Why Is 111Skin So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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If you have been looking into skincare brands, you have likely heard about 111Skin. 111Skin is one of the more popular clinical skin care products available today.

If you wanted to try 111Skin, you might have wondered why the products are so expensive. I did some digging, and here is what I discovered!

Why Is 111Skin So Expensive?

111Skin is expensive because it adds trendy ingredients, such as gold or black diamond particles, into a well-researched formula. Plus, 111Skin uses pricy glass formats as packaging for its products. Additionally, 111Skin is considered a luxury skincare brand that caters to affluent people who can afford it, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Are you curious to learn more about what makes 111Skin products so expensive? I made a list of factors below, so read on!

1. Branding

The main reason 111Skin is so expensive is that it can be considered a clinical high-end skincare brand.

Generally, most people are influenced by the brand name when they want to buy products, and popular brand names are more likely to be purchased even if the brand is expensive.

Further, part of 111Skin’s branding is that it combines modern-day beauty with medical science, which reassurances audiences that 111Skin is a medically effective skincare brand.

Unlike other popular skincare brands, 111Skin focuses on the fact that it’s a clinical skincare brand, which makes the company stand out.

For instance, the fact that the name “clinical” is used to describe 111Skin, 111Skin can charge more.

Additionally, 111Skin is known to be a high-end skincare brand, and almost every high-end brand will be costly.

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Plus, another branding message that 111Skin sends to its audience is that it is a cruelty-free brand.

Many people are more aware of the practices behind product development, which involves people opting to pay more for cruelty-free brands like 111Skin.

2. Skin Benefit Claims

111Skin makes substantial claims to its customers by stating that its products will be amazing for their skin, which is how 111Skin can become expensive.

For example, 111Skin became a skincare brand when patients asked the founders of 111Skin to create a product that would accelerate healing after surgery.

As such, surgeon Yannis Alexandrides and his wife Eva Alexandrides made a cream to speed up post-surgery healing.

Eventually, the cream the founders made became very popular, which led to 111Skin becoming a large clinical skincare brand.

Therefore, this type of skin benefit helped 111Skin reach its claim to fame, allowing 111Skin to become very expensive since it states that it creates highly effective products.

3. Trendy Ingredients

A huge factor why 111Skin has expensive products is the ingredients 111Skin adds to its skincare items.

For instance, 111Skin has a product called Celestial Black Diamond Cream, which costs around $1,095.

Celestial Black Diamond Cream is so expensive because the cream contains real black diamond particles that supposedly penetrate the skin to reach the deeper layers of skin.

Also, another trendy ingredient 111Skin likes to use is gold, which will dramatically increase its products’ cost.

Therefore, any unusual skincare ingredient like gold or black diamond particles is a predominant reason 111Skin costs so much.

Of course, 111Skin has to source these ingredients and make sure that the ingredients are safe for the skin.

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Additionally, 111Skin has to recoup what it spent to get these costly ingredients, which is why 111Skin hikes up the price of its skincare items.

4. Packaging

4. Packaging

Since 111Skin is a high-end skincare brand, the packaging of 111Skin is also high-end, which adds to the final cost.

For instance, almost all 111Skin’s products are in a glass format with a few plastic pieces that are easy to recycle.

Of course, utilizing mostly glass to hold 111Skin products can be costly, so 111Skin has to factor that into the price of its items.

Also, recyclable plastic like what 111Skin uses is often more expensive than non-recyclable plastic.

5. Research Team

As mentioned earlier, 111Skin prides itself in being a clinical skincare brand, which means a lot of research is done to create its products.

While many of the products 111Skin creates are made by its founders, who are doctors, 111Skin likely still has a research team that has to look into each ingredient used.

Typically, research teams spend a lot of time looking for the best ingredients and determining what formulations will work for people.

Therefore, the research teams used by 111Skin will have to be compensated for the time they spent creating 111Skin formulations.

6. Celebrity Favorite

Since 111Skin is a famous and costly brand, many celebrities have made 111Skin their favorite skincare brand.

For example, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Priyanka Chopra are avid users of 111Skin.

Typically, fans will try to copy what their favorite celebrities do, including what skincare items they use.

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Therefore, 111Skin can keep its prices high since 111Skin caters to celebrities, and some of their fans will follow suit.

7. Willing Market

Generally, 111Skin is priced so high because the target market of 111Skin is willing to pay for its skincare products.

As stated earlier, many celebrities use 111Skin products since celebrities can easily afford 111Skin’s prices.

Also, any affluent people, such as high-class business people, will likely purchase 111Skin since they have the buying power to do so.

As such, 111Skin can keep its prices high since 111Skin caters to a more affluent target market that will be willing to pay for its products.

Plus, some people may buy 111Skin products regardless of the price because they want to buy from a luxury brand.

Normally, this is because purchasing from a luxury brand gives people the perception that they are buying a luxurious lifestyle.

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111Skin is expensive because it is a luxury brand that caters to a more affluent audience that can easily afford its products.

Additionally, 111Skin is a clinical brand that utilizes trendy ingredients like black diamond particles and gold, which significantly adds to the final price of 111Skin products.


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