Why Are Jordans So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Jordans are not just for basketball players, although they are labeled as a line of basketball shoes. From the initial release of Jordans, they have significantly grown in popularity.

A pair of Jordans is not going to be cheap. They are highly sought after and will cost a pretty penny. But why? Check out what I found about why Jordans are so expensive.

Why Are Jordans So Expensive?

1. Make A Statement

Michael Jordan is one famous athlete. He will be known for generations to come. It only makes sense that an athletic line named after him is going to be memorable as well.

Wearing Jordans allows the individual to make a statement. Whether you have some limited edition pair or you stay on top of the newest pieces.

Jordans were designed to make a statement. People see the logo and immediately know the type of shoes that you have.

Your statement can be style, athleticism, or a simple love for the brand.

2. Historical Definition

Air Jordans have been around since 1985. They’ve pretty much been making history ever since. They have always been popular and always had a high price tag.

The brand stands out because they release a brand new shoe every year. Each release is unique and exciting.

You see this brand began with Michael Jordan but before he became a star. The brand aligned with supporting Jordan in a startup partnership.

The brand stayed in the market through Jordan’s rise to fame and his growth in the NBA. He has since become a record-breaking player that will always stand out in the industry.

3. Quality

This brand of shoe represents Michael Jordan’s rise to fame but they are not poorly made shoes.

They do stem from Nike and they host superior Nike quality. This shoe isn’t cheap to purchase but it also is not cheaply made.

The materials are high-quality materials. The shoe itself is designed to last. They don’t only charge you for the name brand here.

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Knowing that you’re spending your money on a shoe that is of excellent quality might provide a bit of relief to the dollars that you’re investing into the shoes.

4. Specialty Design

One of the cool things about Jordans is the fact that they release a new style each year. Every single style is a specialty design.

No two years are ever the same. This means that you can be a collector. You can also just appreciate the unique design.

That specialty design stands out quickly. The logo is noticeable and unique but the design is often recognizable.

Jordans typically stick to a static range of colors. The most common creations use red, white, and black in some way. The designs are specific but varied.

5. Supply Line

Each year, a new design of Jordans is released. And those Jordans produced are typically released in a limited supply of shoes.

On release dates, people line up to try to snag a pair. They often go very quickly. They are in high demand compared to the number of pairs available to purchase.

The attraction factor to this is that you won’t find a bunch of people wearing the same shoe as you. Sure, there may be some, but it’s going to be far more limited than traditional sneakers.

When they produce a new shoe each year, there is a set number of releases. When they are sold out, they are gone. The limited supply drives the prices up for demand.

6. Sweet Air Max Comfort

Sweet Air Max Comfort

The Jordan line is known for hosting technology called Air Max. While other Nike shoes also have Air max, it’s an added quality that raises the cost of the shoe.

Jordans are known for this. Air max technology leads to heightened comfort. They added this feature for Michael Jordan after an injury but also to make the shoes more desirable.

Air Max gives these shoes one more layer of unique appeal Not every brand or shoe has Air Max and the incredible comfort alone might justify the cost for some.

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Air Max first came out starting with Air Jordan 3s and they’ve been using it in the line ever since. It’s an incredible addition to the shoes.

7. Designer Brand

Jordans are what you might call a designer brand. It’s a comparable scenario as perhaps purchasing Gucci attire or a Coach bag.

Designer brands are known for their superior quality and materials. They are also often known for their price tag.

The truth is that many times the price tag actually might make these items more desirable. It seems to make a statement about you and give you bragging rights as well.

It’s the same concept with Jordans. They are a designer or luxury brand. This automatically justifies the cost that you associate with the shoe. It’s a tradeoff for the name.

8. Each Release Is A Collectible

Since Jordans are always released in limited supply, they immediately become a collectible item.

This need to collect the shoes raises the demand. In a world where supply doesn’t meet demand, this contributes to higher prices.

Jordans are highly sought after. They can easily be collectible shoes and that makes them more expensive by their very nature.

Some people purchase the shoe simply to enjoy it. Other people buy them to collect them or even display them as a keepsake. It’s quite the collectible in that way.

9. All In The Name

How often do you buy something for the brand alone? It’s much the same with Jordans. People desire them because they are Jordans.

Limited supply or not, these shoes carry a certain name and reputation with them. With that reputation comes the desire to own them.

People desire them and are willing to pay for them so the prices are charged accordingly.

If people refused to pay the prices, they wouldn’t remain so high. However, this is very unlikely to happen solely based on the name behind the shoe.

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10. It’s Michael Jordan, Duh!

This shoe isn’t just a namesake for Michael Jordan. It represents a complete partnership with him.

For his fans, this is huge. Particularly when you know that they partnered together before Michael Jordan developed his fame.

Some of those early shoes were before his impressive success and therefore might even be more desirable for true fans of Michael out there.

The truth is the shoe is expensive because it represents Michael Jordan. How can you not pay for that?

11. Marketing And Design Costs

While much of the cost is driven by supply and demand, there is more that goes into it. The cost of materials is one thing.

In addition, there are costs to market the shoes and have them designed and created. These costs can add up.

There is also the cost to partner up with Michael Jordan. These things are never free. The cost of doing business and collaborating for marketing can add up quickly.

To substantiate those costs, they charge the customer higher prices for the shoes. The math adds up to the bottom line.

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Jordans are expensive because of what they stand for. The prices are built on quality but also the stature of the shoe line and what it represents.

While they can be pricy, the good news is that the prices are backed by quality and limited supply. It’s worth it to many.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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