Why Are Wedding Venues So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Are you planning a wedding and have discovered that wedding venues are quite expensive and have been wondering, why are wedding venues so expensive?

Well, I’ve been researching this topic and have found several reasons why wedding venues are so pricey so keep reading to learn all about it!

Why Are Wedding Venues So Expensive?

Wedding venues are so expensive because people are willing to pay whatever costs they have to so they can have the wedding that they dream of. Additionally, overhead costs including electricity and water factor into the price of wedding venues. The location is also a major factor in the price of a venue.

Do you want to know other reasons why wedding venues are expensive? If so, continue reading as I dive into all of the factors that drive the cost of wedding venues through the roof!

1. Overhead Costs Associated With The Wedding

Part of why wedding venues are so expensive is because the wedding venue has to account for the overhead costs associated with the wedding.

For example, the venue has to account for the electricity used during the ceremony, water that will be used, maintenance of the grounds and building, and well as parking.

Additionally, any permits or equipment that will be required are all part of the overhead costs that venues have to account for when setting the price for a couple to use their venue.

2. Liability & Insurance

Wedding venues have to pay insurance premiums for their venue and there is liability involved, so the wedding venue will pass the costs of insurance and liability onto the consumer.

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3. People Are Willing To Pay

If you’re wondering, why are wedding venues so expensive, just think about the fact that people are willing to pay the prices, so why shouldn’t a venue charge whatever they can?

Also, when a company knows that people will pay anything to have a wedding at their location, they will charge more because there are more than enough people that’ll accept that fee.

4. Property Taxes

Depending on the location of the venue, there could be significant property taxes to stay in that location, and the venue will factor in those property taxes that have to be paid into the costs.

For example, if the property taxes are several thousand dollars a year, then the wedding venue will cost more than if the property taxes were under $2,000 a year.

5. Location

5. Location

Speaking of the location of the wedding venue, the location itself is why some wedding venues are expensive, with locations inside major cities costing more than locations in the country.

Additionally, if the location of the venue is in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or New York City, you’re going to be paying a lot more than if the location was in the middle of Alabama.

6. Cleanup After A Wedding

Weddings can be a lot of entertainment for the couple and guests, but oftentimes there is a lot of cleanup that has to be done after all of the festivities, and the cleanup factors into the price.

For example, the wedding venue might have to hire a crew to come in and shine the hardwood floors or hire people to come in and repaint walls or fix the walls, so you pay for that cleanup.

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7. Day Of The Week Matters & Weekends Cost More

Wedding venues are expensive because they have premium prices set for weekend weddings, which means the day of the week you have your wedding matters.

Therefore, if you’re having a wedding on a Saturday, you’re going to have a higher wedding venue expense than if you had your wedding on a Tuesday evening.

8. Staff Required For The Wedding

Wedding venues are expensive because there are staff members that have to be paid to attend your wedding and accommodate you and your guests.

To illustrate, if you have an open bar at your wedding then there might have to be bartenders, plus there are wait staff to ensure you have everything you need at your table.

Furthermore, since the venue staff has to be there for your wedding, part of the wedding venue costs go into paying the hourly wages for these workers.

9. More People Want Extras

One reason why wedding venues are so expensive is that people are looking for extras for their weddings to ensure their guests have a good time.

For example, people are asking venues to secure items such as fireworks, performers, photo booths, and other less traditional party favors or entertainment sources.

Therefore, the wedding venues are having to accommodate more requests from the married couple, and it costs additional money to provide these extras, which is then added to the costs.

10. The Time Of The Year

Wedding venues are expensive depending on the time of the year you choose to have your wedding, with weddings near holidays or during summer being more expensive than winter.

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11. The Guest Count

The number of guests factors into why wedding venues are so expensive since there are more expenses incurred by the venue when you have a huge guest list.

Also, some wedding venues are bigger to accommodate the larger guest list, but smaller venues may have to add additional structures or tables to support more guests.

Therefore, if you plan on having a lot of guests at your wedding and choose a bigger venue, you’re going to be paying more than if you had a small wedding at a smaller venue.

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Wedding venues are expensive because the location is one of the biggest costs associated with a venue, with trendy locations inside of cities costing significantly more.

Additionally, wedding venues have to pay property taxes and insurance, which are factored into the costs that you’ll pay for that venue.

Also, factors such as the day of the week and time of the year will play into the costs, and venues are expensive because they know people will pay any price to use their facility.


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