Why Are Strollers So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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When you’re already a parent, you want nothing but the best for your baby, especially when it’s about a stroller. So, you will only consider the ones with the best quality.

But, are you aware that strollers come with a significant price? So, if you ever think about how strollers got so expensive, stay tuned!

Why Are Strollers So Expensive?

Strollers are expensive because of their demand and high retail markup. Aside from that, strollers are designed and made of quality materials intended to secure the baby when riding. In addition, what makes them expensive are the different brands that manufacture strollers and ensure nothing but the best features for the product.

So, are you ready to find out how strollers have become so expensive? Here are 11 reasons why. Read more!

1. Stroller’s High Retail Markup

Strollers are essential baby items that you can find almost anywhere. Additionally, there are ordinary stores and dedicated baby stores specializing in baby items.

For example, a stroller at a regular store might cost $400, whereas the exact stroller in an exclusive baby store would cost $600.

Further, retailers are known to add a markup of 50-95% to the price of the products. Of course, they do this to gain profit and cover their expenses in acquiring the products.

That said, high retail markup is one primary reason why strollers become so expensive.

2. Strollers Are In High Demand

Of course, when it regards newborns, you can’t be so cheap since you have to consider their safety.

Of course, among the reasons why parents are happy to spend a significant amount of money on strollers is because they do not want their babies to be at serious risk of potential accidents.

Moreover, parents would want to combine it with relative comfort, which leads to increased demand and higher pricing.

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3. Popular Stroller Brand Names

Some parents always choose specific brands since they value consumerism and consider the money spent on that brand to be an investment.

That said, if you purchase a high-end brand, you will surely get what you pay for, as these brands will serve their purpose.

As a result, because parents value both quality and brand recognition, most stroller’s prices have risen.

4. The Stroller’s Advanced Features

Strollers are becoming extremely advanced. Unfortunately, these features are driving up the prices of strollers.

Moreover, some examples of advanced strollers are those with extra-large canopies, comfortable seats, sophisticated tires, and automatic folding technology.

Naturally, as a parent, you want nothing but the best for your baby, so you will choose the one with excellent features that makes the strollers even more expensive.

5. Stroller Quality Control

5. Stroller Quality Control

Aside from the obvious production costs, quality control accounts for a significant portion of the entire cost of a stroller.

That said, although some brands solely rely on their manufacturing company to enforce quality control standards, that can sometimes lead to product flaws and recalls.

On the other hand, high-quality brands will hire third-party experts to conduct rigorous quality control inspections to prove the brand’s quality and reliability are not at risk.

Of course, for the company to cover all the expenses in ensuring their products, they will also have to increase the price.

6. The Stroller’s Quality Materials

For the stroller to be regarded as a quality and reliable stroller, it needs high-quality materials in the making.

Naturally, if the company uses nothing but quality materials, a significant amount of money is involved when purchasing those.

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As a result, the higher the amount they spend on materials, the higher the price of the products, an apparent reason why strollers have become expensive throughout the years.

7. Stroller Manufacturer Manpower

Another factor for the increased price of a stroller in the market is the people behind everything.

Of course, parents and babies would not be able to enjoy the comfort of using the stroller without the people who patiently and skillfully produce the product.

As a result, for these people to perform their jobs well, the company has to spend significant money to compensate workers and produce quality products.

8. The Advanced Machines Used In Manufacturing Strollers

One crucial factor in having quality strollers in the market is the advanced machines used to manufacture these strollers.

Of course, top stroller companies need to acquire advanced machines to create their products with ease but with unquestionable quality.

That said, the company will spend a large amount of money with these machines that they now need to pass on to consumers to profit.

9. Expensive Strollers Are Considered An Investment

Most parents disregard the price of a stroller when buying one. Instead, they are more interested in the functionality and reliability of the product than anything else.

In addition, this mostly happens because parents believe that once they purchase quality strollers, they’re investing for the safety of their kids that they can also sell sooner or later.

That said, an increasing population of parents wants to go with expensive strollers than the cheap ones, thinking that it’s more of an investment than just spending.

10. Competition In High-Quality Strollers

Since people are into starting a family and having babies, they eventually need to use strollers for convenience when going out, for example.

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Of course, this factor increases the competition with stroller manufacturers, and all aim to provide the best stroller for the consumers.

So, parents will now have difficulty choosing which brand to go with and which one offers the best that will meet their demand.

As a result, the competition in producing a stroller that most people will go after has been a serious matter, so most brands ensure to spend money to create strollers that people will love.

11. Stroller’s Factory Expenses

Factories cover a vast amount of money in maintenance and utilities. But, of course, they need to pay for the electricity that powers the machines that produce the strollers.

In addition, most advanced machines today are Internet-dependable, which means that the machine will not function at its best without a connection to the Internet.

As a result, the company needs to ensure that these utilities are paid on time, no matter how high the charge is, and this dramatically affects the price of the products once manufactured.

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Overall, strollers have become expensive because of the increasing demand in the market and parents who are willing to pay a premium for their baby’s comfort.

Also, other factors contributing to the price hike are how these strollers are made, from using high-quality materials to using advanced machines that all add to the price of strollers.


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