Why Do People Hate Furries? (9 Reasons Why)

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Furries are a unique group of people that have emerged in the last decade. They dress as animals, gather at conventions, and draw creative art. Many hate them.

Why do people hate furries? What is it about them that raises such extreme feelings in society? Is the hate wrong, or is there a genuine reason to dislike these furries?

Why Do People Hate Furries?

1. Furries Seem Unusual

To the average person, a human dressed in a giant animal costume is something odd to see. Furries might seem unusual to most people if they appear on the street.

It isn’t uncommon for people to see furries as unusual. After all, they’re six-foot-tall furry creatures that walk down the street on their back legs.

While some might think this odd, others find the unusualness enough to hate furries. They despise the fact that they stand out so much in society.

2. Overt Sexuality

Unfortunately, the overt sexuality of human nature has made its way to the world of furries. You will find plenty of art, actions, and costumes that put furries in a sexual light.

Often, sexuality appears in comics and illustrations of the furries. Those that dress up tend to depict their characters with sexual organs and breasts of a large size.

There are also sexual items you can invest in for a furry costume. Unfortunately, this overt sexuality has led to widespread hatred of the furry lifestyle.

3. Odd Spending Habits

Most furries work just as hard as anyone else. They go to their jobs, earn money, and go home at night. What’s odd to many is what they spend their money on in real life.

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Furries invest their money in furry costumes and materials to make their outfits. They spend hundreds on furry conventions and meet-ups to gather with other furries.

Other people might make more practical items, such as a house, a car, or a Roth IRA. They hate furries for the ways they manage their income.

4. Suits Are Creepy

There’s something unusual and unsettling about a giant, humanesque animal suit. Many hate furries because they are like a furry form of clowns, frightening to see in the public eye.

Some suits are very tame. They depict dogs or cats with big eyes and paws. Some come in traditional colors, while others are pink and blue.

Others are not as appealing to look at in real life. There are hyper-realistic wolves and birds with odd parts attached. Some choose cows for their furry outfits, udders and all.

5. Many Are Socially Awkward

Many Are Socially Awkward

Being socially awkward is a common trait of outcasts in society, and many furries are socially awkward. They might have a difficult time holding a conversation with another person.

There’s something odd about a giant animal suit and being socially awkward. There’s a point where it becomes uncomfortable for the average person.

Many hate furries because they are traditionally socially awkward outcasts. Furries are a way of communication and expression, which steers clear of the average person.

It’s not fair for people to hate furries for the ways they interact with society. They are attempting to adjust to life in their way.

6. Implication Of Bestiality

Although furries are not animals, sexuality in the community provides implication of bestiality. Humanoid animals mesh with other humanoid animals in the worst ways.

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Unfortunately, there is a lot of sexuality associated with the furry community. Many traditional people date people who like to be furries in their free time.

This association implies a hint of bestiality. To the average person, bestiality is something that shouldn’t be spoken of in real life. People hate furries for what is implied.

Of course, bestiality is not the goal of the majority of the furry community. However, it’s something that has stuck as the group has grown.

7. They Hate To Hate

There will always be people that hate things to hate. Some passionately dislike furries because they want to hate anything they can. There’s little reason for this hatred.

Often, this hatred comes to life by something unusual or an item that is not part of the person’s lifestyle. Furries are a drastic departure from the traditional norm.

If you hate to hate, it can be tricky to empathize with a furry. This view of life has led to a polarized view of furries in the world.

Furries might not be like the average person, but that’s no reason to hate them. They are simply trying to get through life, like the rest of us.

8. Lack Of Understanding

As with anything new, there is a general lack of understanding of the furry community. The older generation has a more difficult time coming to terms with the furry lifestyle.

If you come from an older generation, it’s difficult to understand a group of people that dress as giant animals. It will take time to empathize with how they feel and understand the process.

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Unfortunately, many people are not willing to give furries any patience. They hate them right away, without a second thought, just because they are different from them.

9. Media Portrayal

The media has not been kind to furries. Many portray them as mentally insane outcasts, providing a poor image to those unfamiliar. Unfortunately, this look often sticks.

In interviews, the media portrays furries as lost individuals. They depict the odd lifestyles of furries who outliers from the rest of the group are.

The odd sexual furry does not speak for the entire group. A history of confused portrayal on the TV and in magazines has led to hatred for furries as a whole. It’s a problem for many.

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Many people hate furries for a variety of reasons. They are socially awkward, sexual, and portrayed terribly in the media. A lot is going against them.

Some people will always hate furries, and others will eventually become more comfortable with the lifestyle. It’s something new and exciting that makes many uncomfortable.


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