Why Is Church So Boring? (11 Reasons Why)

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Whether you are a child or an adult, you might find it boring to sit in a pew for an hour listening to a preacher speak. There are many reasons that church is boring.

Sometimes, you may enjoy going to church. Other times, it may seem like a burden. Church is routine for many people. So, why is church so boring?

Why Is Church So Boring?

1. A Lot Of Sitting Still

Going to church consists of much sitting and listening. When a preacher is giving a sermon, you should not move around. Depending on the church, there also may be a lot of standing and kneeling.

Church can get boring when you have to remain stagnant for an extended time. It can be difficult to stay focused on the sermon as you sit quietly and avoid letting distractions grab your attention.

Having to sit still for a time makes people think church is boring because there is no excitement. Apart from songs that you may take part in, there are not many ways to express yourself outwardly.

2. Time Out Of Your Day

You may find church boring if you view it as an inconvenience in your day. If you have various responsibilities to take care of, even an hour out of your time can be a nuisance. It can be difficult to make yourself go to church.

As you will see shortly, church services may also be held at inconvenient times. Church could be boring if your mind is focused on other projects you have to complete rather than the church service.

If you say church takes time out of your day, this is a big indicator that you might not get as much out of a church service as you can. Church services vary in length but can extend for quite a time.

3. Disinterest In The Lessons

Many people grow up going to church, meaning that they are all too familiar with the sequence of church services. If you have attended church for years, you can get bored with repeated sermons and messages.

While some people might understand a different perspective each time they hear the same story, you may have trouble exploring different messages. If you hear it over and over again, it can become boring over the years.

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You might also feel that certain teachings do not apply to you. Relating to each and every teaching of your church can be difficult, and with some lessons, putting energy into learning something is boring.

4. Early Morning Schedule

As mentioned, church involves much stagnancy. At the same time, many church services take place in the morning. Having just woken up, paying attention in church can be anything but enjoyable.

Church can be boring if you are tired or fatigued. Rather than find interest in a sermon, it may put you to sleep. Some people enjoy church in the mornings as a way to start their day, but this is certainly not the case for all.

If you have decided that church is boring, you are probably much less likely to spend the energy to make your way to a church service on an early morning, especially without enough sleep from the night before.

5. Personal Values Change

Perhaps the most prevalent reason church is so boring for young adults and those who have pondered their involvement with the church is that people’s personal values change.

If you have chosen to follow different guidelines than a church you have been a part of since you were a child, you may begin to notice things that bother you about certain teachings. This is a natural process of growth.

Even if you decide to cut yourself off from the church, you might continue to attend with your family. Listening to the traditions that you no longer support can be extremely boring.

6. Self-Sufficient


You might not feel that you need to go to church. Many people – particularly younger generations – have begun to stray away from church services because they feel they are self-sufficient.

People can still support their church teachings without attending the event of a service, but they may believe that they are closer to the church if they relate to the teachings more personally rather than in service.

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If someone prefers to follow their path outside of the physical church, going to a church service can be so boring. They would rather practice in their own way than follow certain guidelines in a church service.

7. Preacher Is Boring

As the leader of the church, a preacher has a huge influence on the congregation. If they are good at what they do, people will be more inclined to attend church. If not, church can be boring.

You may notice that a preacher, priest, or anyone else who may lead your church is not as appealing as other church leaders you have known. Failure to keep the attention of one’s parishioners can make church boring.

A boring preacher could not be able to connect with their church members personally, struggle to keep the service running smoothly, or fail to give a meaningful sermon. These factors can push people away.

8. Rules On How To Practice

Church is boring if you do not like being told what to do. As is expected, churches require certain aspects of your lifestyle to adhere to the church. If you do not feel as close to your church as others, this can be boring.

If you are a member of a church, respecting the traditions of that church is important. However, living in a way that you do not fully buy into has its setbacks. It can be boring to follow rules that you do not appreciate.

9. Church Etiquette

Along with sitting still during a church service, there are certain ways you are supposed to act in church. Again, following rules like these can be boring if you are disinterested in the matter.

If you do not like singing, you might not like that a church encourages you to sing along to a song. If you are not one for reading, you will not enjoy keeping up with the teachings, forcing yourself to do this is difficult.

If you have qualms about the way your church functions, you will begin to think that many of the actions you take towards your involvement in the church are increasingly boring.

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10. Boring Church Service

Just as a preacher can be boring in leading a church, you might find the entire church service to be a drag. Maybe you love singing, but your church service is void of music. Maybe the chosen readings are boring.

There are many ways that a church service can fail to keep your attention. If you are not interested in the topics discussed, you are less likely to pay attention to what is going on, which makes church so boring.

11. Lack Of Understanding

With younger children or those who have simply not thought much about their involvement in their church, a lack of understanding about your church can make it boring.

You might not mind certain practices and lifestyle changes that are suggested by a church, but if you do not understand what these practices are put in place, it may feel like your attempts are meaningless.

If you find that church is boring because you do not quite understand what is going on, there are plenty of ways to learn more about your church’s teachings and the reason that it functions.

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Several factors give reason to why church is so boring. There are certainly times in any church service that lack some excitement, and if that is what you are looking for, church can be boring.

Whether it be due to the church’s poor function, your outlook on the church’s teachings, or anything else, you may find it difficult to appreciate going to church. This is normal since people view the church differently.


1 thought on “Why Is Church So Boring? (11 Reasons Why)”

  1. In the church’s first centuries, and right up until the twentieth century, many people lacked education and couldn’t read. Hearing scripture and discussing its teachings was a privilege and a treat to members.

    Now everyone can read, and they aren’t being told anything they don’tvalready know. People who work probably attend meeting after meeting at work. They’ve already been talked at and lectured to all week long. It’s boring and their minds are battered by words.

    The pews are rarely comfortable.

    Pastor rages at everyone, telling them how awful, horrible, and disgusting they are, how angry God is and how He will rain down wrath and punishment on them. Their description of God often gives a mental image of a mean old man on a throne with a big black book in his lap, making little tick marks beside everybody’s names: adultery! theft! angry thoughts! talked back to mom!

    Oh, yeah, church is a blast.

    Oh, and don’t forget that kids and teens who cry, wriggle and fidget will probably be punished later – often with physical violence. Then their parents scratch their heads and wonder why Junior does not love church as they should and don’t appreciate this wonderful guidance.

    Let’s throw some politics into the mix. Stir vigorously.

    Pastors don’t understand why people stay home on Sunday, or why young adults leave organized religion in droves! The church has lost its relevance. It has not changed with the times – in fact, many pastors and boards of deacons sneer at this very idea, stiffen their backs, purse their lips. “That’s the problem! Too many churches forget TRADITION. We need to go back to the old ways!” Change, even small, terrifies them.

    Society has different needs from church than it did a century ago. Has it become less moral? Definitely……but the church concentrates too much on what people do wrong and why thry should want to do better. “Because God will punish you!” Yes, He will…..but He also loves us and believes in our ability to rise above ourselves. How about throwing some love and joy into the anger and vengeance? How about engaging the congregation with flowing Jesus’ example of ministering to the sick, hungry, homeless and illiterate? “Here’s what we did for god today. This is the love we shared.” How about celebrating some of the hood the church does to honor Him and spread good news about Jesus?

    The church needs to stop talking and start engaging. It needs to celebrate God’s wonderful kingdom instead of telling everyone they’re so evil and undeserving they might as well forget about trying to gain entry! God actually made that pretty simple. Too many churches have forgotten this.


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