Why Is Planet Fitness So Cheap? (9 Reasons Why)

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Everyone wants to go to the gym. It’s a place to bulk up and make yourself look toned and sleek. Unfortunately, the gym can be expensive. Planet Fitness is the cheapest option.

Why is Planet Fitness so cheap? What is it about this location that makes it cost so little? Should interested parties be cautious of this location or invest in the gym without a thought?

Why Is Planet Fitness So Cheap?

1. Many People Sign Up

The low price of Planet Fitness membership attracts many interested users. Many people sign up for a Planet Fitness membership to kick off the beginning of the year.

It only costs ten dollars for a basic membership at Planet Fitness. Other gyms require users to pay almost fifty dollars a month for similar services, which makes Planet Fitness stand out.

The start of the year marks when people think they want to work out. Planet Fitness relies on many people investing in the company at the beginning of the year and not canceling.

Planet Fitness also caters to broke students and families that need a place to exercise. They assume this target audience will invest in them. 

2. People Don’t Go

Planet Fitness knows they are affordable, and many people will invest in their memberships. They also bank on the tendency of people to invest in a membership and not show up.

At the beginning of the year, people are ready to lose weight and get in shape. They make it their resolution for the year to go to their gym and invest in the cheapest membership.

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The fewer people, the less money Planet Fitness must spend on upkeep. They are cheap because they assume many will purchase a membership and stop coming without canceling.

3. Mostly Cardio

Planet Fitness is cheaper than other gyms because most of the machines they offer are for cardio. There isn’t anything for a serious weightlifter at this gym, unfortunately.

A popular method of working out today is weightlifting. It allows a way to exercise all body parts, from the backs of your legs to your core strength. Planet Fitness lacks this.

If you are a person who loves to run, Planet Fitness is your area. They have plenty of treadmills and other running machines. They don’t have much for lifters right now.

4. Single Location

If you want the cheapest Planet Fitness membership for ten dollars a month, you can only go to one location. It costs more money to be able to move from one town to another with ease.

This limitation can be a problem for people who are always on the move. If you want to work out in more than one spot, you must pay an additional fifteen dollars.

5. Fewer Amenities

Fewer Amenities

Although Planet Fitness has many amenities, it doesn’t have as many as other, more expensive gyms. It’s also less personal than other gyms in the area might be.

Planet Fitness’s fault in amenities is in the weightlifting department. They don’t have much to offer for those who want to lift weights.

To access many of the amenities at Planet Fitness, you have to pay for the $25 membership option. The access doesn’t allow much use of these tools in the gym.

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6. Discrimination Against Lifters

Planet Fitness made itself famous for its judgment-free workout area. Unfortunately, this space makes it impossible for serious weightlifters to get anything done in the area.

Planet Fitness prides itself on being a gym for everyone. With that comes a form of discrimination against serious lifters. Loud noises and flexing aren’t permitted.

This factor can be heaven for some people. Runners don’t like working out in the same area as these loud individuals. However, lifters might feel like they don’t belong.

Planet Fitness is cheap because it knows it lacks in the weightlifting department. They hope to attract customers regardless.

7. Hidden Fees

Hidden fees allow Planet Fitness to make more money. You might pay the standard ten dollars a month, but there is more than meets the eye with this investment.

One of the hidden fees is the annual fee. At Planet Fitness, this price amounts to about $39. Many are unaware of the cost when they sign up and are confused about the charge.

If you want access to more amenities at Planet Fitness, you have to pay an additional fifteen dollars a month. This access includes items like massages, tanning, and massage chairs.

8. Cheap Equipment

Another reason for Planet Fitness’s low prices is the cheap equipment in their workout spaces. Nothing in a Planet Fitness gym is wildly expensive or fancy.

The equipment at Planet Fitness isn’t poor quality. You can use it without trouble and enjoy many activities to help you stay in shape. It just isn’t on par with more expensive tools.

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The cheaper the equipment, the cheaper it costs to become a member. Planet Fitness works with a company, Precor, that supplies them with all their tools.

9. Meant For Everyone

Planet Fitness is affordable because it’s a gym for everyone. It’s aimed to make people feel comfortable in the workout area, especially those just starting their workout journey.

No matter who you are and what stage of life you are in, Planet Fitness is there for you. You can be a mom recovering from pregnancy or an army veteran set on staying in shape.

This gym is so cheap because it wants to make space for anyone. The affordability of the gym makes it possible for all kinds of people to come together for one quality purpose.

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Planet Fitness is one of the cheapest gym options out there. It’s affordable for many reasons. They have fewer amenities, hidden fees, and the gym works for everyone.

Although it’s cheap, Planet Fitness is an excellent option for those who want to work out and save money. It’s a solid option for a price of ten dollars a month. Planet Fitness is excellent.


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    Lucas Reynolds loves playing tennis, golf, and football the most. But really, he'll play any sport as long as it's competitive.

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