Why Are Vans Shoes So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Have you been looking at purchasing some Vans shoes, but have been wondering, why are Vans shoes so expensive? Do you know what factors into the cost of this particular brand?

Well, I’ve been researching Vans shoes and I have found several reasons for the expensive price tag, so continue reading to learn what I’ve discovered!

Why Are Vans Shoes So Expensive?

Vans shoes are so expensive because they are tied into the skate culture, which increases their value. Additionally, Vans are retro and people are getting into vintage shoes and clothing which makes them more popular. On top of that, Vans shoes are known to last a long time and have high durability, so you can wear them for years.

Do you want to know other reasons why Vans shoes are so expensive? If so, keep reading below to learn even more factors that determine the cost!

1. Vintage & Retro Styles Are Popular

Vans shoes are so expensive because the vintage and retro styles are popular again and people are seeking out these retro looks, which means the cost goes up as popularity increases.

Additionally, any item that is considered to be vintage or retro is just going to be pricier and the more people that flock towards vintage, the higher the price will be for Vans shoes.

2. Durable & Last A Long Time

Vans shoes are incredibly durable and last a long time, which is why Vans shoes are expensive since you’re paying for a product that could last well beyond 10 years!

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Furthermore, the durability of Vans comes from the fact that they are made from vulcanized rubber and this curing process of the rubber is how the Vans become so durable.

Also, the quality of the Vans is not hindered by vulcanization, so you’re getting a quality product that has been put through a tougher manufacturing process.

3. The Shoes Keep Their Shape

The vulcanization of Vans shoes allows the shows to keep their shape, which adds to their durability and reliability.

Therefore, when you pay the price for Vans, you’re paying for a shoe that is going to continue to keep its original shape even after you’ve worn them hundreds of times!

4. Flat Soles & Offer a Low Profile

One reason why skaters love Vans is because of the flat soles and low profile of the shoe, which is also why Vans shoes are expensive since people seek out this comfortable flat-soled style.

Additionally, the flat sole is great for posture so when you’re wearing them, you won’t be slouching and this can help you keep your balance during various athletic events.

5. Vans Shoes Are Athletic & Athletic Apparel Is Trending

Athletic apparel is trending these days and people are wearing athletic apparel even if they aren’t into sports, such as to school or work, and that has driven up the price of Vans shoes.

Also, since Vans shoes are athletic apparel, they are appealing to a wider range of people since both athletes and non-athletes are getting into athletic wear.

6. Rappers & Other Celebrities Have Been Seen Wearing Vans

6. Rappers & Other Celebrities Have Been Seen Wearing Vans

Vans shoes are expensive because rappers like Lil Wayne have been seen wearing them, and when a celebrity wears an outfit, it becomes popular and people will seek out that brand.

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Therefore, Vans shoes will increase in value due to the fact rappers and other celebrities have been caught wearing them just for a fashion statement.

7.  Vans Shoes Offer Slip-Resistance

One reason why Vans shoes are expensive is that they are slip-resistant, which means you can wear them regardless of what activity you’re into and know you won’t slip and break your leg.

For example, Vans are popular with skaters because of the slip resistance and allow for skaters to pull off stunts and tricks without worrying about losing their balance or footing.

8. Popularity With The Skaters

Vans are expensive because they have been a long-standing popular shoe for skaters, and have a history of being worn by some of the most famous skaters out there.

Furthermore, clothing and apparel that is big in a community, such as the skater community, are going to cost more than regular shoes that have no culture behind them.

9. Collaborations With Other Brands

Vans shoes have a higher price tag becauseVans has collaborated with several other brandsover the years, including Marvel, Supreme, and Star Wars.

Therefore, people are willing to pay top dollar for Vans that have a special collaboration with famous brands such as Marvel, and it increases the value of Vans.

10. Appeal To People Young & Old

Vans shoes appeal to people both young and old which is why they are expensive since they have such a wide audience and interest.

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Also, Vans appeals to both men and women so they are a brand that has more demographic interest than some other brands out there.

11. Supply & Demand

Vans shoes are so expensive because of supply and demand, which is how the market works, and as more people demand the shoes, the supply dwindles making them more valuable.

Additionally, the growing demand means that Vans has to manufacture more shoes, and you’re paying for the cost of manufacturing higher quantities of the shoes.

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Vans shoes are expensive because people are clamoring for retro styles and are willing to pay more money to get their hands on the vintage look.

Furthermore, Vans shoes are tied into skate culture and have been worn by skaters, other athletes, and even rappers like Lil Wayne, which increases their appeal and demand.

Lastly, Vans shoes are flat-soled which is great for posture, and have slip-resistance which makes them great for almost any athletic or non-athletic situation.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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