Why Are Germans So Smart? (11 Reasons Why)

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Jean Richardson is a lover of knowledge, in all forms. He has spent over 15 years as a high school teacher, instructing students in history, geography, mathematics, and more.

The German population is unique. They have a steady culture that shows multiple times throughout history that they could stand apart from the crowd.

We see innovative tech, research, and more which alludes to how smart this race seems to be. What is it that makes them so smart? Here are some things I found on the topic.

Why Are Germans So Smart?

1. Harsh Climates

In the area of Germany, they certainly can be subjected to some harsh climates. This includes extremely cold winters.

In recent years, there have been studies that seem to point back to a correlation of climates paired together with increased brain growth.

We’re not sure if the climate itself stimulates growth or if they just spend more time indoors looking for creative ways to stimulate their brains.

Whatever the reason, the harsh climates in the Northern areas of Europe seem to be conducive to increased IQ levels.

2. Challenge Is Life

These areas are much different from some areas across the globe. They live through a variety of challenges.

While they have extensive challenges to face, they also believe in education. Children and adults receive a valuable education.

The combination of valued education and the challenges of their lives and environment certainly could be cause for stimulation and exceeding smarts.

The challenges lead to skillful thinking and reacting. It requires innovation to overcome. Their brains are challenged to find solutions, contributing to high intelligence in many ways.

3. Militarism

Germany has long been known for their military capacity. We saw their strategic success with stories such as World War II.

There are other stories such as these in which Germany certainly held the ability to outsmart competitors.

Germany has a military that enforces strict rules. Those rules are not just in the military but also throughout the country.

Their level of militarism comes from discipline and strategy. The use of strategy and discipline leads to advanced growth and intelligence.

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4. Desire For Respect

The Nazi history of Germany is an unfortunate thing that continues to haunt the country. While it’s a part of history they can never escape from, it leaves them striving to overcome.

World Word II ended in victory for the Allied Forces in 1945. That was more than 80 years ago. But the stain of what occurred in that timeframe remains.

The country strives to overcome its past and prove there is more to Germany than its Nazi history.

This has led them to have an incredible drive to prove themselves and garner respect in different ways. In doing so, they even highlight the intelligence portrayed in that era.

While they certainly don’t want to brag about the Nazi practices, there is much intelligence to be noted from the era and that intelligence continues today.

5. Industry And Innovation

This country strives for innovation and the ability to help industries thrive. They are constantly looking for means of improvement.

While other countries certainly appreciate advancements in technology, they often focus on quantity or speed rather than quality.

This is one area in which Germany is set apart and it is likely a contribution to how smart they are. They practice innovation, which encourages thought and forward-thinking.

Without a mind being challenged, it is unlikely to continue to grow. Germany allows minds to be challenged and encourage innovation in far different ways.

It’s almost as though they won’t settle for less.

6. Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Pays Off

One thing that Germany has a reputation for is its consistency in working hard. We see it across the board.

They are willing to put in the work to make headway. The German people push for new things. They push to learn and overcome.

When you pair their willingness to work with the need to overcome, you are bound to have unequivocal intelligence in the country.

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Hard work leads to a growth of skills. It also leads to innovation and discovery.

7. High Standards Of Education

Germany thrives on high standards of education. Many foreign exchange students that come to the US from Germany are smart well beyond expectations.

Children grow up in a strict and challenged learning environment.

The learning and educational experience are not solely focused on book smarts but also on learning how to do things.

When you compare the German education design with that of other countries, you see high levels of apprenticeships that are paired with challenging in-classroom learning.

The culture is designed to highly educate everyone in more ways than one.

8. Appropriated Rest From Work

It is clear Germany encourages a stringent work ethic. They also encourage high standards of education for their people.

But there is more to their lives than just working and learning. They recognize the need to take breaks from work.

Employees follow a strict work ethic. There are standard rules in the country about working. But they also strongly believe in rest. The country establishes steady working times.

You will also note that there are steady resting times. They work hard for a set time and the people rest away from that time. They enjoy holidays and time away from working or learning.

9. Technically Advanced

Germany has always been technically advanced well beyond other countries. The reason for this is directly traceable back to their work and learning standards.

We see evidence of their technical advancements, even in consideration of what they were able to do in World Word II. They were a step ahead of their enemies.

When you look at technology, retail products, vehicles, and other things that come from Germany, they hold to a high standard.

They use their skills and their intelligence to create. The encouragement to create and continually learn encourages a heightened IQ.

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10. Prioritization Of Intelligence

What you might find interesting is that Germans might not necessarily be smarter than the average Joe.

But the real difference is how the country encourages that innovation and intelligence in far different ways.

For example, rather than just constantly focusing on the next best thing, they focus their efforts to getting it just right. Bigger and better isn’t always really that much better.

They take their time and apply their intelligence to creation. Intelligence is utilized appropriately rather than just forcing out the next best achievement.

11. Far Less Wastefulness

Unfortunately, many countries are focused on the bottom line and impressing everyone around them.

This has led to countries like the US becoming very wasteful as we toss away our new items for something that looks newer and better but isn’t much different.

Germany takes a different approach. Rather than wasting something already good, they instead build on that. They maintain what proved to be good.

They focused on innovating success, coming up with new ideas, and not wasting the hard work that was already there.

Innovation builds rather than wastes what came before.

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The German people are smart because they know how to be disciplined. They take great care to encourage learning, which leads to significant intelligence.

From dealing with harsh climates to an overall challenging environment, they have proven the ability to stand above and make the most of their abilities. It’s all about the system.


  • Jean Richardson

    Jean Richardson is a lover of knowledge, in all forms. He has spent over 15 years as a high school teacher, instructing students in history, geography, mathematics, and more.

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