Why Are Decks So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Brandon Porter is an architectural draftsman of 25 years and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating homes and making them his own, whether it's fixing up the plumbing or painting the walls.

Do you intend to purchase a new deck for your home? Although it may appear to be a simple task, the challenging question is how much money would you need to construct a deck?

Many homeowners are still not aware that decks are expensive until they build one for their homes. So how do decks become costly? In a few minutes, you’ll find out why!

Why Are Decks So Expensive?

Decks are expensive, mainly because of the different materials used for decking. In addition, there is the overall layout, local labor, your home’s geographical location, and size of the deck you desire to use. Of course, decks will add aesthetics and value to your home; these are why decks are expensive.

Learn more in this post about why decks are so expensive; here are 11 reasons. Rean on!

1. The Materials Used In Decks

Advanced materials are frequently regarded as among the most critical factors influencing the price of decks.

For instance, stainless steel is a common feature used in newer deck designs since it provides consumers with excellent quality, monochromatic metal colors, and clean lines.

Further, there are decks made of high-quality wood, and it will all depend on what you desire to use.

Of course, these different materials come with significant prices that you need to cover for the construction of your home deck.

2. The Desired Deck Sizes

The total cost is mainly determined by the size of the deck you wish to build.

For example, it will cost more if you want a more extended size with footings, rails with handles, supports, and a built-in seat.

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As a general rule, the more square meters you want on your deck, the more material you’ll need, and the more costly your deck will be.

So, overall, your desired size for your deck will play a significant role in its cost.

3. Your Home’s Geographical Location For Decking

Your location influences the materials and style of the decking you choose for your home.

For example, the decking material must survive the inclement conditions in locations where thunderstorms and rain are expected.

That said, location is a factor in the price of your deck; the more extreme the weather in your area, the more you’ll pay for high-quality materials.

4. Your Deck’s Layout

Many homeowners prefer to add a deck to their home to improve its aesthetic appeal.

Of course, it is no surprise that the more sophisticated your deck design, the more you’ll have to pay for it. Still, you can select from various layouts depending on your preferences.

However, the more materials and labor that go into a specific arrangement, the more expensive it becomes.

5. Labor Cost Of Producing Decks

5. Labor Cost Of Producing Decks

Aside from the materials used for decks, specific expert abilities also contribute to the overall cost of decks.

Of course, it is not just one person who will produce decks on the market; several individuals are needed.

As a result, you’ll require professional contractors with the appropriate variety of skills to do the job efficiently. So, all these factors contribute to why decks have become expensive.

6. A Deck Is Considered A Investment

A deck is a sound investment that enhances your home’s value even in a weak property market.

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So, once you sell your home, you should expect to return at least 70–80% of your construction costs, and your deck will contribute a lot to its value.

As a result, decks are expensive because manufacturers know how much value they can add to your home.

7. Demands For Decks

The development in home remodeling and housing completions will drive up decking demand.

Additionally, more businesses are projected to develop decks as part of the outdoor living trend to provide consumers with enticing locations to relax and dine outdoors.

As a result, the demand for decks is expected to be high in the coming years, and the prices will follow.

8. Deck Company Competition

Because of the increasing demand for decks in recent years, many homeowners want to add one to their homes, resulting in competition among deck companies.

Of course, since decks are in high demand, companies that produce the products will continue to compete in the market by providing quality decks for consumers.

As a result, expect a high price for decks of all sizes.

9. Decks’ Popularity Among Homeowners And Business Owners

People’s interest in outdoor spaces is increasing, perfect for the deck industry, as more consumers want to add decks to their homes to extend the area and add value to the house.

In addition, larger, more sophisticated decks with walls, pergolas, fire pits, water features, and outdoor kitchens are the most popular among homeowners.

As a result of this popularity, deck companies have increased their prices for decks as they need to produce more.

10. Increase In Environmentally Friendly Decking Materials

Several local governments and states impose the use of environmentally friendly materials in construction projects, encouraging the usage of lumber from recycled wood fiber and plastic.

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Of course, because it’s recycled doesn’t mean it’s cheap; it’s the other way around because the more sustainable the materials you want to use, the more costly your expenses will be.

Thus, this one also explains why decks are expensive.

11. It Increases The Home’s Value

Most homeowners recover a considerable portion of their deck investment since the deck increases their home’s market value.

In fact, according to a survey, composite decks return around 74% of their initial cost, whereas wood decks return approximately 87%.

Of course, deck companies know how valuable decks can be to homes and even businesses, as it adds to the home’s aesthetic and the property’s overall value.

As a result, deck companies never really consider lowering their prices.

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Decks are expensive because they are in demand by most homeowners and business owners who are willing to pay no matter how high the prices are.

Additionally, your desired design, size, labor, and materials’ sustainability also contribute to how expensive decks are.


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    Brandon Porter is an architectural draftsman of 25 years and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating homes and making them his own, whether it's fixing up the plumbing or painting the walls.

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