Why Is Drunk Elephant So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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If you have wanted to get into skincare, you probably have checked out the most popular skincare brands. One such brand is Drunk Elephant, which seems to be a fan favorite by most people online.

If you want to buy Drunk Elephant products, you might have wondered why Drunk Elephant is so expensive. I looked up the facts, and here is what I learned!

Why Is Drunk Elephant So Expensive?

Drunk Elephant is expensive because it is a popular brand with a loyal fanbase. Many people will pay for Drunk Elephant since the brand has cleaner and all-natural ingredients. Also, Drunk Elephant utilizes expensive packaging and high-quality ingredients that add to the final price of the Drunk Elephant skincare products.

Are you curious to learn more about why Drunk Elephant costs so much? I made a list of reasons below, so read on!

1. Packaging

Extravagant packaging is usually why most products are expensive, and Drunk Elephant skincare products are no exception.

That said, Drunk Elephant’s products feature clean yet colorful and youthful looks, which are very attractive to most people who are into skincare.

Normally, prestige packaging can entice customers more than what is in the product, especially if the customer is not familiar with skincare ingredients.

Additionally, Drunk Elephant has very distinct packaging that a customer can easily spot in a store, making Drunk Elephant products more appealing.

Therefore, Drunk Elephant can charge more for its products based on the customer’s likelihood of buying them based on the packaging alone.

Plus, Drunk Elephant has to spend more money on creating its custom packaging, which gets factored into the cost of Drunk Elephant products.

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2. High-Quality Ingredients

Another reason why Drunk Elephant is expensive is that it utilizes high-quality ingredients in its skincare products.

For instance, Drunk Elephant adds ceramides, hyaluronic acid, cholesterol, and fatty acids, which adds to the product’s price depending on how many of these ingredients are added.

Normally, these ingredients are said to be great for all skin types, making Drunk Elephant an easy choice for most people.

However, people with sensitive skin have reported itching and red skin, but this does not automatically mean Drunk Elephant does not use good ingredients.

Also, it is worth noting that many cheaper brands use similar ingredients to Drunk Elephant.

So, it is safe to assume that the ingredients Drunk Elephant uses are likely higher-quality than other brands.

3. Branding

The fact that Drunk Elephant has the brand name Drunk Elephant is a huge reason why its skincare products are so expensive.

Many people are willing to buy from popular or known brands, and Drunk Elephant uses this to its advantage to charge more for its goods.

Further, this means people will always be willing to buy Drunk Elephant since it is well-loved by many.

Also, the brand belief that Drunk Elephant uses entices many customers to use its products instead of other brands.

For example, Drunk Elephant believes in utilizing completely natural skincare ingredients and avoiding popular skincare ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

This brand belief helps customers relate to the brand since the shared belief is that all-natural ingredients are better for the skin.

Generally, most people have been into anything natural, so Drunk Elephant’s clean-beauty mantra resonates with them.

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4. Marketing

4. Marketing

Drunk Elephant has focused on unique marketing strategies that have helped the company become famous today, which allows Drunk Elephant to become more expensive.

For example, Drunk Elephant has not used typical product placements to endorse its products.

Instead, Drunk Elephant has focused on tending to its community and heavily relying on word of mouth for marketing.

This meant that customers often had to do their own digging to learn more about Drunk Elephant, which created brand awareness without Drunk Elephant even trying.

Then, once Drunk Elephant had grown an enormous community, the company was able to keep its prices high.

5. Exclusive Sources

While Drunk Elephant has not stated where it gets all of its ingredients, it is safe to assume that Drunk Elephant has exclusive sources for ingredients.

Normally, large skincare companies like Drunk Elephant source special ingredients from labs that exclusively work for them.

Therefore, you would not be able to get the same type of ingredient from a cheaper skincare product, which is why Drunk Elephant can charge more for its skincare lines.

For instance, Drunk Elephant contains ingredients like fermented sake and fermented black tea, which would likely have to come from a unique source.

Additionally, these sources likely would have tested these ingredients for safety before giving the ingredients to Drunk Elephant, adding to the final price of the products.

6. No Harmful Additives

Besides having high-quality ingredients, one of the things Drunk Elephant prides itself in is having zero harmful ingredients in its skincare products.

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Typically, Drunk Elephant believes that no harmful ingredients should be used, especially if the ingredients merely enhance the smell or texture of the product.

Therefore, Drunk Elephant does not use the “Suspicious 6,” which are fragrances, chemical sunscreen, silicones, SLS, drying alcohols, and essential oils.

These ingredients are generally considered bad for the skin since these common skincare ingredients irritate the skin.

However, Drunk Elephant has to make up for the lack of these ingredients by finding alternative, often more expensive ingredients, which adds to the cost of Drunk Elephant products.

7. Social Media Influencers

Technically, Drunk Elephant has not hired any social media influencers to promote its brand, but social media influencers have helped Drunk Elephant stay expensive.

Various social media influencers gladly share that they use Drunk Elephant skincare products, leading the influencer’s fans to buy them.

Therefore, the social media influencers have given Drunk Elephant a loyal fanbase that will continuously buy Drunk Elephant items.

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Drunk Elephant is one of the most popular and expensive skincare brands since Drunk Elephant utilizes a clean-beauty brand that many customers resonate with.

Also, Drunk Elephant spends a lot on the ingredients and packaging it uses, which adds to the cost of Drunk Elephant products.


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