Why Do People Hate Crocs? (9 Reasons Why)

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Crocs debuted in 2002, and the entire population was instantly divided. While some people were thrilled about the new style, others despised it with every fiber of their being.

The hate for Crocs was instilled so deep that there was even a website dedicated to the hatred. That left Croc-loving consumers begging the question, why do people hate Crocs?

Why Do People Hate Crocs?

1. Not Stylish

No matter how much you adore your Crocs, you can’t deny the fact that this type of shoe isn’t “stylish” in any way, shape, or form.

Crocs don’t fall under the umbrella of “trendy, fashionable shoes,” which instantly knocks them into the hate category for some individuals.

They would much rather wear the latest sneakers or high-heels than the seemingly clunky, sloppy, and ultimately unstylish Crocs.

2. They Expose The Feet

One of the most significant issues revolving around Crocs is that they unpleasantly expose the feet.

Since only the back of the foot is exposed, it leaves some to wonder if the housing upfront swelters the feet, causing issues such as fungus, calluses, and other unpleasant side effects.

Sure, every Croc-owner knows that that’s a load of “crock,” considering the shoes are designed with several air holes to promote circulation. But those who hate Crocs just won’t get it.

3. Always Worn Too Big

Most Croc-owners purchase Crocs that are a size or two too big – in fact, the company even suggests doing so.

This is to ensure that you get enough airflow during wear. It also makes it so much easier to slip on and off, which is one of the big perks of wearing Crocs.

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To the outside eye, though, oversized Crocs look weird. After all, people don’t wear other types of shoes unless they fit correctly. So, an oversized Croc is going to look ill-fitting and careless.

The other issue is that an oversized shoe is going to lack support. This is not only uncomfortable but potentially dangerous in the right conditions, too.

4. Uncomfortable

Some people give Crocs the award of the “most comfortable shoe they have ever worn.” That’s great and all, but it’s not true for everyone who’s ever tried on this quarrelsome shoe.

Crocs don’t offer a whole lot of support, especially when it comes to the foot and ankle. So, those who struggle with issues like high arches or weak ankles won’t find these very comfy.

Due to the lack of support and comfort, this also means that Crocs are limited to gentle walks and strolls.

They can’t be the go-to for hikes, runs, or other activities, rendering them unnecessary and a waste of time and money for some consumers.

5. Potentially Squeaky

Potentially Squeaky

Sweat plus plastic does not equate to a winning combination.

Much like every other plastic shoe on the market, Crocs will become a squeaky, horrendous nuisance if exposed to water, whether it’s the neighbor’s sprinkler or sweat during a hot day.

Regardless of how they end up hydrated, one of the most annoying sounds in the world is an endless squeak. Knowing this is a potential issue, some consumers have resorted to hatred.

Not only that, but wet Crocs will become slippery. Not the greatest choice, especially for those living in areas with plenty of rainfall!

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6. Poor Marketing

The great thing about marketing is that it can encourage sales for a business. Good marketing can make consumers feel like they have to have something, whether displayed on an Instagram influencer or a high-end celeb.

Crocs? Well, you won’t find them on the latest commercials, billboards, or influencer blogs. That’s mainly because they really don’t need to market. They have a massive following as it is.

However, this doesn’t appeal to some consumers. Some shoppers want to be drawn to a product with vibrant marketing and intriguing upsales.

Since there is a lack of Croc marketing, certain consumers are put-off. They might think that they’re “too good” for the product or that the product itself is lacking so much that the company isn’t confident in marketing it.

7. May Be Smelly

When some people look at Crocs, they instantly think of off-putting smells.

This is due to many factors. For one, the feet are partially covered, which means sweat and unpleasant scents can get trapped inside.

Secondly, there is a common thought that Crocs get dirtier than other shoes due to the construction and design.

While these shoes aren’t more prone to dirt and grime than others (and can also be cleaned easily), it’s still an unappealing consensus.

8. Potential Shrinkage

Crocs aren’t the cheapest shoe on the market, which is surprising to the “I hate Crocs” community.

Regardless, these shoes have the potential to shrink when exposed to high heat conditions.

This means that you may have spent a lot of money on a shoe, only to accidentally leave them outside and end up with a shoe that’s way too small to fit your foot.

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With the potential for shrinkage, plenty of people are under the impression that the high price tag just isn’t worth it. They can buy several pairs of non-shrinking shoes for the same price!

9. 100% Ugly

It’s true that Crocs are not stylish. You can’t wear Crocs for date night, and they certainly shouldn’t be worn to any important meetings or events.

The number one reason why people hate Crocs, though, is because they’re downright ugly. There is nothing pretty, manly, or generally flattering about Crocs.

Most people put Crocs on the same level as sweatpants. Sure, they’re great at home, but you wouldn’t dare wear those disgusting, smelly, and unattractive things outside. The same is true for Crocs!

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Not everyone is aboard the Croc train. A large portion of the population hates these shoes, and their concerns are valid.

From undesirable scents and discomfort to the fact that these shoes are labeled unstylish and atrocious in every sense of the word, it’s clear to see why so many people hate Crocs.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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