Why Is The Office So Boring? (11 Reasons Why)

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The Office is a show that has been on the market for years. It’s one of the most popular out there, garnering millions of fans over time. Many love it – and hate it.

Why is The Office so boring? What makes it so uninteresting to some people? Why is there such a contrast between the people who loathe and love it?

Why Is The Office So Boring?

1. It’s In An Office

The show takes place in an office for a paper company, where people go through their typical workday. For the average person, it’s not the most exciting location for a comedy show.

Although plenty of plot occurs in this setting, there’s not a low in the location that drives things forward. A show in an office is different from one that occurs in an apocalypse.

Many work in an office for their regular job. The show isn’t appealing because people don’t want to spend hours relaxing by watching their job on screen.

2. The First Season Is Slow

The first season of The Office is slow. The characters were new, and the show was one of the first of its kind in the United States. There was a lot of experimentation happening at first.

Those watching the first season knew very little about the characters in the show. They barely knew names, didn’t understand their backgrounds, and had no one to root for in an episode.

These factors combine to make the first season one of the most boring for newbies to the show. Many can’t make it through the first episodes and don’t make it to the good stuff.

3. Steve Carell Leaves

Steve Carell wasn’t as well-known when he started the show, but he was the most famous character by the end. Many production companies worked to get Carell in movies and TV.

Unfortunately, the new buzz surrounding the actor meant he was much busier than usual. He left in 2010, after seven seasons of The Office as the iconic boss, Michael Scott.

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Many people loved the show purely for the Michael Scott character. Without him, it felt like the show lost some of its charms. It became a little more boring without the Michael chaos.

4. Dry Humor

The Office boasts a unique form of dry humor that some people hate. It’s a level of sarcasm and retorts that takes a certain person to fall in love with in reality. Many don’t get the humor.

Comedy works with some people, and it falls flat with others. That’s what makes it a unique art. You might find something hilarious to one group and dull to another in the world.

This show follows that comedic phenomenon to perfection. Those that adore dry humor are fanatics of the show, and those who hate the style think it’s one of the most boring shows.

5. It’s Too Relatable

Many people work in offices every day. They spend eight hours at a desk, typing away and answering phone calls when necessary. The Office is a little too relatable for them to view.

If you work in an office, it will be boring to see more people operating in the same space on television. No matter how funny it might be, you remember the life you live every day.

The reliability of The Office is one of the reasons it succeeds, but it’s also a factor in why many people think the show is boring. It is far too relatable for a vast number of workers.

6. Character Progression Is Slow

Character Progression Is Slow

The progression of the characters in The Office is slow. It has to be. The people work in an office for the show. Creators can’t move too fast.

Many people get frustrated with this strategic progression. They want to see character relationships formed, paying off hints of romance and potential friendship.

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One thing that makes The Office special is the time it takes with every character. Unfortunately, this aspect of the show makes it unexciting for many individuals.

7. There’s No Fantasy

The Office is a realistic show. No dragons are flying across the screen and no zombies threatening to end the lives of the characters. It’s a comedic representation of a paper job.

If you are used to the grand fantasy of shows like Game of Thrones, the transition to a slower show might be shocking. Some people need intense stimulus to stay interested in a show.

One of the things that make The Office unique is how it manages to make a paper company job interesting. However, many people disagree. The lack of the fantastic makes it boring.

8. It’s About Real People

The Office is about real people who go to work at a real place. They don’t live in Los Angeles, they call Scranton, Pennsylvania home. They aren’t millionaires. They’re regular people.

Many love how much they can relate to these people in the show. There’s nothing crazy happening. The most shocking moments occur in proposals and surprise fun runs.

There is a comfort in the simple nature of the people in the show, but many find it boring. They want to see people who are above average, superhumans in their right. The Office is not that.

9. Acting Can Drag

There are moments where the acting can drag. The entire cast of The Office is excellent, but in nine seasons, even the best actors can have some slower episodes.

Most of the dragging episodes occur in the later seasons when Steve Carell left the show. The actors stumble a bit over moments Steve Carell would have breezed through in an instant.

This struggle in acting moments makes the show boring to many people. It becomes more difficult to relate to characters when you can tell they are actors on a screen.

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10. Too Many Episodes

The Office runs under the traditional TV episode format. Every season, there are twenty-two episodes, each running at about half an hour per episode. That makes nine seasons.

Many people find the format irritating. The show was structured to work around commercials, but we are in a time when commercials no longer impact us as much.

There are also too many episodes for many. Some say that the show went on for too long and became uninteresting. They state that it should have ended sooner than it did.

11. Jokes Get Old

The thing about The Office is that the jokes are tricky to handle. They are often discriminatory, which fits the characters but not everyone’s tastes. 

Once you get used to the abrupt nature of characters like Michael Scott, the jokes make sense. However, many find that the humor got old after a few episodes.

Hearing the same style of humor over and over again can get old. Many desire the show to switch up the jokes every once in a while.

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Many people love The Office, while others find it one of the most boring shows. The dry humor is too much, Steve Carell leaves, and the show can be too relatable.

Regardless of your opinion, it’s critical to note that The Office is a show that left its mark on human history. It’s a show that will forever define comedic television to aspiring actors.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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