Why Are Birkenstocks So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Birkenstocks are some of the most popular forms of footwear in the market today. If you have a pair, you are familiar with the qualities that make Birkenstock sandals so well-known – but they come at a high price.

With these high-quality sandals comes an increase in cost. Along with their popularity, different factors affect the cost of Birkenstocks. So, why are Birkenstocks so expensive?

Why Are Birkenstocks So Expensive?

1. Birkenstocks Are Of High Quality

An aspect that makes Birkenstocks so expensive is the way that they are made. Birkenstocks are made with the most sustainable materials available to promote comfort, support, and longevity.

Natural leather, suede, latex, and other materials ensure that Birkenstocks are strong products for footwear while promoting breathability and durability. Pairing strength with comfort is a top priority.

Intense care put into the creation of an individual Birkenstock sandal ensures that the footwear is molded correctly to Birkenstock’s standards. There is a reason Birkenstock has thrived since 1774.

Cheaper sandals made by various brands may not offer the sustainable materials that come with Birkenstock. In addition, other sandal brands are likely not as popular as Birkenstock.

2. Birkenstocks Are Multifaceted

Birkenstocks are also expensive because of their multifaceted nature. When considering both style and function, Birkenstocks can be worn in a variety of ways. Such an attribute is appealing to more people.

Birkenstocks are comfortable enough to wear casually and often but can also work for semi-formal styles, especially in the summer or warmer conditions. If not, they have other applications.

Whether your style consists of tailored slacks and polo, a trendy sundress, or shorts and a t-shirt, Birkenstocks can complete a variety of outfits. Birkenstocks’ flexible roles make them wonderful accoutrements.

3. Birkenstocks Last

Because of the sustainable materials with which Birkenstocks are produced, they are built to last. The cork sole makes for a durable base that can hold its own against a variety of terrains.

Leather is one of the strongest materials that can be used for a shoe. As most Birkenstock frames consist mainly of leather, the sandals can survive wear and tear over the years.

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If taken care of properly, Birkenstocks will last you for quite some time. Although they are expensive, you can certainly get your money’s worth from your purchase. The cost of Birkenstocks comes with quality.

4. Foot Support Makes An Impact

Oftentimes, shoes whose main functions involve foot support cost more than others. The cork sole of Birkenstocks paired with leather and/or suede molds to your foot quickly.

As opposed to other sandal brands, foot support is an attribute of Birkenstocks. Some people may assume that sandals are the last type of shoes to provide comfort for your foot, but for Birkenstocks, comfort matters.

After just a few times of wearing your Birkenstocks to break them in, you may notice that the sole resembles the shape of your foot. The material crafted in the sole essentially hugs your feet and takes their shape.

Of course, Birkenstocks may not always provide the support you need for physical activities and the like, but in comparison with other sandals, their capabilities are unmatched.

5. Birkenstock Is A Leading Brand

Because of the factors surrounding the quality of Birkenstocks, Birkenstock has established itself as a top-tier footwear manufacturer. It is one of the largest name-brand footwear producers in the world.

With popularity comes a higher demand for products. Birkenstock has been able to raise the cost of its sandals over the years because more people continue to buy their products.

As perhaps the most notable company for footwear during warm seasons, in tropical climates, and for versatile outfit pieces, Birkenstock has gained enough recognition to sell its sandals at a higher price.

Birkenstocks are so popular because of their versatility. Sure, they are ideal for strolling the farmer’s market in the summer, but their function stretches further than that.

6. Birkenstock Warehouse Production Is Ethical

Birkenstock Warehouse Production Is Ethical

Birkenstocks are manufactured in various locations in Germany. Birkenstock has claimed that they provide their workers with a living wage – an opportunity not commonly found within warehouse jobs.

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Furthermore, how Birkenstock gathers the materials for its sandals is environmentally friendly. For cork soles, Birkenstock can retrieve the bark they need from a tree without cutting down the tree itself.

Birkenstock provides information on all of the materials they use to create their footwear. Additionally, they offer vegan Birkenstock products that are free of any animal components.

7. Different Styles Have Character

A large part of why Birkenstocks are so expensive involves the options at a customer’s disposal. There are so many different Birkenstock footwear products to choose from.

The varietal options available for someone looking to buy Birkenstocks allows them to select the sandal that best suits their style and preferences. Select styles appeal to a wide range of customers.

Since Birkenstock offers so many different products, they can raise the price on more popular styles, new releases, and products that are more expensive to produce on their end.

8. Birkenstock’s Mission Reaches Far

Birkenstock prides itself on providing sandal footwear to any and all people. As mentioned above, its wide range of products reaches a broader audience than more simple sandal styles.

In an attempt to appeal to more customers, Birkenstock has successfully grabbed the attention of different demographics. This rise in demand allows them to produce more products while selling them just as quickly.

Birkenstock does not simply sell shoes. The company strives to provide high-quality footwear to those seeking such a product. From comfort to durability, Birkenstock’s story reflects its mission to make great products.

9. Celebrity Support

With Birkenstock’s popularity comes celebrity support. Even celebrities without sponsorship from Birkenstock may be seen wearing Birkenstock footwear out and about. This catches the attention of many people.

Fans can be heavily influenced by celebrities who the fanbase sees as their role models. If someone reads an article about their favorite singer wearing Birkenstocks, they may be inclined to buy their own.

In addition, some celebrities are sponsored by Birkenstock. Birkenstock provides articles detailing the lives of several people and why they choose to wear Birkenstocks.

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10. Media Presence

Along with stories about relatively notable to highly famous celebrities wearing Birkenstocks, Birkenstock has an intense media presence. Marketing brings in customers, which allows Birkenstock to have higher prices.

It should come as no surprise that you might see Birkenstock advertisements popping up all along your social media applications as summer nears. Birkenstocks are meant for different functions, and their ads reflect such.

From television commercials to pop-up ads on social media, Birkenstock knows how to attract new and existing customers. As more people see these ads, the potential to sell more and raise prices increases.

11. Supply And Demand

As has been touched on earlier, the supply and demand of Birkenstock sandals are two of the main reasons Birkenstocks are so expensive. For such a successful company, sales are not likely to go down.

With more people buying Birkenstocks every day, sales increase rapidly, allowing Birkenstock to manufacture more products while also raising the price as the company grows.

Someone might face the trouble of a specific Birkenstock product being unavailable in a certain area. The price could have also increased. Popular styles are better able to benefit Birkenstock with supply and demand.

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Birkenstock is perhaps the most notable brand when it comes to sandals. The products that the company creates as well as the company’s popularity make them so expensive.

Birkenstocks are crafted with high-quality materials to promote comfort and durability. Their products are treasured. The quality of the shoes and success in advertising makes Birkenstocks so expensive.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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