Why Do Men Wear Pinky Rings? (9 Reasons Why)

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Types of jewelry and ways to wear them vary greatly. People select jewelry to wear based on their preferences, the backstory of the jewelry, and more. Pinky rings are common accessories for men.

Rings are not typically associated with male jewelry, but they are growing in popularity among male individuals. Oftentimes, men have reasons for wearing their rings on certain fingers. Why do men wear pinky rings?

Why Do Men Wear Pinky Rings?

1. Fashion Statement

One of the most prevalent reasons men wear pinky rings is because doing so is a fashion statement. Perhaps they have seen another man wearing a pinky ring and decide that they want one, too.

If a man is new to wearing jewelry and wants to give rings a try, he might look at pictures of men wearing rings. Oftentimes, singular rings are worn on the pinky. Seeing this may make him wear his ring on his pinky.

Pinky rings have a certain appearance that does not compare to rings on another finger. Big jewelry looks unusual but important on a small pinky. Men may wear pinky rings solely for the fashion statement.

2. Class Rings

If a man is wearing a circular ring or a ring with a jewel or stone embedded in the middle, there is a high chance that he is wearing a class ring. Class rings are one of the most common types of rings that men wear.

Oftentimes, men wear their class rings on their pinky, particularly when their educational experience was meaningful to them. It is traditional for class rings of certain school studies to be worn on the pinky.

If a man wears rings on his other fingers, he may designate his pinky for his class ring to make it more noticeable. If a man wants his class ring to be a conversation piece, he can wear it on his pinky.

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3. Family Heirloom

Much like a class ring, family heirlooms may be worn as a ring on a man’s pinky. Whether it is a ring passed through generations, a ring with a family crest, or any other sentimental piece, it may be worn on the pinky.

As you will learn more about shortly, a ring that is an heirloom can signify a notable family’s status. A man who wears a ring on his pinky in honor of his family is proud to display his familial connection.

Multiple men in the same family may wear identical rings. This can symbolize unity among one another. Any ring that makes a man feel more connected to his family can be useful on the pinky.

4. Imitating A Role Model

Some men wear pinky rings because they admire a celebrity or well-known person and observe that that person wears a pinky ring. They imitate a role model and match certain traits to feel more connected.

If a man chooses to wear a pinky ring because someone he admires wears one, there is no shame in doing so. It can grow to become a staple in that man’s fashion sense.

Celebrities and the like are very influential over their followers, and people often wear similar clothing and jewelry to get a taste of their role models’ lifestyles.

5. Displaying Status

Displaying Status

Traditionally, pinky rings were often worn to display one’s status. A pinky ring may symbolize wealth and power. Years ago, kings and queens often wore their marital rings on their pinkies.

A ring worn on the pinky remains a symbol of British royalty, as several family members sport their own signet. This type of pinky ring ties together both family unity and immense wealth and power.

Men do not have to be royalty to wear pinky rings. However, their reasons for wearing a pinky ring may stem from the want to show others that they are financially well off and feel that they hold some type of power.

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6. Relationship Status

A perhaps outdated but still discussed reason why men wear pinky rings is to display their relationship or sexual preference statuses. While the pinky ring is fashionable, it could represent more than jewelry.

Years ago, many gay men wore pinky rings as a way to identify themselves and others around them. No matter one’s sexual preference, however, pinkly rings may still be worn to show that a man is single.

Pinky rings were also worn often long ago by bachelors, whether they were looking to find a partner or enjoying their time being single. Pinky rings dealt more with relationship status than sexual orientation.

7. Personal Preference

A man may wear a pinky ring if it is his personal preference. Perhaps he bought some rings to try out a new style but quickly found that he was not drawn to the way they appeared on his hand.

If the rings suit him better on his pinky, he may choose only to wear pinky rings. Pinky rings can act as a subtle addition to your outfit or a staple accessory that stands out among other additions.

Since wearing multiple rings is not as popular among men as it traditionally is among women, a man may not feel comfortable wearing rings on fingers other than his pinky – aside from his wedding band.

8. Bigger Fingers

Some men wear pinky rings simply because they have to. If a ring they have is not big enough for their other fingers, their pinky is going to be the best – and likely only – option.

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Wearing a small ring on one’s pinky is also common for men who used to wear a ring on another finger but have since outgrown the ring. If it does not fit them anymore, they may wear it on their pinky.

Sure, the man could resize the ring, but that can be a nuisance. If he does not wish to spend money having a ring resized, he can still display it on his pinky, whether it is an heirloom, a class ring, or anything else.

9. Urban Legend

There are plenty of urban legends that discuss why men wear pinky rings. Perhaps the most well-known is the fashion standard of men involved in the mafia.

It is all too common to see an actor playing the leader of a mafia in a movie wearing a huge ring on his pinky. Alleged members of mafias may wear rings on their pinkies.

It is worth noting that a man wearing a pinky ring is in no way automatically designated to a secret society, though such affiliations may be meant for pinky rings for their members.

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Male jewelry is becoming increasingly popular, and rings are just as prevalent as other accessories. Men may wear pinky rings for several reasons.

Pinky rings can have sentimental value, familial ties, or fashion taste. Reasons why men wear pinky rings likely vary among each individual.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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