

Of course, not all fence materials are created equal, so it is one of the reasons why fences are expensive.

6. Fence Manufacturer Labor Costs

6. Fence Manufacturer Labor Costs

The cost of labor is another significant factor in fence creation. Also, prices vary greatly depending on the style of fence, the manufacturer, and even the duration when creating one.

Furthermore, creating fences requires a team of people to produce different fences that consumers can choose from.

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That said, the more challenging the fence is to produce, the more it will cost you higher. So, of course, the company needs to cover labor costs by pricing its finished product higher.

7. The Location Of The Fence

In addition to fence building costs, fence prices are heavily influenced by location.

Typically, this is because the overhead expenses of fence companies vary based on where they are located.

Of course, a fence company in a remote county, for example, will have far lower operating costs than in a metropolitan area.

On the other hand, promotion, rent, and equipment will all be more expensive for a fence provider in a large city, affecting the final cost of your fence.

8. The Design Or Style Of The Fence

Fence prices will also vary in the design or style you like your property to have—moreover, there are customizable fences or ready-to-install fences that you could choose from.

Of course, depending on the style, whether it’s the traditional wood fence or the modern metal fence, all have different benefits and costs that you should pay.

Overall, the fence market price will not just be based on materials but also on the design you like.

9. The Quantity Of Fencing

Another factor in the expensiveness of fences is their quantity; the more significant the area you want to have fences installed, the more money you’ll spend.

For example, if your fencing project is not just for residential but for farm fencing, and because farms are known to have vast areas, expect to pay more for fences required for the big places.

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That said, larger projects need a larger budget; you’ll be lucky enough if a fence company provider gives you a discount.

10. Fence Equipment And Installation Costs

Fence companies must pay for the equipment required to do the work, such as saws, ladders, trucks, and other necessary equipment for making fences.

So, when providing you with a quote for fence and installation, fence providers must include the cost of all equipment used in delivering the fences you prefer for installation.

11. The Availability Of Fencing

Since numerous homeowners and business establishments want to upgrade their fences, it’s expected that the availability is sometimes not met.

So, if you happen to encounter fences that are not available but are the design you like, the provider will then have to increase their fence prices to cover the cost of urgent production.

As a result, to meet your demand, fence companies will make sure to provide your desired fence. And, of course, this entails a significant amount of money.

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Fences are expensive because companies need to profit and have higher income aside from other contributing factors, such as availability, equipment, and labor costs.

Of course, every fence has its benefit, value, and purpose that add to its market price.


  • Brandon Porter

    Brandon Porter is an architectural draftsman of 25 years and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating homes and making them his own, whether it's fixing up the plumbing or painting the walls.

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